It doesn't look too good. Netflix streaming membership required.

Troubleshooting Audio Issues with Xfinity TV. Today Charter "refreshed/re-set/re-loaded" the box and the problem appears to be gone - for now. Are you kidding me! I'm going to exchange but any other ideas on what I can try?

Paradoxically, my internet still functions, which implies the problem is not a simple cable cut/etc. It has been restarted 4 times with no luck. Speedify automatically detects, protects, and prioritizes real-time streaming traffic such as video calls and VoIP calls, live streaming, and gaming. RDK 03032 on X1, over and over.. restart runs for a while then repeat.. Xb3 modem goes offline every hour or two and takes a while to reset.. What is needed for Comcast to come, and MAKE CERTAIN that the equimpent works.. the commercial on TV is currently a lie.. the uptime i receive is only about 10% at this point. It was another defective box. I've had technicians come out twice now. While watching a recording and using the page up command to advance, sometimes it stops and brings me to live TV and when accessing the recording again, it starts from the beginning. Stick a safety-pin in the Reset button on the back of the device. They keep taking our money and aren't fixing the problem. Support. I have been having pixelation problems for about a year now. Basic Troubleshooting for Your Xfinity TV. When you switch networks, there might be a small gap between leaving one network and catching the new one. Don’t let frustrating Comcast Xfinity problems keep you from watching your favorite shows or streaming music. Were you shipped this box so you could install it yourself?

I've also manually put the box in power save when going to bed, and not had a second's problems with anything.

Since there are a lot of users at any given moment, there are chances of network overload. Required fields are marked *. Click here for more details.

And like any other internet provider, there are problems that can make the connection slow or uneven at times. Any troubleshooting for this or is this an update issue? The backyard is still hopping. All they can tell you is to uplug them or "I am sending a signal" which does nothing. Restrictions apply. Seriously, I am not sure why we have not swithced to ATT Uverse. This message just came up today. If Comcast’s system is having issues, your On-Demand streams don’t work. Comcast XFINITY TV → [Comcast Equip] Worst X1 cable box problems. Lost the ability to watch or record. Anybody having this problem with there X1 cable box like I am??? Plus – it’s not only the outages that are annoying. [Xfinity X1] 6 tuners activated in Philly! It’s easy to use Speedify – it’s a simple app and you don’t need any extra hardware for it. You wonder why Comcast is rated last in customer service amongst all major carriers. Call the company at 1-855-399-1542 or talk to a chat agent at to confirm there’s an outage in your area. It could take days for them to send someone out to fix your issue. X1 can and does work well, you clearly have wiring issues causing the box to be unable to communicate back to the server. Last week I renegotiated my Comcast subscription.

If you have just one connection, Speedify can optimize it for you. I've got the C6300 wireless gateway on the pre amp booster port and the HD converter box in the living roomand X1 cable box in my room on the none boostest ports on the signal booster. One box waits for GTC and the others wait for STMP. Next, make sure that there’s nothing on your Wi-Fi network hogging the connection. Text chats are easy. In the meantime, Comcast called me not once, not twice, but 4 times to confirm my appointment for this morning. I believe that error code is a signal issue. Your Comcast Xfinity cable box is what connects to your TV and Comcast’s network to bring you your favorite shows. We have had a similar problem but our service is with Charter. Wait another 5 minutes for the reset to finish and run the Speedtest app on your device again. It also, Make sure all your internet connections are active.

With the new package it was suggested that I swap my older set-top box for a newer model. I think they steer clear of them with x1, but with the two equipments you have I think it will work better. RDK 03003  . I hope someone will help. Guess I'll have to order it. and I'm stuck here until at least 3 hoping this tech shows up. Xfinity by Comcast offers internet services through wired and wireless networks. So we have been getting this error RDK-03003 about every other day for the past week.

Said she thinks it is booting wait 30 minutes and call back.

Xfinity by Comcast offers internet services through wired and wireless networks. When calling XFINITY you will get the automated robot, there is a few lines that will be said every time you call about waiting time and COVID, you cannot bypass this. An agent will ask you to clarify your problem and confirm your identity. This is the worst. Already went through x1 phone support with no resolution and ticket was "elevated". I set the power save to 2 hours, so I leave them on (the remote does not power the box off), and the power save will kick in. THANK YOU Comcastandrew for taking the time to answer questions and check things out.. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Your email address will not be published. He then installed box number three and that finally worked. After many calls to tech support, a visit from a technician, and a swap for a different X1 box, the problem persists. Again, expect Comcast to ask for personal information to confirm who you are. Box has been in the same state for a couple hours. Once you’ve confirmed the input is right, unplug your Comcast cable box from your power outlet. It has a lot of neat features, but since I got it I've had a problem with the picture breaking up and pixellating. What city are you in? Several of our friends have and love it. He calls it a "clog" in the pipes that keeps occurring and we must just wait for it to unclog. I mean give me a break, there's bad and then there's just plain unacceptable. The last vist being about 2 months ago and my box was changed, outside cable changed and connector changed.

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