Instead, the title read "Squidward's Suicide" but, thinking of the episode being some morbid joke shared by the animators, they decided to continue with the task at hand. The scene pans to reveal the same Scottish salesman sitting next to them, also booing, as Patrick walks back to his home with his head in his tentacles. The tape was also brought in to Chaz Angew, the intern who wrote the account from Squidward's Suicide. Squidward, unsure of himself, walks back and begins playing his clarinet again, this time uninterrupted. The last 5 seconds of this episode show his body on the bed, on his side, one eye dangling on what's left of his head above the floor, staring blankly at it.

Geoshea's Lost Episodes Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. I was an intern at Nickelodeon Studios for a year in 2005 for my degree in animation. When the tape was watched, it was in poor condition.

Then it cut to the title card. The sound of him sobbing can suddenly be heard, very loudly and severe as the screen twitches in on itself briefly. Brawl of the Objects Missing Episode: Popsicley's Funeral, Billy Dilley's Super-Duper Subterranean Summer: I'm Taking You With Me, Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Lost Episode, MCPECreepypastaMaker/Pinkie Pie's Suicide, Dead Bart Lost "The Simpsons" Episode VHS Footage, Do not vandalize this page or you'll be blocked, We don't know what happened and to this day nobody does. He went on to the next, same thing. The shadow of the photographer is also visible. The Amazing World of Gumball: The Grieving. Description of the Tape Edit. What's this shiet (◦'﹏'◦)! Patrick lifts the barrel into his mouth and fires, with blood shooting out from his head. WHAT THE FUCK!!?? Squidward aggressively tells them both to quiet down as he is practising for a concert which, sadly, goes wrong for him. Goals Relatives There was now what appeard to be blood running down his face from his eyes.

After forty seconds of this, the camera quickly pans out to reveal Squidward holding a realistic gun, looking as though it were Photoshopped into the scene. Squidward was just staring at the viewer, full frame of the face, for about 3 seconds. It happened in 2002., Lol it’s fake no such episode it’s just a stupid creepy pasta that some sicko made seriously that person who made this up is really sick in the head and must hate the spounge squarepants series I don’t believe this crap is real sorry, It is in fact very real, there is plenty of other articles on this exact story. The salesman's laughing can also be heard echoing in the background. The shot quickly panned out and that deep voice said "DO IT" and we see in Squidward's hands a shotgun. There just isn't one. _____________________________________________________________________________________. The lead animation editor paused and rewound frame by frame. This is the article about the "Livin' With the Squid" episode. The salesman, a Scottish fish, asks if he could have a moment of Squidward's time. About 5 seconds after this second photo played, Squidward went silent, as did all sound, like it was when this scene started. After this photograph is seen, it cuts back to Squidward sobbing, much louder than before with what appears to be blood running from his eyes instead of tears and the sound of the salesman still heard.

We received the copy that was supposed to be "Fear of a Krabby Patty" and gathered around the screen to watch. The user describes how, while being an intern for Nickelodeon, he and a few other people were requested to watch a copy of the episode "Fear of the Krabby Patty".

After another thirty seconds, the screen blurs and twitches violently and a single frame flashes over the screen. Like the long-lost yet recently discovered "Suicide Mouse" tape, Red Mist was purportedly created by a now-imprisoned Scottish animator for the series who intended to pass the tape off as the season four premiere episode instead of "Fear of a Krabby Patty" and feature the death of Squidward. I've herd lots about it and have herd many different versions of this story... hopefully someone can shed some light on my confusion? "searching as although it were Photoshopped into your scene"??????? Squidward Tentacles This scene continues for a while until Squidward reveals his face to the camera. The salesman, looking very upset, tells Patrick that "the red mist is coming" and precedes to walk off, confusing Patrick. Unknown IT'S ABSOLUTE RUBBISH AND MAKES PRACTICALLY NO SENSE!!!!!! The camera cuts to Squidward, upset and embarrassed, in his bedroom sobbing with his head on his knees.

What's odd is that the scene actually shows him walking to his house, with nothing happening in the background, for three minutes and fifty seconds before abruptly cutting to red for another twenty seconds, just as he arrives at his house. It was found by Marcus Andrews, who then reported it to Nickelodeon.

Unknown What we saw was horrible. After another thirty seconds, the screen blurs and twitches violently and a single frame flashes over the screen. The tape, which was supposed to feature the rough cut of "Fear of a Krabby Patty", instead began with a title card using the name "Squidward's Suicide". Spongebob Squarepants Red Mist clip 2; S7E1-May Fire; Little Guy's Suicide Clip 1; Little Guy Suicide Clip 1 Less Static; Fudd.wmv ; Rigby.avi; Community. !REMINDS OF THAT ABSOLUTE WORTHLESS DRECK, "THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT". Squidward's in full frame and looks visibly afraid. Squidward walks over to the window and shouts at the two, telling them he needs to practice for a concert he will be performing at. They just rehashed old episodes of Spongebob and used the devil's trickery called photoshop. AS IN, ONE THAT ONE RARELY WORKS??? This cuts back to Patrick again, this time staring at the viewer as the sound of the salesman echoes "DO IT" and "the red mist is coming" repeatedly. Powers/Skills The sound of the forest can no longer be heard. Squidward walks back to his room and finally begins playing the clarinet. It cuts back to Squidward again, this time staring at the viewer as the sound of the salesman echoes "DO IT" and "the red mist is coming" repeatedly.

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