Any indication if whether or not we are actually catching up to who we are following or if we're truly only chasing ghosts. Also, something, ANYTHING useful that uses feathers, other than arrows, would be nice. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A beach west, a beach south and a water path north ( that will also be your starting point if you enter through the water tunnel east). Scoured the desiccated Caravan island and found only 2 parts to the zipline. Except I completely missed the well puzzle. Water tanks =} pipes works for water system. Raft is an adventure game co-op game that can be played with four other friends developed by Redbeet Interactive. My entire failure comes down to not realizing the bow and arrow are effective underwater. Nets that can catch fish or add in new animals like lobsters. Can't you just use wood? Current sail looks small and cheap as it should as an early game item. When having animals and playing with 3 people it becomes tedious to always refill the purifiers. Can have a roaming cat that you can feed fish to tame it and bring it onto your raft as well. A parrot or other pet (someone mentioned a cat). If it could pump out clean water from the large purifier and store it, even better! Perhaps some fun cosmetics that could be found in those treasures, like an eye-lap and more pirate themed stuff. Then Honey won't be such a darn bottleneck. Scoured the desiccated Caravan island and found only 2 parts to the zipline. Because of this I didn't know how to launch the rocket and couldn't get the 3rd part. Gather debris from the water in order to craft equipment necessary for your survival. A cluster of large abandoned rafts. Caravan Island, is an area that will be added in Update 12 “The Chapter 2”. ... Survive the harsh life of being stuck on a raft in the middle of the ocean! Some ideas: link them to the rudder so you can turn them on/off from there or use them as zip-line anchors.

This would be easily implementable and should add lots of fun. Hours wandering around the ruins only to cannibalize my ship for wood to build a stairway to heaven to access the Infirmary and Mayor spires, nothing. Can allow for traps, missing decks, light and dark areas, storage rooms and so on. If not, follow the pipe deep underwater u will find one in a container submerged underwater.

Arriving at the Island : There are 4 ways to enter the island and 3 starting points. Here are some ones that should be pretty simple, some complex: More types of storage, bigger chests (I currently have like 50 chests...), item on body that shows impending dangerous creature, sprint by default (it's annoying to hold down shift for 97% of the game), Have the boots make you run a bit faster (or something), Ability to simply move chests around with all items in them, More things on islands in general, I usually skip all of them, only stopping to grab some metal ore, they're almost completely useless right now. I would love to see some small "minigames" to unlock paths, such as activating buttons or putting codes we got from notes, having to break a big tree or move a rock, etc, something like we had for those antennas but this time making the player feel like he is the one doing all this stuff instead of a just a "click". This could give clues to Caravan Island possibly being a trailer park., While the ”coming soon” note references it as “Caravan Island“, the direct tab in the notes calls it “Caravan Town” A place where we can uncover a mystery that teaches us the blueprint for Beehives! Can have a roaming cat that you can feed fish to tame it and bring it onto your raft … U can find the pipe near the mayors office but on the beach below.

And I agree with the person who said we need a new use for feathers. A cluster of large abandoned rafts. to make more use of the animals resources. Trivia A caravan is a vehicle desgined to be lived in. Press J to jump to the feed. Survive the harsh life of being stuck on a raft in the middle of the ocean! Center Island : => Pick up at least 5 [Berries] around the island, there are many to … Glass windows. Edit: And a water tank!

Maybe a new better bed type, too? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Up until I had to cheat and read the wiki I had been getting far away from the puffers due the poison discharge. We've had a number of updates now and none of them updated our beloved building hammer. eggs aren't great, milk isn't great, cotton is useful for a few pieces of armor. However its hard to make the loot reward worthwile for the amount of effort; this game kind of misses "rare" or just hard to find materials (at later stages). Blueprints for a few more basic building options would be nice. More uses of: stone, feathers, flowers (beehives), copper, milk and eggs (oven). Food expire =} things than make food last longer (smoke racks, fridge). Like support beams that can substitute for pillars. Beehives that let you gather honey and give you a reason to plant flowers other than for dye. I also wouldn't mind another use for clams. Also I think its about time to give us a way to quickly traverse our rafts.

It would be nice if we can hang out blueprints on the walls, like the cooking recipes. Saw the bubbles coming from the hose and knew I had to make it an objective to examine that and did find the part there. Show the hammer some love. For example create a new tier of building pieces: scrap ones. Or put them on trophy boards for decoration. Treasure maps to dig up loot at next big islands. A solar oven that lets you bake things with milk and eggs (cake, fruit tarts, seafood casserole, etc.) I just remapped sprint to the same key I use for forward.

At the end of chapter 1, you get the code of caravan island that you can find in your journal but the game required an update. Glass walls and other uses of glass (aquarium). In my opinion the hook would be the funniest contender but a system of hooks or ropes would also be very interesting. Number to track will be 8191. And you would use the pipes to connect them also. Please incorporate some of the great ideas from mods.

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