Two documentary filmmakers go back in time to the pre-Civil War American South, to film the slave trade. In 1948, four Israeli soldiers recount the events that led them to take up arms while preparing for a final mission in the hours leading up to a truce. All Not Rated Matadors get gored in MONDO CANE (1962).

Stars: Gary Alter, The only technical difference is that one was done for sensationalism and the other was done for the hell of it. Bob Cresse, This is the concluding chapter in this special edition of 'Shaw Brothers Cinema: Behind the Scenes'.

The most graphic part of each clip is usually repeated again in slow motion.

This film ensured the viability of the so-called Mondo film genre, a cycle of "shockumentaries"- documentaries featuring sensational topics, which classifications largely characterize "Africa Addio". | | Susumu Saegusa,

Narration for the Italian version was done by Stefano Sibaldi, while English narration was provided by Peter Ustinov. These programs are proof positive that reality is really boring and a lie is much more fanciful. This documentary looks at strange behaviors and practices in Europe, including nude skiing in Switzerland, hog-butchering in Italy, and an orgy in a graveyard. When a rabbit, squirrel, or other small critter crosses into the road, do you slow down so it may get across, or do you just plow right over it? If all has gone according to plan, Irwin's family is lucky his last moments are gone from today's equivalents to P. T. Barnum: online video posters.... Actually, I started limiting my watching of nature programs after the day I saw the ANIMAL COPS: DETROIT episode where they dealt with a cat collector who had over 200 cats removed from a residence. Over time, the films placed increasing emphasis on footage of the dead and dying (both real and fake). WILD WILD ANIMALS (with William Conrad as narrator, I might have the title wrong) was a show I also liked; the filming was done by that Survival-Anglia organization that has done lots of nature programs.... As for more recent documentaries, GRIZZLY MAN really floored me, it was that powerful. The term "shockumentary" is also used to describe the genre. This now brings us to the Italian cannibal cycle. This is a multi-part look at the life of one of the biggest stars of Hong Kon... "Probably the toughest guy in the world in the 70s. Documentary, Short. It saves on production costs and instantly generates a shock from the audience all in one go. John Alan Schwartz. Over the last decade, we have seen the proliferation of another style of "documentary"--"Reality" TV.

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Filmed in every corner of the world, this landmark epic explores the culture of life and death, the anguish of man and beast, and the taboos of sex and religion, all amidst the barbarism of civilization gone insane. movies reviewed for SUNDAY SNUFF contain graphic depictions that may include Here, this shot from MONDO CANE, the narrator says the woman lost her child and the pig lost its mother so there you go. The other scenes, which are genuine, include a corpse in Tibet that is hacked apart by monks and fed to vultures and the accidental deaths of tightrope walker Karl Wallenda and stuntman A.J.

This sequence lasts around three minutes and it's easily one of the most depressing, disheartening pieces of footage anyone is ever likely to see.

Written by Michael C. Berch | It follows their career until their split in following the making of GOODBYE UNCLE TOM in 1971.

Directors: evidently a pre-cursor to FACES OF DEATH. There are countless others to take its place, right? Director: It begins with the intro and opening credits from Faces of Death, before moving into more archive footage lifted whole from the earlier films, primarily from parts one and four. Kwaheri means Goodbye in Swahili. Dan Jury, It's one of the most sadistic examples of animal cruelty in a film out there. A documentary of the decline of America. Both MONDO CANE and AFRICA, ADDIO are monumental and extraordinary films. $35.00M, Faces of Death (also released as The Original Faces of Death) is a 1978 mondo film which guides viewers through explicit scenes depicting a variety of ways to die and violent acts. The film was produced by Night Flight creator Stuart S. Shapiro. Votes: Lee Frost Documentary. The next shot we see the animal has now ended up on its back(?!) 76 min | I don't meant just as in right now, I mean that's all it took. The film has gained notoriety for the inclusion of several scenes of human death. | Mary Ellen Brighton,

Nominally a documentary, this film combines a number of unrelated sequences (both real and staged) -- including a South Pacific "cargo cult", the ritual slaughter of a bull, tribal dances and rituals, and a visit to an ornate pet cemetery -- all focused on the lurid, sensational, and eccentric. Stars: Lee Frost, (Peter Sasdy, UK, 1970), When the Vietnam War raged... in the Philippines, "This is entertaining enough on a rainy Sunday afternoon but...", T.S.O.L – "Abolish Government/Silent Majority", CineMarvellous! This particular adventure film would take its cue from Elliot Silverstein's A MAN CALLED HORSE (1970). The Meg - Shark Cage vs. Megalodon: Suyin (Li Bingbing) uses a shark cage to confront the Meg.

An argument could also be made that I am exploiting violence against animals by the very images seen in this article. Documentary showing perverse and aberrant behavior from around the globe, including such things as sex slavery, dwarf love, Asian brothels and lesbians. You can argue that hunting is done out of necessity, but is it really?

These two teams became the forerunners of the second generation of Mondo cinema. What with all the staged antics that have surfaced over the years regarding the mondo movies, Warner Brothers released their own mondo movie with ANIMALS ARE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE (1974). Among the footage seen on Traces of Death is the R. Budd Dwyer press conference suicide, footage of actor Vic Morrow's death which occurred during the filming of Twilight Zone: The Movie, the Sarajevo market place shelling that killed almost 100 people, the murder of Maritza Martin, montages of dead children and babies, a bicyclist flattened by an overturned bus, and a man, Pit Dernitz, being eaten by lions in front of his family, a scene which originally appeared in the 1975 Mondo film Ultime grida dalla savana.

Terry Bryan,

On these channels they frequently air programs that showcase the animal kingdom in all its unbridled gruesome glory where only the strong survive.

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