Right now, I’m wearing a comfy, floppy, easy-to-put-on hat. Understandably, however, it is necessary to ascertain the custom in your place if this does not constitute breaking a precedent, G‑d forbid. Once you’ve submitted a purchase form, we’ll be in touch to discuss your many options, payment, or insurance if applicable, and help you arrange a … Do Orthodox women know what a good thing they have? And it's known that today's wigs are even better looking than ones own hair, what's the point in the hypocrisy Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, the sheitel has become a marked improvement on women’s looks. Excerpt from Igros Kodesh, Vol. Sheitel vs Tichel My only issue with this is that it assumes all women are uncomfortable or embarrassed wearing a scarf in public and they will just take it off easily. 330-331.

That is where I learned a little bit about the head coverings. 1. It’s that simple! Sometimes I wear a band (a wide stretchy headband like this) underneath the tichel, which helps keep it on a little more securely, and can also jazz it up.

Consequently you are embarrassed that they may laugh at you if you wear a sheitel : The general idea of wearing a sheitel and not sufficing with a hat or kerchief is explained in many places.

I've seen women wear wigs that are several thousand dollars. (I’m refering to personal difficulty as opposed to that from other people) I am seriously considering it after i convert. Hi! Does such conduct require much mesirus nefesh ? Thus it is of the greatest import that one be tenacious about this matter that it is impossible otherwise. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Or not. There may always be some individual who might make a joke about a person's convictions, but where a person is sincerely dedicated to his faith, such a person can only call forth respect and admiration.

There was a university student who came to me and said that he does not put on tefillin or wear tzitzis because he does not understand why he should do so. Thanks, Batya. They wear a mitpachat because they are real fashion accessories and add a lot to your outfit. Furthermore, if you will eventually settle in a Jewish Orthodox neighborhood, you will find that other young women will wish to emulate your good example, and thus you will have the additional merit of being instrumental in influencing others in the right way. This is not the case for many women who wear scarves proudly and are not embarrassed. Reply, Sheitel vs Tichel All the industries are completely out of hand. Wearing a sheitel has a beneficial impact on children and grandchildren, sustenance and health, as the Zohar states (III, 126a) that it has an effect on children, health, and sustenance. In my hair-covering days I loved tichels and had a gazillion ways to tie them. To use a pie chart, here’s how it breaks down (the units are measured in hours per week): Since  13 or so of those hours of sheitel-wearing are on Shabbos, during the week it really feels like I don’t wear my sheitels all that often.

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