Some Goddess-centered traditions who honor The Triple Goddess name the Mother aspect of the Goddess Selene, with Artemis taking the maiden role and Hecate the crone. She is a sister of Helios (a solar god) and Eos (goddess of the dawn), and daughter to Hyperion and Thea. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. As the moon waxes, so do our wombs. A painting of the moon, a moon goddess statue, or even a few pieces of moonstone are a perfect representation of Selene. While often linked to Artemis and Hecate, two other Greek moon goddesses, Selene is different. Gaze at the moon in its various phases and record your thoughts and experiences. Video. She is very easy going when it comes to worship and offerings but is extremely appreciative when you do these things for her. The Lover can also be a useful tool to discover what you are passionate about in life. Selene is celebrated at the New Moon, the Noumenia when her first sliver of light can be seen in the sky and at the full moon, or the 15th day after the New Moon, the Dikhomenia. Selene drives her chariot silver drawn by two white winged horses or bulls across the sky each night. Strengths: The personification of the moon, passionate. Please follow this link to the Archetypes page to discover which other Goddess Archetypes resonate with you. (Also the name of the Titan Goddess Phoebe and an epithet of Artemis.) Selene Goddess of the Moon teaches modern women to be intimate with their own bodies and menstrual cycles.

Owl Goddesses Across Cultures: Athena, Ragana, Etc. (There is a God Pallas as well.) She was also called Mene, which means “month” referring to the lunar month which was calculated from the new moon to the dark moon and Phoebe, meaning “bright”. Ovid describes Medea drawing down the moon “unwilling” in order that, in the resulting darkness, her actions may be hidden (Heroides 6 85 and Metamorphosis 7 207) and Circe does similar (Metamorphosis 14 365) and Apollonius Rhodius (Argonautica 4 55) has Selene so annoyed at this, and the disturbances it causes to her regularly scheduled activities, that she has no pity for her and indeed mocks Medea’s pain over Jason, though She is usually tender-hearted toward lovers. An online encyclopedia of witchcraft, magick and the occult. The story that had passed to me orally was that Selene, having learned from Eos’s mistake in wishing her love eternal life, but not eternal youth, asked Zeus to grant that her lover always be as he was.

Many sacrifices or offerings used to gain Hecate's favor consisted of black lambs. The shadow aspect is obsessive passion that completely takes over and negatively impacts on your health and self esteem.

When the moon is full, our wombs are ready for implantation. She was traditionally worshipped on the full and new moon. She is a great helper to star crossed lovers because they remind her of her own great love. Set it outside on the Full Moon somewhere where the moon’s rays will touch the water itself.

Dedicate your altar space to her and tell her it was built in her honor. Leave an offering of moonstones, silver, moon water, a small horse figurine or drawing, a poem, etc. Selene had other children including Pandeia and Ersa (whom some scholars believe to be different names for the same being), ostensibly by Zeus.

Some Goddess-centered traditions who honor The Triple Goddess name the Mother aspect of the Goddess Selene, with Artemis taking the maiden role and Hecatethe crone.

Wear a crescent moon to invoke her power. When I look at a beautiful Full Moon, I know I’m not alone. These can be seen in the works of Seneca (Pheadra and Troades) and Statius (Thebaid). Selene’s greatest love was the shepherd Endymion who slept in eternal youth and beauty. Bring the vase/bowl inside.

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A spell was cast on Endymion to grant him everlasting youth by placing him into a deep sleep. Psuedo-Apollodorus (Bibliotheca 1.7.5) says that it was Endymion who made the request of Zeus. These festivals were generally at night, with torches as the only light. The moonstone is Selene’s stone. This serial seductress is also linked to Pan who gave her the Oxent that drove her chariot. So be it.”. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. If you want to dedicate yourself in the moon goddess’ service, try this Selene Goddess Full Moon Ritual: how do I do the ritual for a shower instead? The name Selene is probably derived from the Greek σέλας selas, meaning “light”. Selene is also a Goddess of childbirth and pregnancy, as pregnancy was measured in lunatations and the belief that childbirth is easiest when the moon is full is quite ancient. Link.

But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Selene rules the month, and as such, provides guidance as to when the best times are to do things. A painting of the moon, a moon goddess statue, or even a few pieces of moonstone are a perfect representation of Selene. Leave it to be charged in the Full Moon light for 3 hours. Chat. We have shower rituals on the website.

In ancient Greece, many Goddesses including Hera, Leucippes, Bendis, Eileithyia, Pasiphae Artemis and Hecate were also associated with the moon in various ways, but only Selene was considered the personification of the moon.

The festival Pandia may have honored her as well. Nonnus also calls upon Selene in triplicate in his 5th century work Dionysiaca 44 (190).

She bathes in Oceanus before each flight and sprinkles dew in her wake. Then when the moon wanes, our wombs shed and wane too. Because Selene is the moon, her powers and align with lunar magic: healing, intuition, psychic abilities, dreams, emotions, and much more! The father is unknown, though Aelian (On Animals) says she brought it forth at the bidding of Hera. selene offerings < > Most recent. Pour about a cup of the moon water from the silver vase/bowl into the bathtub and say, “Selene, Goddess of the Moon, Lunar deity of love and light, may your healing, feminine power flow through the water and fill me with wisdom, intuition, and connect me to the Divine Feminine. Selene Goddess of the moon is a deity in the Greek pantheon. Wear the white or silver robe/gown for the rest of the night. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Find YOUR God And Goddess: PowerPoint Presentation.

Prepare a bath. She is also associated with cattle, particularly white bulls, and bull horns.

Then, set up an altar and give offerings to Selene. What do you wish to learn from the moon?

Also, try the Selene Goddess Full Moon ritual below. how do i know if she has accepted my offerings, Thank you for the wonderful ideas on how to honour Selene, apparently already was with the moonstones I have on my altar. Save the moon water to cleanse and charge your moon altar and tools. The fire goddesses represent the element of fire in its many different forms; from the spectacular volcano Goddesses to the more benign Goddesses of the hearth fire.

100% she will she will open her arms to anyone who needs her, […] Selene: Greek Goddess of the Moon […], Hi my name is Tammy Jackson do you know any gifts or offerings that I can give to Moon.

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