Now go attack some enemys (or go near them) so they can feel the pain.

The Boss does the "handgesture". 5.)

During a cut scene, if you see the name of the character, the name in the parentheses is the voice actor. Best place to find Graniny Gorki South (Where you fight The Fear), Choose the SAA on the right during final duel, Walk all the way to the end during boss fight against The Sorrow, Shoot all the green frogs in every area of the game.

Beat the original Metal Gear for the MSX and make a Clear Data file.

Select the Single Action Army on the right during the final duel to unlock the Single Action Army revolver.

After being captured and waking up in the cell, throw back the food 3 times to see the scene where the soldier tells you his and his sons name (Johnny).

In the third bathroom stall on the second floor of the building where Granin is (it's locked so break the door down). After defeating the Shagohod, hold R1 and when EVA goes to hug Snake you can see The Sorrow behind her. Whenever the '!'

You can submit new cheats for this game and help our users gain an edge. Due to a programming bug, however, he won't react to being attacked. Successfully complete the game to have Snake wear an eye patch during the CQC fights with the Russian guard at the title screen. If you look around in the military bases throughout the game (Groznyj Grad, Graniny Gorki, etc.) After destroying the food storehouse for Groznyj Grad, go to the bathroom stall that Raikov retreats to and drop some rotten food.

To get this, call each person multiple times, after so many times, the images will open one at a time. Each snake has a great taste and recovers a great amount of stamina. While fighting The Fear, his main tactic is to jump from tree to tree in order to get the best shot possible on you. When you do so, if you look all the way up (past all the instruments), you'll be able to see a poster of Yumi Kikuchi, a Japanese voice actress who had parts in Comic Party, Mahoromatic, Kakyuusei, and other shows.

Nobody is born learned,neither me,but if I can help,I will help!

Knock on the door for some humorous dialogue. You can listen to all of the sounds of the game. When the very first Konami logo appears, enter the following: While in the the Cure Screen hit R1 twice this will activate different animations from body building techniques to stances. After Volgin leaves the room after torturing you, Snake and Eva will be alone when the R1 button is prompted you can see some one behind with a board and a Codec number writen on it when your in the Cell call it and It will say "The door is open now". This is usually remedied by equipping the cigar or finding the torch. At any time during a cut scene you can zoom in on the action by pressing the Triangle button.

Save the game during Disc 1 to unlock the "Secret Theater" option at the main menu on Disc 2. To unlock all of the Snake vs. Monkey missions on Disc 2, first play Disc 1. The guard will grab his crotch and fall face down, knocked out. If you hit O, the name will change to the name of the character's motion capture actor. When fighting Col. Volgin throw a Russian glow cap and it will absorb his lightning attacks for a little bit. After you get out of the torture room you will be placed in a cell with one guard.

There are two alternate versions of The Fury's introduction. To get the hidden tape: 1.) After a few minutes he will start mumbling some curious things while half asleep. Your maximum capacity for weapons and rations increases as your rank increases, which you increase by finding hostages. At the end, when you do the quick draw with Ocelot.

Press R3 to change the screen's color. The Fear will come over to investigate, then turn his back to you. After being tortured, hold R1 as Ocelot leaves the room.

When you're going through the Krasnogorje Mountainside area, kill a guard and let a vulture feed on his body. After the cutscene where The End dies, it is just to the left of Snake's position, in a centralized clearing in Sokrovenno North.

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