They were giving out shots at the Buffalo Chip Campground. These girls were promoting a vodka I think. Biker girls can have just as much fun as their male counterparts. We also met again at the airport after the event. Cookie Policy | Here’s another Vodka girl. The 76th Anniversary Sturgis Rally 2016, Schedules, Lodging, Merchandise, 100,000+ Sturgis Rally pictures and more ... Iron Horse Campground;... Iron Horse Campground;... kentucky bike rally - biker chicks party naked pictures Nicotine exposure from e-cigarettes may damage the developing brains of infants in the... Women-led startups in India signals progress for gender diversity in tech. I’m not sure what look this girl was going for but I got her picture for posterity. A lot of women attend the rally and you’d be surprised at how many ride their own motorcycles. California Privacy/Info We Collect | All rights reserved.

lol. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. These photos prove it! Once again, sometimes ya just gotta say no.

Hats from Chip vendor, Merlin’s Hide Out, always find their way into the best Sturgis photos. This girl looked good in her leather top.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally grew from a motorcycle race held August 14th, 1938 by the Jackpine Gypsies.

Buyers Guide. Take a look at some of our favorites from years past of the Black Hills Rally. If you don’t like tattoos, then maybe Sturgis isn’t for you.

Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Some are smokin hot and some look like trash. Biker nuptials took place throughout the grounds, including several ceremonies at the ride-through chapel at the CrossRoads. “You’ll have to come closer, sweetie. I’m horny.”

and liked showing them off. And here are the sexiest girls of the event. Their chaps are cool.

The answer may be in your closet. ( Log Out /  We'll just be here appreciating ya. These two were taking it easy until the concert later that evening. Jobs | Who knows, you might even see yourself! BMW R NineT Series Back for 2021 .

I used to think that finding single girls at a biker rally would be tough, but I saw lots of sexy, single women in Sturgis. The Buffalo Chip is no boys-only club! Throughout the Sturgis Rally, guests did their best trying to imitate the “Miss Chippie” statue built by Chip veteran, Har-V. 17. Wild Women Of Sturgis.

The Chip’s the place where you can be yourself or be someone else! “Check it out…These things are real (and as big as my head)!” ( Log Out /  Short one-line comments – Informative, Funny, Entertaining. In a taboo-breaking step in this conservative Islamic state, an Iranian... hostage al Jazeera Sturgis area businesses make 95% of their yearly profits during the 7 days of the rally.

9. 12.

7. Tells us about it in the comments below! As you would expect, at the Buffalo Chip Campground / Concert Area, you’ll see topless chicks. Uncensored Sturgis 2018 Pics .

Thousands of motorcycles, beautiful biker girls, unforgettable concerts, and inexplicable freedom made for one heck of party at the Buffalo Chip during the 2014 Sturgis Rally. “This mix is equal parts agave and belly button lint.” There are few things that make Sturgis concerts at the Chip better, except maybe a little social lubricant. This year riders of all types of vehicles appreciated the Chip’s new stretches of paved roads. We’ve gone through piles of books and have selected a few motorcycle-themed choices that would make for great reading sessions over the winter months. “We call this jump the ‘Double Rainbow.’ ” Here’s the link to it… Sturgis Rally Book. respond: "front or back?" Or for that matter, the ones that feel like paint is enough clothing for the day. Find results at Answerroot.

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Looking for some extra cash?

There were a lot of girls at the Buffalo Chip Campground. South Dakota collects over $1,000,000 in sales tax from the week long event. This woman looks good on her bike and the yellow paint goes well with her blonde hair and tan skin.

I think a woman that rides bikes is sexy… sometimes. Advertise | Over 3 million gallons of beer is consumed during the rally. For the last few years WISER has taken his Body Graffiti on the road and been painting some amazing designs on ♥. “Everyone, come see how good I look in the front row!”

They are famous bike builders. Motorcycles. This lady had a hat on that says “Let’s Party!”. Except two chicks on a bike is better than one, lol. I think the girl in the middle has the best ass. Check out the Chip’s People of the Chip Photo Gallery!

If you’ve never been to the biggest rally in the world, do the next best thing – get the book!

Find results for your search on for United States.

14. The luscious ladies of the Miss Buffalo Chip Pageant love to entertain crowds on stage and mingle with guests off stage. “My eyes are up here!” 1. 6. File photo of woman using an e-cigarette.

Homemade bikinis, beer bellies, big ol’ burps and, of course, body shots. Five tool and garage accessories to help transform your home garage into a professional-grade motorcycle workspace so you can get the job done right. 2020 Kawasaki Concours 14. JOIN US! Riding to Sturgis for the annual biker rally is a major event for many people. Find results at Top10answers. Who Won the King of the Baggers Race?

Here’s some more Jack Daniel’s girls. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account.

Nothing better than a good looking woman riding her bike. There are plenty of places to get a great view of your favorite band at the Chip, like the front row, the Top Shelf or the Fan VIP Skybox. Performance and looks. This girl wasn’t bashful at all. These two girls look like twins. I saw Kid Rock rehearse one day and stayed one night for ZZ Top.

This girl was one of the best built women  I photographed.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is a giant biker party that's surrounded by beautiful scenery everywhere, especially beautiful babes! These two were having fun walking around the concert area drinking the day away.

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