To protect you and the crater itself, there is no access to the crater bed.

Recent studies suggest that the speed of the meteorite was roughly around 29,000 miles per hour, however, such numbers prove difficult to calculate. ): $13.00. This 5.8-Mile Hike Leads to the Most Insane Crystal Blue Waters in All of Arizona, These 8 Charming Towns in Arizona Are Hidden Gems That Are Perfect for a Day Trip, Take a Trip to This Beautiful Blue Beach in Arizona to Escape the Scorching Summer Heat, A Prohibition-Style Cocktail Bar Is Hidden Beneath the Streets of Downtown Gilbert and It’s Amazing, Go on an Epic Kayaking Tour Through an Emerald Cave in Arizona, This Arizona Park That Was Once a Vast Swamp With Roaming Dinosaurs Is Full of Rainbow Trees, Take a Trip to these 5 Hidden Beaches in Arizona for an Unforgettable Summer, 6 Surreal Places in Arizona That You Need To Visit Before You Die, Non-Active Duty U.S. Military/Veterans (with I.D. On our visit, the fare they served was decent but unremarkable. Tucson, Arizona. Let’s take a look at a few questions and answers about the Meteor Crater so you can be better prepared for your visit. They have a simulation ride, a discovery center, multiple overlooks, a historical video, a gift shop, a restaurant, and a guided tour. If you are interesting in things like this then you will really enjoy it.

In my opinion, it is worth a visit for anyone.

Trust me, it’s much bigger than you think!

Signs for the Meteor Crater!!! When you get hungry, you can visit the Blasted Bistro Cafe. Nevertheless, the owners have done a great job making it accessible and providing entertaining and educational activities at the site inside the Barringer Space Museum. The Meteor Crater is off the I-40 in Northern Arizona, approximately 37 miles east of Flagstaff.

more, Top Selling Tours & Activities in and around Winslow. There are options for a guided tour, but we did not do that one, this family is full. You get better views of the crater and excellent historical information.

I went there when I was a little girl, loved it, I-40 and Exit 233 off of route 66 on the way to the Grand Canyon, Winslow, AZ 86047, My wife and I visited in early November last year on a road trip through Arizona. During this era, the area was much colder and wet.

If you like geology and museums you will love this. Please choose a different date. Because of the crater’s young age and the dry climate Meteor Crater is the best preserved impact crater on Earth. Meteor Crater & Barringer Space Museum is open: What hotels are near Meteor Crater & Barringer Space Museum? It is only closed on Christmas. It was worth seeing but only if you like these kinds of things. If you are into astronomy, than the museum at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff (where Pluto was discovered) is a better deal.

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