Walt gets an unexpected visitor. Henry looks to get into Hector-fighting shape, and Walt confides his inner demons to a surprising person. He is now the CEO of Barlow's development company and, when Walt loses, he intends to force Walt to sell his land whereon he will build a luxury resort community. While Henry recuperates, Walt investigates the murder of a goat farmer whose land is popular with treasure hunters. She visits Eamonn to talk about their potential future, but does not talk about the possible pregnancy. Episode Ep. Add the first question. Walt gets more bad news from the mayor. Walt and Nighthorse have another confrontation. When another boy is killed, all signs point to the crime being an act of revenge by the girl's brother. Walt gets an unexpected visitor. Henry and The Ferg are asked to track the woman from the store and they discover an abandoned baby in a rabbit pen. Branch accompanies Cady to a Denver bar, where he is convinced that he Ridges was also there; she returns home on realizing that he is only interested in finding David Ridges.

Facing criminal charges, Nighthorse offers Henry to take over the casino in his absence, but both are kidnapped by Malachi's men. The investigation into local oil workers raping a young native woman, named Gabrielle, is stonewalled by her mother. An inevitable confrontation leads to changed lives.

The Eagle and the Osprey.

In the fourth season premiere episode, Walt is out for revenge — believing that Jacob Nighthorse (recurring guest star A Martinez) was responsible for his wife's death. Branch's apparent suicide over his past actions shocks the sheriff's department, as Walt begins investigating Jacob Nighthorse's involvement in the death of Walt's wife. Cady's involvement with Catori has serious consequences and her office is ransacked.

Walt investigates the murder of a teenager who was one of four boys acquitted of raping a developmentally disabled Cheyenne girl. Which TV Series would you suggest to people who enjoy Longmire? View production, box office, & company info, Walt, who has shown an aversion to cell phones throughout the series, pulls a cell phone out of his pocket and answers it. Walt teams up with Lucian Connally (recurring guest star PETER WELLER) to narrow the field of suspects in the aftermath of his wife's murder. Meanwhile, Mathias agrees to give Cady access to old, neglected legal cases on the Rez. Walt and Vic surmise that the victim was an exotic dancer. date unkown. While. Walt and Donna work out some issues and continue their relationship. After losing the election, Branch checks out the car that Cady was tending. At the casino, Jacob's issues intensify.

Cady gets her first case as for her legal clinic; she helps an abused woman married to a white man connected to the oil company that was located in Odin. At Walt's trial, he is unexpectedly aided by Nighthorse who provides testimony and emails revealing Barlow's plot to ruin Walt, revealing his respect for the sheriff despite their many differences. And Vic does a strange favor in the season finale. As Walt learns what’s behind the lawsuit, both Henry and Cady face tribal rituals. Directed by Christopher Chulack.

To save Vic's career, Walt convinces Hector to turn himself in for the assault. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Meanwhile, Nighthorse resurfaces with offers to both Cady and Henry – that is if a suspicious Mathias doesn't find Henry first. Walt completes his sacrifice, while Branch closes in on the truth about Cady's accident. Walt confronts Malachi, who claims he was just a pawn and implicates Jacob in a grand conspiracy with evidence that presumably doesn't exist.

Those teeth are found at the Red Pony and Henry is arrested. Mathias asks Cady some questions about Catori. Following an explosion on the reservation and the discovery of a dead body, Walt is bombarded with public confrontation as the Cheyennes blame the blast on a gas leak from a fracking operation run by Newett Energy. Meanwhile, Walt deals with feelings of betrayal when he uncovers Cady and Branch's affair.

Later at home, Walt's intimate moment with Donna is interrupted by an intruder.

Cady talks to Jacob about her dad's obsession with him. Mounting evidence points to a secret deal between the mob and Malachi Strand that Jacob was not aware of. Ferg is forced to take a few days off and works on the Cowboy Bill case.

Vic's vacation weekend goes awry when an accident leads to her and her husband Sean (recurring guest star MICHAEL MOSLEY) getting kidnapped. Acting in Hector's role, Henry attacks a heroin dealer at the dealer's home at Mathias' request. Because Detective Fales and his team arrive in town with search warrants, Walt drives Hector to the neighboring county. On the day that the Four Arrows casino opens, Walt returns to work after a voluntary leave of absence to find that Vic has brought in a new deputy, Eamonn O’Neill (guest star Josh Cooke) to help out. Mathias tightens his hold on Henry, who later manages to renegotiate the arrangement. An FBI agent helps Walt pin down the mole working for Malachi. Walt comes across many suspects in the disappearance of Donna and his injuries.

Mayor Sawyer Crane tries to use it as leverage against Walt, who takes measures to protect his money in the event he loses his case.

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