If the hogs are placed where the defender heroes are, then those heroes will chase the hog riders through the whole map, and when/if the hogs reach the other side of the base, the heroes will head back to their original spot, winning nothing from this strategy. : What might seem like a random placed troops attack, is in fact really strategical and analytical army composition - Hog Riders! Report. Playing next. Dropdown1; Dropdown2; Modification; All Cars; Features Template; Home / Search results for Clash Of Clans Attack Strategy With Hog Riders.

COC Strategy. Therefore, in this example if the hogs will go on the mortar, then on the X-Bow. In 1/9/2016, he attacked a Japanese student for calling him a nigger. If the Giga Tesla has not popped out of the Town Hall building, then Hogs or a Stone Slammer will NOT target it! Home; Vechicles; Price List; Dropdown . Fueled by Dark Elixir, these warriors have never known defeat!".

His weapon of choice is a large warhammer.

possibly some Wall Breakers IF you can get to the TH12 Giga Telsa without needing a Wall Wrecker OR possibly for a Queen Charge, an Electro Dragon(s) and/or Baby Dragon(s), some kind of tank – Ice Golem(s), Giants, or Golem(s) – along with Wizards, for a Queen Charge, one side of the funnel is usually your King with Wizards, possibly 1-4 Balloons to soak up a Black Air Mine or to snipe defenses that are outside and not covered by Air Defenses, possibly 3 Healers if using the Killsquad Healers strategy, Lots of Hog Riders – how many depends on the number of troops used for the Killsquad / Queen Charge, possibly a Miner to get a structure inside the base, possibly some Minions, again maybe to get a structure inside the base, 1 Poison Spell for all TH11-12 attacks;  usually 2 Poison Spells at TH10, 2-5 Heal Spells for Hogs — how many depends on number of spells needed for Killsquad / Queen Charge, You want a predictable path for the Hogs, usually an L-path since the Killsquad/Queen-Charge/Hero-Charge will cut out one piece of the base. Do NOT deploy your Hogs all from one tile. KEY POINT: I do not recommend using Hog Rider attacks until you have them at level 3 or above. Showing posts sorted by relevance for query Clash Of Clans Attack Strategy With Hog Riders. It pops out when something hits it (an Earthquake Spell works) OR when 51% of the base has been destroyed. ( Log Out /  Since Hog Riders only target defenses (until they are all destroyed), not Heroes or enemy CC troops, there are specific key objectives that you must have a plan for. However, it is important to understand how/when the Giga Tesla pops out from the Town Hall. Click, This nigga gets an additional upgrades to counter the. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Share with Your team COC for WAR!!! Er hat zwei große goldene Armbänder und einen goldenen Ohrring.

destroy Giga Tesla (at TH12) — NOT ideal to be done by Hogs;  could possibly be done by a Stone Slammer, destroy Eagle Artillery early on — might be done by the Hogs, Hero Charge, then Mass Hogs with Skeleton Spells, IF the enemy Queen, enemy King, enemy CC radius, and TH12 Giga Telsa are all reachable by a Killsquad, then use a, IF the enemy King, enemy CC radius, and TH12 Giga Tesla are near an edge, BUT the enemy Queen is not near them, then use a. {{#vardefine:TroopName|Hog Riders}}{{#vardefine:TroopHousing|5}}{{#vardefine:MaxHousingSpace|240}}{{#vardefine:MaxClanCastle|6}}{{#vardefine:ClanCastle1|10}}{{#vardefine:ClanCastle2|15}}{{#vardefine:ClanCastle3|20}}{{#vardefine:ClanCastle4|25}}{{#vardefine:ClanCastle5|30}}{{#vardefine:ClanCastle6|35}}{{#vardefine:MaxClanCastleSize|{{#var:ClanCastle{{#var:MaxClanCastle}}}}}}{{#vardefine:ClanCastleText|level 1 or higher}}You can have a maximum of.

What you can do is to get advantage of the way the hog riders attack: they head to the defensive unit closest to them. {{#vardefine:TroopName|Hog Riders}}{{#vardefine:DefenseType|specific, The Hog Rider could potentially be used in an extremely effective fashion similar to, Hog Riders are quite capable of acting as distracting troops like, The Hog Rider is the one of the best troop types for distracting, Hog Riders are helpless against airborne enemy, Defending against Hog Riders is tricky, as their ability to bypass, Another way to defend against Hog Riders is to exploit the fact that they will attack the closest defensive building. Today I’m going to tell you the best TH7 hog rider army composition and give some strategy for three starring with mass hogs at Town Hall 8! It can be done, but usually the Hogs die quickly from the Giga Tesla, and you would need a Heal/Rage (and/or maybe a Freeze) plus the Grand Warden’s ability. Hog Rider Army… The next video shows several attacks that use a Hero Charge followed by Mass Hogs and 2 Skeleton Spells. "Having tamed the fierce leaping hog, the nigger punishes those who hide behind their puny walls!

CLASH OF CLANS - UNLIMITED HOG RIDER ATTACK - UNLIMITED EVERYTHING!!! How will I create my funnel for the Killsquad/Queen-Charge/Hero-Charge? Other Videos by Clash with Eric using Hogs: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. The Hog Rider is a rugged, nigga with a mohawk riding a large bacon. Because of his mount, the Hog Rider can jump over. Key Objectives, usually for your Killsquad or Queen-Charge: How do I know which style of Hog attack to use on a base? 3:45.

Einleitung Der Schweinereiter ist ein robuster, dunkelhäutiger Mann, der auf einem großen Schwein reitet. Doesn't matter if it survives. Personally, I prefer to look for all the possible such spots and attack the base with at least 2 of them in my mind. VitouMedia. He has more than a passing resemblance to ". It is possible that you might want to use a Stone Slammer for a Killsquad IF the town hall is outside of the walls where you want to enter or if the TH12 Giga Tesla is just behind one row of walls that you could access with Wall Breakers. He is bare-chested, wearing only a brown leather loincloth, a red belt and a pair of leather sandals. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CrJlwBkFAHw, https://clashofclansconception.fandom.com/wiki/Hog_Rider?oldid=852. K-COC. Hog Rider attacks and LaLoon attacks are not for the casual Clasher. Essential things you need to know about hog rider attacks. -2 wall breakers / 4 wall breakers (level 4).

Follow. 15 hog riders - the meat of the attack. Using Hogs level 1 or 2 is too risky to lose an entire army in a single giant bomb shot. What spells will I need for my Killsquad/Queen-Charge? After the hog riders cleared the path to the TH, you can start to deploy wall breakers in packs of 2, following the heroes to be placed. You can arrange your base in such a way so that you have high-powered, Hog Riders can be easily killed using "forced pathing". Forced pathing is a strategy that manipulates the Hog Rider AI and make them go to at least 2, Although the Hog Rider is certainly not a liability on defense, the fact that all defensive troops are unimpeded by. ( Log Out /  Most mass Hog Rider strategies in Clan Wars, require that the Clan Castle troops be killed first by luring. Initially, the Hog Rider has a black Mohawk and beard, and a gold earring in his right ear. Although he has high damage per second and moderate hit points, he only takes 2 minutes to train. ( Log Out /  How and where will I do my Hog Deployment?

So by doing this, even if the attack failed and there are small chances for 3 stars, at least you will secure the second start for the attack. The brass bands on the hammer's head disappear, and the hammer head goes further down onto the stick, creating a button looking object on the top of the hammer head. Hog Rider attacks and LaLoon attacks are not for the casual Clasher. The main group of Hogs should be deployed from the same general area, not two separate areas and not too wide apart. His mount is a large boar/hog, about half its rider's height; the Hog Rider holds a brown leather bridle which is looped around the boar's tusks.

Er hat einen nackten Oberkörper, mit einem braunen Lederlendenschurz, einem roten Gürtel und ein Paar Ledersandalen. Giant with Hog Rider. These attacks take a lot of planning, probably more so than other attack strategies. I do not recommend using Hog Rider attacks until you have them at level 3 or above.

The hogs, in the given example, will go on the Mortar - X-bow - air defence, getting far of the giant bombs, if there are any.

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