Skeleton head with lighted candle in a dark gloomy background. #83320370 - Candles light flame on dark background. An egg with a lit candle on top of it in front of a black background. Photo: HENNING KAISER,,, Floral And Candle On Grave for Tribute to the Departed Soul On The 2nd Day Of His Burial,,,,,, HAPPY DEATH DAY, JESSICA ROTHE , RUBY MODINE, 2017,,,,,, Halloween gravestone with candle as a background,, Midsection of man lighting candle in cemetery,, Burning candle in the church in Nuremberg,,,,, Women at the cemetery puts a candle on the grave,, Lonely burning candle standing on a gravestone, #129749198 - White lilies and blurred burning candles on table in darkness,.. #86297437 - Black ribbon & Black candles mourning. Tea Lights Candles.

66 84 12.

Halloween theme concept.

Lighting candles for the dead in order to help the dead to a better place is not biblical.


#110521489 - Yellow candle burning in old church. The skull, symbol of death, with the candle, symbol of light and life, contrasts with the human head on a book, which vivifies the mind.,,, burning candle on a dark background with light bokeh circles behind, Flame of a colorful candle on dark background in low light. #132514544 - Dachshund sausage dog sit as a ghost for halloween sitting .. #128254947 - Young man carrying wooden casket in funeral home, closeup, #115964510 - Shot of hearse arriving or leaving a funeral, #127985432 - Wooden casket with white lilies in funeral home.

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