If there is no change even after 8 to 10 days, then it is best to take the help of a behavior expert. Director at the NIH she discovered a tripartite system of the endocrine system, immune system, and central nervous system which she termed the "psychosomatic network." Case to case basis occasionally maybe – otherwise it’s a money grad. The results summarized: aggressive behaviour did not decrease, rather the opposite. Here are a couple more of mine. The second was a master's thesis at Hunter College in New York which was submitted by Parvene Farhoody**. Good to see a rational approach and voice when it comes to attempting to make sense of the studies. If aggression is the result of fear then castration could make it worse because the the extra testosterone in their system boosts their confidence. I find this study to be woefully incomplete. While neutering might be a factor, I think this sounds more like a behavioural issue rather than a hormonal one. But he hates when we go for walks, he runs and hides and I can’t even keep a collar on him because he will hide all the time. These dogs are bred intentionally to supply the never ending demand for puppies.

As aggression gets more serious, results are clearer. My 14 month old collie lab cross became aggressive after neutering. It’s extremely unusual aggression (if that’s even what all of this is) and probably has a complex origin.

According to two large sample investigations, there appear to be some surprising and undesirable behavior changes in dogs who are spayed or neutered. You won't see the details here.

You can do a vasectomy or a hysterectomy, and keep the ovaries, and still prevent unwanted puppies. Do you think this could knock his confidence and set him back, if so, I’ll discuss with the vet maybe waiting for a few months; which is what my gut is telling me. To learn more, read our guide to making sense of scientific research. I worry what would happen if an off leash dog approached us and I want to muzzle him. That said, there are other opinions – there are risks in both routes, and I don’t know him as an individual, so I would suggest you discuss this with your vet and (if you have one) a qualified canine behaviourist. (1997). It seems to be any noise that sets him off, just someone being in the room and he starts pacing.

I think they would have controlled for these other factors.

Guy, N. C., Luescher, U. Some dogs do seem to have a much lower pain threshold than others – and cockers (and related crosses) in my experience are among the more sensitive souls! Another option would be to talk to your vet about the neutering implant, that will wear off after a while but which duplicates the effects of castration. Fact: There are many low-expense neutering options available. Can we please have someone better qualified than someone who writes about humans beings and their myth making and daydreaming about dogs? (2001). Others will continue to do so from time to time, although the frequency of the behavior will usually drop significantly. Later that same day he started to develop increased respiratory rate and appeared to be in some distress. Farhoody also comes to roughly the same conclusions. I made the mistake of telling him that my puppy occasionally shows fear based responses to tall male strangers (backing away, tail between legs and ‘boofing’ noises). A. I have a six year old Staffy X -most likely with Lab. A reason that entire males might be unfairly blamed is that poorer quality dog owners may also be less likely to desex their dogs. It is a long questionnaire, involving 101 items, and it has been shown to be a valid and reliable way of testing various aspects of canine aggression, fear and anxiety, attachment, excitability, energy level, and other factors. Why Do Some Dogs Fear Strange Dogs and Unfamiliar Humans? Could his hormones be unbalanced and causing this constant behavior? Most dogs don’t undergo any change in personality – it’s just that in occasional (not common!) Possibly because the plug ins use a pheromone from female dogs? I would have liked to see references on this beefier than a symposiums proceedings and a Master's thesis. Aggression between male dogs is mediated largely by testosterone; however, aggression towards people, female dogs and other animals is far more weakly linked to his hormones. Farhoody also concluded that neutered dogs, male or female, were more anxious than intact dogs, regardless of the age at which they had their castration. However, he has started jumping up on us more than he did before, and very often with the purpose to hump. How about unwanted litters? This means the number of entries continues to grow over time, allowing studies of canine behavior to become ever more precise. In my career in dogs I've never found a problem with whole male dogs, and I have found many downsides with neutering, especially early neutering. Now everytime we go for a walk or to take him to do his business he lunges, growls and jumps up and bites my hand or arm. If not – time to ask your vet for a referral to a good, qualified, canine behaviourist. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. My almost 7 year old BMD bitch was spayed last July after whelping 3 litters. Behavioural risks in male dogs with minimal lifetime exposure to gonadal hormones may complicate population-control benefits of desexing. Neutered dogs were less likely to leave urine mark indoors, or to howl when left alone. In behavioural terms, testosterone has two main functions. Any recommendation for me to bring up with his vet? The Dachshund, the Springer Spaniel and Golden Retriever showed more targeted dog aggression.

But what surveys can do is identify an issue that MIGHT well be researched. But I am still concern that it may make his aggression worse. I do think this whole issue will continue to get clouded with regards to decisions especially if we start using “healthspan” or disease-free intervals rather than lifespan as validated outcomes for research.

So, could it be that this so highly promoted tool is just the wrong tool in the box as the results are obviously less successful? You’ve probably been told that desexing reduces behaviour problems, not causes them!

:) sorry for the way the link looks... you can't post links here apparently.

If you want a qualified source on hormones go and ask an endocrinologist how beneficial to health and behaviour a hormone imbalance is. Pediatrics, 93(6), 913-917.

It’s also true that many of the comments don’t fit the normal timeline for testosterone-depletion behavioural changes. She may well be very nervous after surgery, that’s not uncommon – it might be worth talking to your vet to see if she needs more painkillers. A different worrisome finding is that there was a roughly 31 percent increase in fearfulness for both sexes. The dogs that have not undergone this procedure are very difficult to control when they are in heat. It’s very unlikely unless he’s already shown signs of significant fear or anxiety. I appreciate Dr. Coren's synopsis and commentary on these research findings.

I think some people aren't happy to hear the truth about neutering because they've been advocating it for years, and aren't happy to be wrong. He took off after someone across the road. Main reason was how he is the alpha to the labradoodle who fights back but sometimes look depressed at the unwanted attention. The removal of the hormonal glands stops any sexual induced behaviour in castrated dogs. However – personally, while there’s a behavioural issue ongoing, I wouldn’t be inclined to neuter unless your vet or a good clinical behaviourist recommend it.

Hi there, I am thinking about getting my dog neutered and saw your message. FDA warns for side-effects Bravecto, nexguard etc. Given the changes you describe I would strongly suspect that your dog is in pain for some reason. Podberscek, A. L., & Serpell, J. It appears to have made him more anxious and I just don’t know how to deal with the situation when it happens. Behaviourists are recognising the value of testosterone in developing confidence so for this alone we recommend delaying castration. Roaming, which means trying to leave the house in search of a female in heat. It takes many weeks or months before the effects of testosterone wear off, because of the latent gene activation effects of the hormone. Dog

This is a really interesting question, and raises a number of really valid points. Males can become insecure and give mixed signals which increases the likely hood of getting into fights with other dogs. There’s no evidence that dogs are aware of any changes following neutering. In females it is different. He has had multiple behavioral problems including leash reactivity and warriness/aggression to other dogs/strangers. what do you think and why? Aggression caused by fear is more likely to be worsened by neutering; however, be very very cautious about using terms like “alpha” – dogs do not have strict hierarchies like captive wolves, and dominance based models of canine behaviour usually result in misunderstanding of their actions and massive welfare issues for them. By not neutering your dog you are increasing the over population. About the only positive effect on behavior that seems to result from spaying and neutering is the roughly 68 percent decrease in urine marking. So, my long drawn out question is… this last month he has really progressed in every single way. She took a month off, and returned to class. With such a long list he's not a breeding candidate, but a prime candidate for steroids to handle acute flares. She was still her happy self right after the surgery for the entire week. However, the good news is that behavioural issues like this can often be managed and even resolved very effectively, whatever the cause. The first of these studies was reported by Deborah Duffy and James Serpell, both at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

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