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Ferro Concepts Advanced Slickster - Multicam Size Medium « Back . We teamed up together to create a plate carrier that fits a large number of missions sets to include high vis kinetic operations to low vis work. Next, we optimized the cummerbund to be able to securely carry a wide variety of rifle magazines, smoke or other mission essential equipment.

Adjustable with hook and loop front and rear, Loop Velcro on the chest and back allow for call-sign patches to be added, Laminated shoulder straps which are fully adjustable into the rear plate bag to fit all sizes. Soldier Systems Daily is in no way affiliated with the US Government.

Rating: 0%. I find that they work best for what we do here on the channel – they carry plates, usually have some sort of utility for carrying a few mags, have the ability to mount swift clips if I want to carry more bullshit on my person, and not much more.

Loop Velcro on the chest and back allow for call-sign patches to be added.

Our goal was to set out and create the best plate carrier on the market with features that could: maintain current comms systems, carry multiple magazines, attach equipment to the back, hold standard PTT systems, hold important documents and maps, fit in both a high vis environment and a low vis environment and most importantly be worn comfortably for long periods in a multitude of environments.

Check this out guys and gals! In addition, we included two large radio pockets for individuals using dual comms set ups. Runs great, feels great Rating: 0%. Based on a previous design by (and built in collaboration with) Ferro Concepts, the "Advanced Slickster" PC is described as being both modular and customizable for both high- and low-visibility operations. C$27.95. Ferro Concepts AR QD Sling Mount - Buffer Tube End Plate . As low as C$ ... Ferro Concepts M-LOK® QD Sling Mount . Comparing it to Ferro Concepts Slickster, the Spiritus Systems LV-119 is a bit pricer of a build for the COVERT setup, coming in at $246.80 compared to the $157.95 price of the Slickster.

Medium plate = Medium Slickster™ (10x12 is medium) (10.75"x12.75" is large) Maximum 1" thick plate recommended; Made in the USA; Berry Compliant; View Instructions Rating: 0%. When choosing your plate carrier size, you will want to pick it to fit what armor you have.

$172.75: Ferro Concepts Mini Dangler $48.95: Ferro Concepts The Dangler Regular price: $48.95 Sale! The Advanced Slickster Plate Carrier is a product of RE Factor Tactical and Ferro Concept's unique partnership.

READ THIS TO LEARN MORE. Laser cut slots on laminated chest to attach ADAPT flaps as well as most chest rigs using. The Slickster™ fits SAPI, ESAPI, XSAPI, standalone level 4, swimmer cut and shooter cut armor plates. It is substantially lighter than many current military PPE options and boasts a number of features that could (at least in some estimations) make it a contender for best plate carrier.

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