I chose, however, to purchase the XXX 4 based on my positive experience with Trek, including their customer satisfaction commitment, but mostly due to your recommendation. ZIPP 302 Wheelset Options. This new 303 S however, goes one huge leap further and is the first carbon Zipp wheel to break the magic £1k price point.

Nope. The 302 weighed in at 1643g on our scales whereas the new 303 S weighs in at 1555g (Zipp claim 1540g). https://intheknowcycling.com/2017/08/30/best-climbing-wheels/ Steve.

On the Shimano C40 the space between the rim bead and the rubber valve was much tighter, and before pumping it up, we had to make sure it was seated in the gap correctly.

Also I’m assuming the disc brake version of the NSW behaves the same way as the rim, save for the better braking in all conditions?

Most people will at least run 23mm tires and they perform better on wider rims. They are made by SwissStop, and as mentioned above, a …

Zipp is not alone in terms of focussing on a wider tyre as standard and there has been plenty of evidence already put out that show a 28mm tyre can be the fastest across a number of different tests. are just some of the things you can do that will have a much bigger benefit than going up from 3.4s to Meilensteins. We stuck with the 11-speed hub body, but it was very easy to swap without any tools needed. He also felt the way it handled varying terrain would make it a great wheelset to use during cyclocross season.

Anyone rode them yet? Why? I measured them with the rim strips you need to ride them tubeless. Reynolds, flat out lifetime warranty. With disc brake bikes now beginning to dominate the modern bike market, we took the opportunity to compare two of the most popular upgrade options from the brands that drive the drivetrain market—the Shimano Dura-Ace R9170 C40 versus the Zipp 202 NSW.

If you prefer, you can also support this site by making a contribution here. The length of a warranty reflects a manufacturers belief in their product and/or is baked into a premium price (put another way, the bean counters at corporate headquarters estimate the future claims rate on a product and try to ensure a fair profit margin based on original sales price in light of estimated future warranty costs.)

It seems 'every sports body' is doing the same.. Ventoux climb this year called the 303 NSW “absolutely dreamy.”.

What do the manufacturers say about it? Which is all a way of saying, given the relative hair splitting relating to the performance of Enve/Zipp (both are obviously outstanding), the lack of Zipp’s belief in its product, and the potential negative impact on my pocket book, means I am much to my disappointment taking Zipp off of my very short list of choices. What do you think of the new brand Scribe.

It is quite refreshing to have a new wheelset released, and especially one from a major brand like Zipp, that doesn't just make claims about wind tunnel aerodynamic performance.

You could mount the sensor on the front hub... That flexing of the 303 won't be better with the 202. Join me on this ride. – Compare Prices at Know’s Shop, MY TAKE

My fellow tester Nate, the all-business, often stoic Bullet Train and A group ride leader at my local bike club who also led his race team to another TTT victory and won his age group up the New England equivalent of the Mt. Lifetime warranty is a big plus and will help boost its appeal over slightly cheaper, similar specification wheelsets available. The 303S is an extremely impressive and versatile wheelset, offering reasonable weight with on and off-road capabilities. First, Steve’s review was spot on. The Zipp’s hub engagement is silent and nearly instant. reduce rear wheel flex so I can bring my calipers much closer to my rear wheel. I only road on paved roads, and only roads I have ridden countless other times. There is something called the “signal theory” which pertains to warranties. When you keep surfing on this site you agree with the cookie usage. Even a crit lead out man, forced to jump out of corner after corner, will be fresher for his the last kilometer dig and still have a big aero weapon up his sleeve. Because many of my partners are like this

All material © Farrelly Atkinson (F-At) Limited, Unit 7b Green Park Station BA11JB. Any thoughts? Perhaps the best analog is the reaction people have to noise coming off of freehubs. Steve.

Similarly, the Bontrager Aeolus XXX 4 mounted with 25C tubeless tires stick it in the corners. Using a 3-pawl, 32-tooth ratchet setup is sufficient for most applications, and in normal road riding you are unlikely to notice a difference unless you have come from a hub design with many more engagement points.

– Summer Jerseys and Bibs What are the special benefits of this?

Fortunately, I can afford any wheel I want and if I break one and have to replace it on my own, it will tick me off, but will not affect my finances.

And the list could just go on. For us, the $1200 price difference between the two wheels tilts our favor arrow to the Shimano hoops, but be forewarned, when their 12-speed hit the market, the wheel will need to be replaced, just as all of the 10-speed Shimano wheels did when things went 11-speed.

They accelerate and climb a *tad* better.

Although impossible to determine aerodynamic performance, the 303S wheelset does feel fast on flats and downhills, with a reasonable weight for the climbs. Steve. The wheels are ok, but seem a bit soft and zero aero benefit. I have some cannondale OEM czero shallow wheels now, run 28 schwalbe pro one tubeless.

When Zipp decided the time had come to take their climbing specific wheel, the 202, a wheel that’s won more mountain stages than Michele Ferrari’s address book, and make it in a new Firecrest carbon clincher something unexpected popped out of the mold.

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