[2] In this series, the base specification Belmont was deleted and the new Kingswood SL became the base luxury level for sedans and wagons, with a lower specification Kingswood sedan and wagon only offered as a delete option on the Kingswood SL. The Sandman ute was phased out of production prior to the van, the last of which was manufactured around October 1979; later production Sandman vehicles were fitted with alloy wheels as standard equipment, the same as those seen on the HZ Statesman SL/E. The interest in the HRT 427 was such that, in 2008, its spiritual production version became the HSV W427 sedan built to celebrate HSV's 20th anniversary. Vehicle Overview. 1978 Ford XC Falcon GS – Wagon. I have a genuine 1976 HX 5.0ltr 4 door MONARO. I have great erommies about mine, driving to Lake Eildon for the weekends for some water skiing and relaxing on the house boat. We hope to bring you new and interesting content on our YouTube channel. $125,990 ono.

Displayed the new updated grille which used the new Holden lion emblem. The final HZ Sandman, featured a choice of V8 engines only, along with a four-headlight grille and under bumper front spoiler. New Statesman sedans were announced shortly after the release of the HZ range. The style and sound of these beasts makes everybody look. I have owned my 1973 HQ GTS Monaro now for over 30 years.

The GTS was undoubtedly the flagship of the Holden range - and while it could be argued that the Statesman deserved the title, GM were not promoting that car as a Holden . By the end of 1979, the Sandman had largely lost its place in the contemporary Australian youth culture – order figures were down and many of the vehicles were now being sold with the stripes and tailgate logos deleted. 1990 HSV VN SS Group A. His account of his "road test" of the GTHO Phase 3 on a trip on the Hume Hwy from Melbourne to Albury, where he openly describes holding at speeds of 200km/h for kilometre after kilometre and passing cars safely, created a political firestorm. HX smog motor with suspension wallow of a boat ? Much to the displeasure of V8 Supercars event organisers, Garth Tander drove a lap of the Mt Panorama circuit in the rain, as part of Holden Motorsport's buying track time to promote the 'rival' 24 Hour race event. The portion of that figure attributable to the HRT 427 is estimated at $790,000. It was also assembled in New Zealand. All of our NOS Replica parts are proudly Australian Made and Approved by Scott Wilson During the course of the HZ series, equipment levels were upgraded in 1978 effectively to match improvements in the opposition Ford Falcon range, but the life of the full W size Holden looked set to end following Holden's release of the VB Commodore in November 1978.

This car is often confused for being the 'track' version of the HRT 427, but the racing program headed by then-Holden Motorsport Manager John Stevenson was announced many months before the HRT 427 was revealed to the press and public. Its more aggressive appearance was achieved through the use of a large front airdam, xenon headlights, LED rear lights, active carbon fiber rear spoiler and rear diffuser. Don't get me wrong they're beautiful as well. Sorry mate it wasn't really about fuel resources running dry.

RTS made the entire HZ range a much better drive - but none more so that the best performing Holden then rolling off the production line, the GTS Sedan.

Lorne, the GTHO phase IV was in fact killed of by Ford following a Wheels magazine article by Mel Nicholes. We are the Manufacturer of a large range of NOS Replica Restoration parts to suit old Holdens from HT HK HG to HQ HJ HX HZ WB. The remaining numbers in the sequence are used as a serial number, based on the plant where it was manufactured, and each in numerical sequence. This is new Holden Kingswood SL, equipped like no previous Kingswood - with Radial Tuned Suspension. [43][44], The HSV GTS-R concept car, codenamed P120, was unveiled at the 2004 Sydney Motor Show. Great car. Although the Monaro name was no longer used, the GTS carried on with several significant upgrades and was a lot more than just a badge and fancy paintwork. The further optional components also included 5.0-litre V8 engine and a limited slip differential. Rob is right...I am in the process of a ground up rebuild and recall it through books and guides simply being reffered to as the GTS. Cheers, As some of the other guys suggest, the LE Coupe was not a Monaro nor was the HZ. This VE Commodore-based concept was presented at the Melbourne Motorshow in 2008 to celebrate Holden's 60th anniversary. Well sorry but its not your call either. It cost A$2.5 million to build[45] but never reached production. ... 1976 Holden LX Torana – Papaya.

Holden HZ with Radial Tuned Suspension "The Test" - Supervised by R.A.C.V and C.A.M.S: (circa 1977) You're about to see a compelling demonstration of a genuine automotive engineering breakthrough. The only HRT 427's in existence are two road cars and four racing versions (the latter built by Garry Rogers Motorsport for use in the short-lived Bathurst 24 Hour race and Australian Nations Cup Championship), each of which cost about A$500,000 to build.

Originally intended to be put into production as competition against vehicles such as the Porsche 911 GT2, it soon became apparent to Holden that the high specification HRT 427 could not be built in such limited quantities for the original A$215,000 asking price. In reality, however, the quoted price tag was for both an HRT 427 and the first HSV VS GTS-R ever built. After 1980, W sized Holden passenger cars were discontinued and replaced by the downsized Commodore. The Kingswood luxury level lived on until 1984 on the WB Holden utility but the end of HZ saw the end of the Holden Premier alongside both the GTS and Sandman which were both deleted prior to the end of the HZ series. Truly pride of the range . It has since been inaccurately stated in the media that he paid the record-breaking price of A$920,000, making it the most expensive Australian car ever sold. m clutch, giving the car a 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) time of 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 299 km/h (186 mph). The HZ GTS was the first GTS/Monaro to have the twin headlight front. The Holden HZ was offered in four sedan and three station wagon models, marketed as follows: It was also available in two coupe utility, two panel van and one cab chassis model, marketed as follows: There were two special vehicle packages also available based upon commercial vehicles: Holden GTS (with optional polycast sports wheels). Mine is off the road atm and needs some cancer treatment. Please support us by subscribing. It was then shown to the media and public at the Bathurst 1000 race a week before the HRT 427 was unveiled at the 2002 Sydney Motor Show. It was built in 2002 in left hand drive by TWR Engineering at a reported cost of A$2 million and shown at the 2004 Sydney Motor Show. 1988 VL SS Group A – Walkinshaw. & Turbohydramatic 400, QT 308 HC (high compression) 5.0 litre V8. So as not to preempt the HRT 427's launch the following week, for its sneak Bathurst 1000 unveiling, the yellow Monaro wore the Tander's GRM V8 Supercar race number "34" before reverting to "427" for the 24 Hour race. Garth Tander, Steven Richards, Cameron McConville and Nathan Pretty drove the car to a debut win in the 2002 Bathurst 24 Hour, while James Brock – son of legendary driver Peter Brock – drove the third and last 427 Monaro built by GRM to victory in the final race of the 2004 Nations Cup at the Mallala Circuit in South Australia. No car every sounded better and in 3 years never pulled over never got a ticket . Turn signal/indicator frames no longer had the horizontal bars.

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