As this spot was close to the margin I decided too keep bait going in for the rest of the day, as well as placing some up the margin shelf for later on. The Dyke has the same species of fish and carries the same water as the Trent but is much smaller, more intimate than the main river.

I’m no expert, let’s get that understood, but I do love doing it, and loving something can overcome many of the flaws in ones technique. Sadly no-one ever manages to share the photographs! What have been landed and photographed from here are some pretty impressive catfish. I can often be seen floating about in the river casting a fly for pike. I simply love my trotting and it will be that which drags me away from the carp and margin fishing I’m currently loving. Boundary change.

The floods were out.

Drive down the track and park in the car park.

The water fountains were on, but I could not see any fish on top.

If I was to choose a lure I would say a Manns, One minus.

Tiny pots of groundbait keep them rooting, it’s nice to get it right once on a while.

Down tumbled the angler and his fish. In normal conditions you don’t need 2.75lb test carp rods and 50lb braid.

Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Oddly the guy by the rushes fished in the margins all day, clearly after the carp. It provides a winter flood refuge for many species.

Carlton on Trent is the Associations’s most distant water, situated on the tidal Trent just north of Newark, close to the A1.

With the full range of “Meat-Furter” goodies to play with, I decided to knock up a pungent groundbait mix to use in the swimfeeder, using the “Meat-Furter” groundbait wetted with roughly a 50/50 mix of river water and the “Meat-Furter” bait soak liquid. The river has changed a lot since I fished as a kid... First canal (river): River Trent, Caythorpe. A change to feeding micros and mixed pellets was the best on this day. No day tickets.

Farndon.. NG24 3SD.

One swim I’ve fished before has produced in the past, and with only two other anglers fishing, I got my favoured peg.

Those prepared to walk will find all the peace and solitude they might crave.

I managed to get a swim out of the cold wind, but with sun and calm water in front of me. The day wore on, and despite what-ever I tried the perch dominated with the very odd skimmer and roach.

I also like the historical snippets. It can be done. I’d hook and lost fish, some a better stamp that did stay on were roach over 6oz, but 80% came off. Celebrate the life of a loved one by giving a gift in their memory, Got a favourite place in mind? Barbel will often take two maggots on a size 16s when a big bait is often ignored.

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