M10 Gas Mask – CZECHOSLOVAK & DDR DANGER: hexavelant chromium Photo: EBAY The M10 was one of many Warsaw Pact clones of the M17 mask, and was issued to Czechoslovakian People’s Army and East German The subject of filter safety can be a controversial topic between collectors, and is often the subject of extended debate. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. AR15.Com reserves the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate, commercial, or monetizable links, posted by users, with our own.

The hood attaches to the M17 series mask and protects the wearer's head and neck from chemical agent vapors or liquid droplets, biting insects, and radioactive dust particles.

If for a living display...remove the filter? Please go to This page instead. The ABC-M17 was used by civilian law enforcement agencies for crowd control operations when protection from tear gas was required. [7] The filters could filter out radioactive particles to keep those particles out of the wearer's respiratory system but concentrated those particles in the filter media close to the face. The filters were secured to the face blank on the outside with caps that contained the inlet filter valves. Later versions of the mask carrier were made from water-resistant nylon material. However, the filters should be treated as hazardous waste when disposed of due to the chromium VI content.

The different generations of filter elements can be identified by the color of the connector ring: M13A2 filter set in a sealed, white pouch and the actual filter elements. This next information is a translation from a Russian website, so it may be not 100% correct, please be advised.

While less dangerous than asbestos, extended exposure can increase the likelihood that the user will contract cancer. Note the green connector ring that indicates the version of the filters. The carrier had a large pouch that would contain the mask with a small pouch inside the main compartment designed to accommodate three Nerve Agent Antidote Kits (NAAK) and the waterproof bag. One of those missions was the clearing of tunnel networks dug by enemy forces to protect their forces from observation and attack with aircraft delivered munitions or artillery. The product fit perfectly and is very well constructed and undamaged. US soldiers wearing M17A2 masks, fitted with the M6A2 protective hood during the Gulf War. Not just a part against counterfeiting marking - missing all markings: S-10 (Gasmask) OEM 40 MM Filter (Only those designated as "L12A1" are dangerous), M13A2 filters for the M17 (contain chromium) earlier models may be safe, British civil filters from the WW2 era (contain blue asbestos and arsenic), M10A1 Filters for U.S. Lightweight Service and Tank Gas Masks (contain asbestos, chromium, those marked with 'FILTER INSERT INSTALLED' are safe), German VM-37 and VM-40 filters (contain asbestos). If the filter elements become saturated with water, the breathing resistance would dramatically increase and the protective qualities of the filter elements would be compromised. Strongly advise looking for something current and of known functionality, and that accepts current production filters.

Although the M17A2 was phased out and replaced by the M40 series protective masks, the extra-small version of the M17A2 was retained and issued to servicemembers with particularly small faces that could not be properly fitted with an M40 series mask. These inserts were used for day use only.

Alright, I guess one could assume that the later series probably wont have any. The diaphragm and outlet valve assembly on this model are also completely made out of grey plastic as opposed to the rubber that covers the assembly on the M10 Model. With the proliferation of the G-series and relatively new V-series nerve agents, the US military decided to design a new mask to meet the challenges of these new threats. There are much better masks out there for personal use than the M17. Two filters per package. From my previous research, the M13 series of filters contain no asbestos. The winter configuration had the hood under the outlet valve allowing the exhaled air to escape to the atmosphere. While more comfortable for the wearer, the design was rejected since the silicon rubber would discolor from clear to amber as it aged and there was the concern of penetration of liquid persistent chemical warfare agents such as VX. Copyright © 1996-2020 AR15.COM LLC. TK1976 are you asking because you want to use the mask? [1] After about a decade of testing and development, a mask began production in 1959 as the ABC-M17 (Atomic, Biological, Chemical) with the same standard of protection as the M9 series, although with a downside of a shorter filter lifespan and filtering capacity.

[14], This individual decontamination kit contains a small pad[15][16] and diatomaceous earth powder for decontaminating skin. Two filters per package. As newer models of the M17 were introduced, the old ABC-M17s migrated to law enforcement agencies where the advanced features of later models were not as important for simple crowd control with tear gases. The purpose of this tilt lever was to allow the user to position the inner drinking tube into one's mouth from the exterior of the mask. Eight years after the introduction of the ABC-M17, the US Army updated the mask design.

Condition: New It was believed that the drink tube was missing or poorly adjusted in the affected masks causing service members to over-torque the lever in frustration. Sign up for a new account in our community. M17 This kit was an olive drab canvas cover that goes over the inlet valves.

This made the M17 a cheap and available prop for television and movie producers where the script called for faceless minions often representing a corrupt government executing malevolent plans. Older filters may not protect you from Biological, Chemical, or Nuclear attacks. An example of the nylon version of the M17 mask carrier. The carrier also had a small snapped pouch on the rear to accommodate the M13 and later the M258 personal decontamination kits. It was assumed that the M9 was too bulky and obsolete to be effective on t… Create an account or sign in to comment.

Training M258 kits were available that substituted isopropyl alcohol in the packets instead of the actual decontamination solution.

That lever became a source of maintenance problems due to service members over-torquing the lever and cracking the metal of the voice diaphragm and outlet valve assembly. The polycarbonate formulation of both the eye lenses and eye lens outserts were prone to yellow over time due to exposure to UV light, excessive heat and atmospheric pollutants such as ozone. Filters will fit US M17 gas masks. Reviewed in the United States on January 16, 2020, Great Product, Brand New, Fits Perfect [10/10], Reviewed in the United States on April 2, 2020. All generations of the filter elements were intended for full combat use and were effective against all known chemical warfare agents, however as each generation was introduced, the previous generation was designated as only sufficient for training with tear gas (CS) or another confidence source such as isoamyl acetate (banana oil) or camphor.

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