“Our tire engineers have combined several technologies to give the consumer an all-season touring tire that is a notable value,” said Travis Roffler, director of marketing. Founded in 1915 in Akron, Ohio by William Francis O'Neil, Winfred E. Fouse, C.J. In 1943, it diversified the core business strategy, purchasing the Yankee Network and the radio stations it owned from Boston's Shepard Stores, Inc. Thomas F. O'Neil, son of the founder William F. O'Neil, served as Yankee's chairman with Shepard's John Shepard III serving as president. …tire or wheel, a very important part of the selection process for some consumers is finding out where the product is made. “Our team has constructed a tire that is stylish and gives the consumer a solid value while providing the performance they demand,” Roffler added. GenCorp sold General Tire to German tire maker Continental AG in 1987. With the amount of sizes available in the AltiMAX, we’re confident that you will find a suitable fit. Keep in mind, although you may not think it, you will need your vehicle’s year, make, model, and even the trim to choose the proper tires. “We also wanted to use this event to reiterate the features and benefits of the ContiPureContact, in addition to showing the Altimax RT43 within its position as a tier two tire against Cooper, Hankook and Kumho,” Roffler said. [1], As Firestone grew, it sold additional franchises, reducing the territories of its earlier franchisees.

Tires made in the United States have the DOT serial number located on the inside sidewall near the rim. “Continental and the General brand have really made a name for themselves with wet traction,” he added. 2018 Launch of the Grabber A/S 365, General Tire’s first entry to SUV All Season market. Designed to deliver impressiveconsumer value through even treadwear and long treadlife, the AltiMAXRT43 combines a quiet, comfortable ride… While all-season tires are not designed for exclusive driving in snow and icy conditions, the AltiMAX tires holds its own.

Many snow tire geeks turn up their noses at the General Altimax's aggressively mediocre performance, but that's ok, as these tires are not made for snow tire geeks – they're made for regular people who need to get through light snow and plowed roads without busting a wallet. “The goal was to improve the tread life of the original while offering all-season traction and a smooth, comfortable ride,” he said. Another cool feature of the General RT43 is the Visual Alignment Indicators.

As I said, it's not fancy, but it is a workhorse. Do you own these tires already? The first type is one where the reviewer has actually driven on the tire in question and can review it directly. The PureContact also was featured in an educational wet handling exercise to demonstrate the importance of installing two new tires on the rear axle of a vehicle. For the last three seasons I've used these tires and I will NEVER go another season without them.”, “Good snow tire.

On the other hand, perhaps a quarter of user reviews find them useless and absolutely hate them.

He started as a franchiser of another tire company, but things didn’t progress in his favor. 2017   Launch of the new Altimax Nordic 12, Altimax Winter 3, Snow Grabber Plus, Eurovan Winter 2 and Eurovan A/S 365. National HIghway Transportation Safety Administration tire manufacturer database; International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Tire Locator Chart; About the Author. The rocketry business was kept and expanded, and after a couple company name changes, the parent company is now Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings. The new tire will be available to consumers Aug. 1; CTA began taking dealer orders May 1. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration also maintains a searchable database to locate the manufacturer and its location. This was a relatively large number, considering that the company limited its product line.[3]. Some companies make thousands of different tires, so sorting out who made what and where can be confusing. Media and dealers had the opportunity to drive on the new AltiMax and full General Tire winter line during a ride-and-drive event at ICAR Mirabel. Another great feature of the AltiMAX is replacement monitoring tech of the tire. “Dealer feedback so far is that the RT43 offers very good performance against the competition and they really like the pattern, which offers lots of biting edges. This is traditionally one of General Tire‘s core competences with its American heritage. The first two letters or a letter and a number after DOT indicate the company and the plant where the tire was manufactured. When looking for tires for your truck, take a look at the Goodyear Wrangler… Whether you‘re driving paved roads or navigating uncharted territory in the desert.You can go anywhere with General Tire.With more than 100 years of experience in the tyre industry and as part of Continental - a leading tyre manufacturer based in Germany - General Tire delivers products you can rely on. ", The current advertising campaign is "Anywhere is Possible.". Price Range: USD $73.76 to $190.43. The compounds division was spun off & became OMNOVA Solutions. The letters “DOT” are followed by eight to thirteen letters and/or numbers that identify where the tire was manufactured, tire size and the manufacturer’s code, along with the week and year the tire …

The General Tire & Rubber Company was interested mainly in using the RKO film library to program its television stations, so it sold the RKO lot at Sunset and Gower in Hollywood to Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's Desilu Productions in 1956 for $6 million. If you want to get in touch with me about something I wrote, please reach out to me on Facebook or on our contact page up top! In 1952, it bought WOR/WOR-FM/WOR-TV in New York City and merged its broadcasting interests into a new division, General Teleradio (purchased from R. H. Macy & Company alongside WOR & Bamberger Broadcasting; named as a result of The General Tire & Rubber Company's increased investment in WOR). General has never quite been a huge household name in tires, except if you ask winter tire geeks like me. General Tire is your robust and reliable partner in every driving condition, from a family vacation, to the kid‘s football game or driving to work. “It’s a clear difference in handling and the ability to maintain control,” Maher said. In addition, the twin cushion silica tread compound that the tire is made of adds extra comfort to your drive. With 5,000 total acres, including a 15-acre wet pad and an 8.5-mile high-speed oval, Continental Tire the Americas’ proving grounds in Uvalde, Texas, is the perfect locale to roll out a new tire – as well as put a recent release to the test. “The new tire’s technology change has led to a paradigm shift in mileage – the RT43 will see a dramatic increase in wear.

General Tires was established as a response to its previous partner Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. The second type of review is one derived from research and listening to other people's opinions about the tire. 1987  Continental AG purchased the tire division of General Tire Inc. 2000   Opening of a new European Distribution Warehouse. Continental Tire the Americas, LLC, d.b.a. 1959  General Tire opened the world’s largest tyre testing track in Texas. The French company purchased the American firm Uniroyal-Goodrich company in 1989.

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