But I love how short, light and nimble some 20 gauges are, and that’s a big deal, especially when you may be holding the gun with one hand and a phone in the other while talking with the 911 dispatcher.

Typical muzzle energies of common firearms and cartridges, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Bekendtgørelse om skydevåben og ammunition, der må anvendes til jagt m.v. 10rds - 50 Cal. The point is, if you love your 9 mm for self-defense, you shouldn’t complain about being underpowered with a 20 gauge. Last April I shot a wild boar with a shotgun slug. But what I really want you to notice are the short video clips of wives and girlfriends experiencing 12-gauge shotgun use for their first times.

Gun publications and avid shooters can run on endlessly about the energy of certain cartridges and even specific brands of cartridges. And, can you believe it? Causing immediate death with any firearm is difficult and there certainly needs to be an amount of luck on the shooter’s side, especially with the adrenaline and chaos that go with a dynamic situation.

Then there is Aguila’s MiniShell. But when he screws up twice on the same issue, that sounds like intentional deception to us. So for existing firearms, longer barrels equal higher muzzle velocity and therefore increased muzzle energy. —-, The following video starts with advice from a man whose family is protected by large teams of bodyguards 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week SUPPOSEDLY giving expert advice on personal defense to women. First, do not be fooled about the energy of firearms; it’s academic. The slug exited the barrel at 2,270 feet per second. If the barrel is too long, the friction of the bullet against the interior wall of the barrel will overcome the pressure of the expanding gases, slowing the bullet rather than accelerating it. For self-defense and hunting ammunition, muzzle energy is just part of the equation.

Oh, I should mention those no-stock pistol-grip setups. The general formula for the kinetic energy is, Although both mass and velocity contribute to the muzzle energy, the muzzle energy is proportional to the mass while proportional to the square of the velocity. The 3" slugs travel at around 1,760 fps with a muzzle energy 3,105 ft-lbs. There you have a report from a manly regular shotgun shooter. While deep penetration is great for reaching vital organs, too much penetration can cause the bullet to pass completely through the target, taking that energy with it. This is 7,507 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle, or 10,178 joules, exceeding the government’s muzzle energy ceiling. It’s cool in my Mossberg 590 Shockwave because I can shoot it with one hand, but it’s not without problems. To understand this, think about how hard a baseball would hit you when tossed by a four year-old versus its impact when pitched by Randy Johnson. Its pros are that tube-mag-fed guns chambered for it can nearly double their capacity, and it has about 11 ft.-lbs. How about a typical-power 12-gauge, nine-pellet 00 buck load going 1,200 fps? Since this is a shotgun column, that makes me laugh.) Muzzle energy is often used to rate the lethality of certain loads.

There is the advantage that the load spreads out a little with its 16 BBs and three lead disks, but to me, this is too great a sacrifice; I’d rather use a pistol that’s concealable and controllable with one hand if I’m giving up that much energy.

", "NAPHA - Namibia Professional Hunting Assiation: Hunting Laws& Rifle Importation", "Ab welcher Geschossenergie fallen Soft-Air-Waffen unter das Waffengesetz?

It was nowhere close to as easy to find as I anticipated. It is ironic in a way that ammunition manufacturers stamp muzzle velocity and muzzle energy on their product packaging.

A 7-pound 20 gauge loaded with that ¾-ounce slug produces 12.2 ft.-lbs. Many gun people will even use the term interchangeably with “stopping power.” But is muzzle energy important? Then there is Aguila’s MiniShell. And it is a relative pussycat to handle. Technically this is only true to a point. While a wild boar isn’t a human, it’s much tougher. We demand Minister Bill Blair immediately rescind SOR/2020-96 until such time as he can figure out what he’s really trying to accomplish. They make wonderful movies, but if you find someone in the real world recommending them, Turn Off The Audio track, smile politely and send them back to their television and video games as soon as is convenient. (Real quickly, compare all this to the pathetic 356 ft.-lbs. While few people consider this light-kicking shotgun as much more than a kid’s starter gun, it can be a great choice for recoil-sensitive of all ages.

While this seems logical when you look at the numbers, the reality is very different.

A .410-bore, ¼-ounce slug fired at 1,800 fps produces around 800 ft.-lbs.

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