Since then, Orji has starred in different movies and has grown in the industry to become an icon. When are we expecting your album? Orji also mentioned humility and discipline as integral factors to his success in the industry. He recently featured in a movie, King of Boys which was produced by Kemi Adetiba. Femi Folaranmi, Yenagoa The leaders of the Ijaw Youths worldwide under the umbrella of the Ijaw Youths... © 2019 The Sun Nigeria - Managed by Netsera.

He is very talented and I thank God for him. The actor disclosed that there’s an abundance of creativity in his family as his wife, son and daughter have a music talent. Orji featured in his first Nollywood movie in 1991 which was titled, Unforgiven Sin.

He speaks both English and French fluently. I have also been a guest artiste in different churches on different occasions. Required fields are marked *. I would say that the upbringing I got from my family helped in shaping me to become what I am today.

I started as a chorister in the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship. While growing up in Cameroon, Orji used to fetch firewood. According to Orji, he has even written some songs for Lionel. So, I would say that without gospel music, I am very empty and incomplete because it is the one thing that gives me joy. LIKE her son, Leonel who debutted in the Nigerian music scene few years ago, Zack Orji’s wife, Ngozi is on the verge of creating her unique style in the country’s gospel music scene. Let them always dream big and trust God; all things are possible with Him. The actor revealed that most actors have a weakness which is the addiction to our craft. So, growing up was fun, but not that easy, because I come from a family where my father was a no-nonsense disciplinarian. Having grown up in Cameroon, Benin and Togo he speaks both English and French fluently. In addition, I use my songs to encourage other people to have faith and trust in God; that too inspires me. When there is life there is hope; they should never compromise. At different times at Word Base Assembly, and also Power Line Bible Church, I was either a worship leader or praise minister. Orji’s father wanted him to study Medicine but he failed to show up at the examination venue on the day of his paper which led to his automatic disqualification. I feel good; I am blessed to have him. According to the actor, he has been recording songs as far back as 1987. Zack Orji made his directorial debut in 2000, with the movie titled WEB staring himself and Ghanaian actress, Kalsoume Sinare. The actor revealed that he intends to work with his son, Lionel on some of his tracks. Their marriage has produced three children. The Nollywood star became prominently known when he starred in the movie “Glamour Girls”. Zack Orji Sneaks Out To Cheat On His Wife - video dailymotion All along, I have been singing. Zack Orji was the former president of the Actor Guild of Nigeria.

I’m also a businesswoman. Before now, I have dropped two singles: Chim No Nso and N’ime Jehovah, which are making waves. Zack Orji is a veteran Nollywood actor, director, producer and filmmaker. How was your growing up, did you sing as a child? I’m also going to do another one in Yoruba. After my graduation, I attended the Piscean School of Fashion, Ikeja, Lagos, where I cut my teeth in Costume Designing. As a past President of the AGN, the actor has always being vocal about how the Federal Government can improve the state of Nollywood. Zack Orji made his directorial debut in 2000, with the movie titled WEB staring himself and Ghanaian actress, Kalsoume Sinare. Orji revealed that he has always had an interest in music. He got to know her better and they dated for 3 years before eventually getting married. My inspiration comes from God, because He is the giver of inspirations. The idea is to reach everybody and express the gospel. He also assisted his mother with her soft drinks business. Born Zachee Ama Orji but preferred to be seen as Zack Orji as his career code name.

Orji was ordained as a reverend at the Power Line Bible Church by the popular Bishop Lawrence Osagie.

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