Suyin is the first master to instruct the Avatar in the art of metalbending. Born six years after her half-sister, Lin, Suyin would be born an Earthbender like her mother, Toph Beifong, legendary ally of previous avatar Aang. The party had only been able to retrieve a brainwashed Asami, who was confined in a platinum pod designed for Kuvira. Toph despaired at the already weak state of the movement, noting that Guan had likely brainwashed both the voters and the Earth King. Cette nuit-là, le chef est entré dans la salle à manger de la matriarche et a présenté au groupe un plat composé d'éléphant koi sauvage poêlé avec des petits pois germés marinés au gingembre et une salade de racines d'hibiscus, au grand plaisir de Suyin. Korra soon explained four criminals were after them and it would not be safe there. El estilo de Tierra control de Toph está basado en el Chu Gar, el , un estilo que aparentemente es intrínseco de ella: el estilo de tierra control usado por otros maestros tierra está cimentado en los principios del estilo de Kung Fu Hung Gar.[2]​.

As Opal returned on Juicy, Suyin escaped to safety with the rest of her family, Bolin, and Zhu Li.

The next guard in was Hong Li, whom Aiwei found to be lying about not having any role. Only narrowly avoiding being struck, Suyin used her agility to avoid the sword and intercepted one of Kuvira's thrusts, tossing her over the side of the cannon. Learning that other airbenders were emerging, Suyin sent a request to Avatar Korra to help train her daughter.

Suyin devised a plan to retrieve Korra without the need to cross Ghazan's lava moat.

De leur union naquirent cinq enfants (Baatar Junior, Huan, Opal, et les jumeaux Wei et Wing).

available to watch now on Netflix US from May 15, 2020. Suyin and the group ventured to the police airship, from which Lin had not yet disembarked. After they took out a guard on patrol, Suyin and the twins propelled up a tree with the aid of a metal cable. Korra and Mako inform Suyin of Aiwei's treachery and get set to go after him, but Suyin states she does not want them to be risked. This Hero was Headlined on November 2014. Zhu Li, Spirits

Origin Earthbending (Hung Gar and Chu Gar Praying Mantis); metalbending Sometime later, Suyin hosted a farewell dinner for Opal.

As the three women moved outside the estate, she asked Korra if she had any ideas where Kuvira may have gone. Suyin was shocked as she trusted Aiwei, Lin laying a hand on her shoulder in comfort. |edad = 13 años

|última_aparición_causa = She was even able to keep up with younger opponents such as Kuvira,[15] herself a highly skilled metalbender, and dodge multiple combustion blasts from P'Li. Suyin Beifong | Le chef est l'expert culinaire personnel de Suyin Beifong et sa famille. Kai subsequently told them about the location of the airbenders and probable location of Korra: a secret cave. Bolin was able to land a pebble on P'Li's third eye at the last second, blocking her chi, and giving the half-sisters the opening they needed to rescue Korra.

When he gloated about all of his and Kuvira's accomplishments, Suyin refuted his statements of them "doing good" as them conquering the Earth Kingdom. The foursome left toward where Kuvira was testing the cannon in the presence of her troops and, just as the weapon fired its deadly beam at the abandoned town to which Opal and Bolin had traveled, they used their earthbending to rattle the piece of artillery, distorting the beam's trajectory and causing it to miss the town. Eventually Korra is able to convince Suyin Opal needs professional training and she and her husband tearfully bid her fair-well. The metalbender subsequently apologized for giving Lin a hard time when they were younger, unable to imagine her life without having been sent away, chuckling at her sibling's joke that she would be in prison. Her adventures included sailing on a pirate ship, joining a traveling circus, and living in a sandbender commune. Lin raised suspicion of Suyin's involvement with none of the guards turning up responsible. She expressed her pride in her daughter while complimenting her on being a good daughter, sister, and friend. She expressed her belief that Opal would become an airbending master.

Suyin later came to Asami's quarters and informed her and Korra that Baatar Jr. was ready to begin the process.

Later, Suyin and Baatar were approached by Opal, and they each gave their daughter permission to travel to the Northern Air Temple and train with Tenzin. Upon getting the go, Suyin and Lin dropped in. Lin coldly stated that her half-sister had not changed at all and stormed out of the room. Suyin is the second known character in the. Avatars | When fighting with Kuvira, Suyin was able to effectively hold her own for a lengthy period of time against the younger Metalbender, able to launch metal daggers at speeds equaling Kuvira and spin a metal plate with enough force to block several daggers unscathed before easily shaping it into an armor as well as rip off a piece of metal rail to deflect all the metal plates fired at her and nearly managed to defeat her by pushing a cart at her fast enough that she was unable to counter effectively. Finalement elle décida de s'établir et de fonder une famille en achetant une grande parcelle de terre.

Grabbing hold of her son, they launched themselves into the air as well and managed to return to the safety of their defensive circle. |fallecido = When Lin joined her and complimented her on the action, Suyin noted that while the outside of the mecha suit was constructed out of platinum, the inside was metallic, making it vulnerable to their metalbending.

The graphic novel is written by Faith Erin Hicks in collaboration with Tim Hedrick, with art by Peter Wartman. Suyin Beifong is the founder and leader of Zaofu, the daughter of Toph Beifong, and the younger half-sister of Lin.

She promptly moved to embrace the Avatar and asked where she had been. Successor Pakku | Suyin Beifong, also nicknamed Su, is the major supporting character in The Legend of Korra. Personnages Principaux (Avatar, le dernier maître de l'Air), Personnages Principaux (Légende de Korra), Personnages Secondaires (La Légende de Korra),, Le "chouconoix" préparé par le chef fait référence à.

The chef is Suyin Beifong and her family's personal culinary expert.

Fighting style Suyin Beifong, also nicknamed Su, is the major supporting character in The Legend of Korra. After Suyin verified that Kuvira was alone in her tent by using seismic sense, they all tunneled their way into the army commander's quarters. Toph peleaba con frecuencia en el "Estruendo Tierra", el Torneo de Tierra Control, bajo el alias "La Bandida Ciega". Having returned to Republic City, Suyin, Lin, Bolin, and Zhu Li immediately set course for City Hall, where they interrupted a meeting between President Raiko, Avatar Korra, Prince Wu, Mako, and Tenzin. Suyin was very critical of Earth Queen Hou-Ting, whose rule she described as being old-fashioned and outdated. Suyin would still travel the world and get into adventures, included time on a pirate ship, roaming with a traveling circus, and embracing a sand-bending clan.

Sin embargo, cuando Aang evita pelear siempre que sea posible, ella no pierde la oportunidad de un buen enfrentamiento, ya que desde su primer encuentro, ella toma como rival a Aang por haberla vencido en la arena del torneo de tierra control en "La Bandida Ciega".

Kai explained where Korra had likely gone and that if Zaheer could take flight that meant the Airbenders were not safe. In light of her part in covering up a crime for personal reasons, Toph later stepped down as chief. Responding to Lin's claim that she let their mother threw her career away, she reminded her that Toph retired a year as a hero, but Lin counter-claimed that what Suyin had done left their mother ashamed to wear the badge. The two would reco… Premièreapparition

Ir sin zapatos es una costumbre de los Maestros Tierra, aunque esto es particularmente importante para Toph porque depende del contacto con el suelo tanto para "ver" como para ejecutar Tierra Control. Kai led the group to the cave. As such, while standing atop a building and working together with Lin and Bolin, Suyin severed the top stories of a large building and toppled it on Kuvira's mecha suit.

After getting Korra safely to the roof, Suyin called on the radio for her guards to search the estate. Suyin was chastised for being a coward by the army commander, who believed she had been afraid to step up to lead the Earth Kingdom, to join Kuvira when she became the leader, and to participate in a fair fight as opposed to a sneak attack. Kuvira told Suyin she wanted to come along, but the latter told her and the guards to stay behind and help the wounded.[10]. Kuvira radioed Suyin after escaping from Guan's attempt to brainwash her.

Kuvira | Toph ne se dérangea pas pour les réprimander, détruisit le rapport de police et envoya Suyin vivre chez ses grands-parents. Cuando Aang y sus amigos descubren a Toph en el torneo, ella ya había ganado el título de campeón, manteniendo un récord invicto de 42-0.

Suyin explained her childhood to Korra, expressing regret over her strained relationship with Lin.

ChefPirate (anciennement)

Cité de la RépubliqueRépublique des Nations Unies Affiliation Suyin came to see her protégée as a daughter and recognized herself in the smart young woman, who, as a natural leader, quickly rose through the ranks. Suyin spotted Kuvira at the reeducation camp, noting that she was in trouble, as a brainwashed Mako and Bolin began to attack her. When dueling Lin, Suyin was able to steadily overwhelm her in her exhausted state, easily dodging and stopping each and every single one of her launched projectile and launching her own rapid attacks, such as an avalanche strong enough to bend metal and then instantly hurling liquified meteorite to successfully knock her down, a swift barrage of hurled metal panels that Lin had trouble deflecting and finally decisively knocking her far away down by bending the metal wall to tank a projectile from Lin and then swiftly bending it at her with such speeds she was completely caught off-guard. Just as they started dinner, Suyin's husband, Baatar, alerted her that he and their eldest son, Baatar Jr., would have to skip on eating with them due to a major breakthrough in the remodeling of a tram station.

Suyin assured her Korra was fine and was waiting to hear word on if she tracked down Aiwei. Xu, Water Tribe

She is capable of maneuvering her way through a barrage of earth projectiles with no wasted movement,[5] as well as employing the seismic sense technique with precision.[14].

|ocupación = Maestra Tierra The matriarch claimed she was not perfect but had changed and reconciled with Toph, telling her half-sister that she had the chance to do the same. While Lin tried to impress Toph by becoming a police offer, Suyin took up a delinquent life-style, both hoping to get some reaction from their mother.

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