Sirius the Dog Star; the moon, especially the Dark Moon phase, Pomegranate; black poplar; date palm; yew. Bless it for Hekate and put it on her shrine or altar. Most important to note for those who want to devote themselves to her, she was most commonly worshipped in nature. Throughout the years, I have seen these archetypes manifest with profound predictability.... Rather than an 1860s style civil war, I foresee something more like... Queen Nanny is a legend. Candle: Red, black or white. Hekate Global Rite: Oct 31st through Nov 3rd. For example she really loves pomegranates as offering, you could cut them into halves and press the juice out of the cut fruits as example for an vegan “bloody offering”. I use those as daily offerings to her. I often use the Orphic Hymns as prayers, and try to write my own from time to time. • In Italy, Hekate shared a festival with Diana on 13 August. She is visible only to dogs, and if dogs howl in the night, it means Hecate is about. perhaps an offerring of rare herbs special to her in a salad.

When in the ancient sources the dog sacrifices to Hekate are mentioned- this kind of sacrifice is meant. If you don’t like to be in nature, it may be hard to connect with her. She serves as an intermediary between spirits and humans. Snakes, toads, dragons, cats, but most especially dogs: Hekate has an extremely powerful bond with dogs: even when manifesting in human form, she is usually accompanied by a pair of hounds. Here is a list of food offerings to Hekate from antiquity: Bread,honey, cheese, oil, wine, fish, cakes, Ampiphion (a cheesecake with candles), fruits, milk, eggs, onions,garlic (keep in mind that those were apotropaic offerings, too). 3. She is the matron goddess and guardian of the city of Istanbul (previously called Byzantium and Constantinople). In her moon-goddess aspect, she is often part of a trinity with Selene and Diana/Artemis. Hekate emerged more powerful than ever, a goddess of birth, death, and purification. • Hekate can banish ghosts (or produce a ghost infestation). It is my opinion that every witch should seek the guidance and protection of this goddess of witches. Hekate is credited with saving that city from attack by King Philip II of Macedonia in 304 BCE. Hekate? This post is part of a blog challenge series, 30 Days of Devotion to Hekate. Total return on investment. The Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft and Wicca – written by Rosemary Ellen Guiley – Copyright © 1989, 1999, 2008 by Visionary Living, Inc. Encyclopedia of Spirits: The Ultimate Guide to the Magic of Fairies, Genies, Demons, Ghosts, Gods & Goddesses, The Encyclopedia of Witches, Witchcraft and Wicca. My greatest hope is that I will ignite this passion within you, too. It’s an exercise in creativity to think of new epithets for the deity I am addressing, an exercise that I find quite fun. Olibanum, myrrh, bay leaves an storax are named in ancient sources. The Greeks knew her as a Titan’s daughter and as the confidante and handmaiden of Persephone, Queen of the Dead. Happy Chanting…” Get updates from Hearth Witch Down Under delivered straight to your inbox. It was beyond worth it.


In addition to keeping space for her, giving offerings is another great way … Hekate’s ancient devotees held dinners in her honor known as Hekate Suppers. You need to make an offering to Hekate on every New Moon during training.

You don’t have to give her food offerings every day.

She rules passages between realms of life and death and is thus invoked by necromancers. Its not something to half ass.

Source: On the metaphysical level the offerings and sacrifices nourish the Gods and spirits, they take the essence or energy of the offerings, this energy/essence helps them to manifest themselves more in the life of their devotees. It’s the ideal marriage of spiritual depth and down ‘n’ dirty practicality. – Catorina McDonald, “Its a significant investment of time and cash. For this reason, many witches don’t use prayer in their practice. You mentioned that offering nourished the Gods. Its been priceless to me. Glory to you, O HekateGoddess who guards our opportunitiesQueen of magic and circumstanceKeyholder, beloved mother of witchesHekate, guide me through blessed doorsShut those that might lead to my destructionHekate, she who holds the keys to the realms of timeHekate, the goddess of wisdom and fateWho hears the whisper of prophecyGoddess of mysteriesTake my hand, O GoddessPut all your knowledge into my palmAnd let your magic flow through me. If leaving these outside, please consider the wildlife – some foods good for humans are poisonous to some animals. What are your thoughts? It changed my life.” – Jennifer Larlee Larochelle, ” I’ve made more progress in my spiritual & magical practices in these 7 months than over the past 10 years. This has been the magical bootcamp, the P90X/INSANITY workout system of magic that I was desperately looking for and begged my HGA to get me.And here it is.” – Scarlet Magdalene, “If you dedicate yourself to it, the rewards are immense. This was very concise, thoroughly researched and well-explained. Help me with some advises?

1. The course will be taught through Bi-Weekly Audio Lessons and Ritual texts. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Its worth every penny. For many common people the sacrifices were the only time to eat meat. There will be other things that are strongly recommended for these days, but this is … It was harvested from the liquid amber trees in asia minor, where Hekate had strong cults).

i love this article. I’m glad I took the dive. Taught Me About Uncrossing, Whole Magic: Burnt Finger Experimenting or Full Training Before Magic. I could use eggs. ( Log Out /  Now, however, you’re more likely to offer garlic, keys, dog statues, herbs, meat, or anointing your doors with pleasant smelling oils. There will be periodic videos to support the material.

Three objects representing three things you want to draw to yourself this new lunar month and your commitment about them (see Sections 10 and 11) 3. From my experience she likes herbal tea (she really likes tea from green mint sweetened with much honey), mixtures of herbs, she likes flowers, she loves the smell of jasmine (the plant is connected to the moon and many variations open their flowers at night) and I use jasmine incense sticks, jasmine oil or jasmine flowers. 2. Some witches come to witchcraft and paganism after growing up in an organized religion. Especially now that I am a mother, Hekate has taken an increasingly important role in my worship and ritual, and I am regularly asking her to protect my home and my son. Every once in a while she appears as a black cat, snake, or dragon. Here and there I give her small amounts of the meals that I eat myself. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. First clean yourself and the area with the techniques of your tradition, light the candles, connect yourself with Hekate (through the methods you are common with), when you feel her presence and energy, light the incense and say with your own words that you light this incense for her as offering. Understanding Hekate Part 5- The meaning of her ancient Symbols: Pictures from the Rite Of Her Sacred Fires 2018, Join the devotional month of purification, Crossroads, modern ritual places and sacred groves, Tales from the Sanctuary-Rite Of Her Sacred Fires, Witchbottles and Witches Ladder for my new home, Sanctuary Rite: devotianal month for purification.

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