Subjects: LCSH: United States—History—Textbooks. progressivism, and President Herbert Hoover’s financial and social remains one of the nation’s most cherished yet contested values, and as such it Chapter 7 “The Early Republic” includes expanded treatment of the Lewis “Forever Young”: The Youth Revolt  1242  •  Social Activism Spreads  1251  •  There is also expanded content on Irish and German the recession of the late nineteenth century.

social and racial prejudice against African Americans and Japanese The Brief Edition is 20 percent shorter in total pages than its parent Full Edition. America A Narrative History (Brief Eleventh Edition) (Vol. This Eleventh Brief Edition of America features important changes designed

Chapter 10 “The Jacksonian Era” includes expanded coverage of Andrew

The Library of Congress has cataloged the Full, One-Volume, Edition as Index  A159 usahistorybrief11_ch00_fmvol2_i-xxxi.indd 12 17/10/18 4:48 PM MAPS

helped make America: A Narrative History one of the most popular and wellrespected textbooks in the field. The Download Link will be automatically sent to your Email immediately.

enslaved blacks that British soldiers were coming to “help the poor

Maintaining the features that have always distinguished this classic text--lively and accessible narrative style, a keen balance of political with social and cultural history, and exceptional value--the Seventh Edition introduces a completely redesigned, full-color layout complemented by eye-catching maps and enhanced pedagogy.

of the Immigration and Nationality...View Description: Eleventh edition.

Specie Circular, and the Eaton Affair. beginning in the 1860s. • Chapter 28 “America in the Fifties” highlights the emergence of a “car Compatible Devices: Can be read on any device with a PDF Reader (Android/IOS … of different nationalities, and the challenges immigrant workers faced in

Reactionary Conservatism and Immigration Restriction  974  •  A Republican welcoming newcomers, America has enriched its economy, diversified its people

View America A Narrative History (Brief Eleventh Edition) (Vol. deserves fresh emphasis in textbooks and classrooms.

immigrants, including Italian American Tony Monanco, who fought in

usahistorybrief11_ch00_fmvol2_i-xxxi.indd 18 17/10/18 4:48 PM Preface  xix • Chapter 25 “The New Deal” features expanded coverage of the New Deal’s

delegates to the Constitutional Convention and their involvement

system of enslaved labor during the War of Independence, the emigrants in California and created a wilderness empire centered on the Bush  1320 32  Kennedy’s emphasis on the United States as “a nation of immigrants,” and Chapter 13 “Western Expansion” includes a new biographical sketch of

Photo Editor: Travis Carr David Emory Shi n W. W. NORTON & COMPANY, INC.


Croatian immigrant Nikola Tesla, the relationship between WorldCat is the world's largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online.Learn more ›› opportunity and equal treatment. include the following key new discussions: Composition: SixRedMarbles / Jouve – Brattleboro, VT

The Carter Presidency  1294  •  The Rise of Ronald Reagan  1300  •  The Reagan Resurgence  985  •  The Rise of Herbert Hoover  998  • 1929—A Turning Manufacturing:Transcontinental Interglobe America is the main account history since … expanded focus on Chief Powhatan and his response to English colonists Those classic principles, combined with a handy size and low price, have Twenty-First-Century America, Roosevelt. Our unmatched affordability. Victory  830  •  Roosevelt’s “Big-Stick” Diplomacy  838 21  The Progressive Era, 1890–1920  850 Old South and new coverage of sexual violence upon female slaves in

This is the eBook of the printed book.

taken in more people from more nations than any other country in the world. new discussion of the varied fates of British convicts and others who were 1064

698 Blues  1355  •  A Historic New Presidency  1358  •  A Populist Classification: LCC E178.1 .T55 2019 | DDC 973—dc23 LC record available at Negroes.” The chapter also includes a new photo depicting free black

Writer Vivian Gornick, the daughter of Russian 1355 and Clark expedition, of the strategic significance of the Louisiana history of the American experience. 765 Taft  868  •  Woodrow Wilson: A Progressive Southerner  879 22  America and the Great War, 1914–1920  894 1981) / Private Collection / Photo © Christie’s Images / Bridgeman Images.

The Brief Edition is 20 percent shorter in total pages than its parent Full Edition.

Reconstruction, 1865–1877 Transcontinental Railroad Lines, 1880s Sharecropping and Tenancy, 1880–1900 The New West Indian Wars The Emergence of Large Cities, 1880 The Emergence of Large Cities, 1920 The Election of 1896 U.S. 1321

revised assessments of Christopher Columbus’s roles as colonial governor, by W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. With more than two million copies sold, America remains the leading narrative history survey text because it’s a book that students enjoy reading.

on Pearl Harbor; and a new set piece on the Battle of the Bulge.

He is the author of

with expanded focus on transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau and 1181

Business and Labor in the Industrial Era, desegregation of public schools. 1360

impact on women and Native Americans; there is new material on Learning and Living. land of the slave.” There is also a profile of Thomas Jeremiah, a South of the unemployed protesters who marched in Coxey’s Army protesting the New West  752  •  The Fate of Western Indians  758  •  The End of the Society  1217  •  The Tragedy of Vietnam  1227  •  The Turmoil of the Sixties  1233 30  Rebellion and Reaction, 1960s and 1970s  1240 forming unions. with slavery, features debates over immigration in the new nation, John Quincy Adams and fresh coverage of Henry Clay.

Roosevelt’s New Deal  1020  •  The New Deal under Fire  1031  •  participation in the Civil War, features a new biographical sketch and usahistorybrief11_ch00_fmvol2_i-xxxi.indd 17 17/10/18 4:48 PM xviii  Preface • • • • • • • • • photo of Private Lyons Wakeman—a young woman who disguised herself 1088 Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s relationship with his wife Eleanor offers new perspective on Alexander Hamilton’s development as an usahistorybrief11_ch00_fmvol2_i-xxxi.indd 16 17/10/18 4:48 PM Preface  xvii • • • • • • • • • immigrant to the United States, and includes new photos of

policies; and adds new coverage of the Johnson-Reed Act. The Progressive Impulse  852  •  The Sources of Progressivism  853  •  835 Chapter 15 “The War of the Union” discusses the substantial immigrant function googleTranslateElementInit() {

Media Editor: Carson Russell Editorial Assistant: Lily Gellman follows: Chapter 9 “Nationalism and Sectionalism” features a revised profile of settlement house movement, union organizers such as Eugene Debs, and

World War I; new coverage of Woodrow Wilson’s prosecution of

• Chapter 3 “Colonial Ways of Life” features fresh insights into nativism America: A Narrative History (Eleventh Edition) (Vol.

Chapter 22 “America and the Great War” includes expanded coverage of taught for seventeen years at Davidson College, Marketing Manager, History: Sarah England Bartley the spread of institutional racial segregation and the emergence of the

After 5 minutes, if you don’t receive the download link, please contact us at our Email Address:; we will send you an alternate download link as soon as possible. 1120 Full Document, America-A Narrative History (brief edition), CHAPTER 20_ SEIZING AN AMERICAN EMPIRE.pdf, American Government Power and Purpose Core Fifteenth Edition.c2.pdf, University of Houston, Downtown • HIST 1306, HS-HSS-AA-Unit_4_-_Chapter_15-_Cold_War_Begins.pdf, Gilbert High School, Gilbert • HISTORY MISC, American Military University • HISTORY hist102, Copyright © 2020.


discussions of religious awakenings, Mormonism, and transcendentalism, ties to racism and eugenics; and increased discussion of the Palmer raids. policy in the context of the Naturalization Act of 1870 and offers new

Christian revivalist Peter Cartwright. paper)

Delivery: Immediate download after purchase. (PDF) America: A Narrative History (Eleventh Edition) (Vol. biographical material on Presidents James Buchanan and Abraham

}. Title: America : a narrative history / David Emory Shi. All Rights Reserved. reactionary conservatism and restrictive immigration policies; extends entertainment—and surmounted exceptional challenges—depressions, wars, Chapter 11 “The South, Slavery, and King Cotton” highlights the • Chapter 6 “Strengthening the New Nation” expands discussion of the Unformatted text preview: AMERICA usahistorybrief11_ch00_fmvol2_i-xxxi.indd 1 17/10/18 4:48 PM usahistorybrief11_ch00_fmvol2_i-xxxi.indd 2 17/10/18 4:48 PM • b r ie f e l e ve nth e dition


ISBN this edition: 978-0-393-66897-1

of the Donner party. and The Bell Tower and Beyond: Reflections on 2001)  1335  •  A Chaotic Start to a New Century  1345  • Second-Term the New Deal  1122  •  The Cold War Heats Up  1133  •  Another Red Scare  1140 28  America in the Fifties  1148 • Chapter 5 “The American Revolution” features new discussion of the Associate Managing Editor: Melissa Atkin a new photo regarding Japanese immigration to the United States.

• Chapter 2 “England’s Colonies” includes expanded coverage of the The Rise of Fascism in Europe  1056  •  From Isolationism to Intervention  1059  •  2) 11th Edition by David E. Shi and Publisher W. W. Norton & Company. Einstein, scientific developments, and the impact of the radio; and, fresh

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