Following Friends Follow Unfollow Chat . I was in a Newsies production as a Mush understudy!

Jack: *to Romeo, who he’s known for four years* Hi, I’m Jack, what’s your name? Real Name: Darcy (none).

Crutchie: Why am I friends with you people?

I prefer it is was “ and no * or - Spot: I had a few looks in mind today, but I wanted to go with one that would intimidate the kids. I was in a Newsies production as a Mush understudy! Jack: And you. Mods are Mod Strings (any pronouns) Mod Black Jack (he/him or they/them), Mod Keys (they/ them and fae/ faer), and Mod Splash (any pronouns). Most popular Most recent.

However, the real Mush was named Nick Myers, so that may be Mush’s name as well. Age: Unsure. Bootleg Link Why does Snyder hate Jack so much more than the other kids at the Refuge? I got to do two shows in total and it was amazing all in the end, if you love theater and never tried acting you should! I look for the owner of the voice.

Katherine: I have to usher for the high school show tonight and didn’t feel like changing after this so *gestures to body* here we are. (If you are adressing a particular mod, please use their name in th ask.) Seize the day . However, the Production Handbook says he can be played as either a woman or a man. are you a party planner for secret, underground hoedowns?? David, also known as "Davey", inadvertently gave Jack Kelly the idea to start the Newsboy's Strike, as well as making sure to create the Newsboys' Union to protect the strikers. However, Henry is seen shaving his face during Carrying the Banner. Nickname and Meaning: Les (diminutive of one of the above names) Age: Les is eight or nine.

Following. Why is Davey neither of his parents’ favorite child? Newsies Head Cannon :heavy_check_mark: Willow . David played a key role in organizing and maintaining the Newsboys' Union throughout its existence. 101. I hear Medda call him and have to get him for her! Get on top of the fridge…GET UP THERE! Erster . Nickname and Meaning: Snyder the Spider, (Newsies Live script, page 17) for multiple reasons. *Oscar is standing in an area he isn’t supposed to be*. Family: None that we know of.

Before becoming a Newsie and until his father got injured on the job, David attended school. Katherine: Are you sure there were no lesbians? Plot. les jacobs shitpost < > Most recent. Can you imagine how the Jacobs parents felt about all this like they just send their boys out to sell some newspapers and then davey comes back with a union and a boyfriend and still no money. Darcy looks like a huge nerd. His visual impairment is in his left eye, although he doesn’t wear a patch in the stage musical. are they all secrets from your parents and that’s how you know how loud they get??

Vincent Agnello, R. J. Fattori, Lewis Grosso, Matthew Schetcher, Zachary Unger (whom I couldn’t find high enough quality pictures of).

What is Darcy’s relationship to Katherine? Jack: OK, YOU’RE ALL MY FAVOURITES, JEEZ! Have you been in the Newsies fandom for a while, and don’t know what’s going on?

Race: Well you definitely accomplished that. Davey *to Specs*: I put my password on a sticker on my laptop because my password is hard to explain and I don’t want to come put it in every time you accidentally lock it. (Newsies Live Recording) Facial hair usually develops around age 16- 18. Les is amazing newsie.

honestly I don’t deserve, I DISCOVERED THAT BROOKLYN’S HERE AND ISSA TWAIMZ DANCING TO WII MUSIC WORK SURPRISINGLY WELL TOGETHER, as a fandom are we, fansies just ignoring the line, “wE COuLD hoLD a hOEdoWn iN hERe ANd No OnE WoULd bE tHe WiSEr”, because….

Why was Mush missing his two front teeth when he came to the lodging house?

Hide Full Bio Read More . The next day, when the newsies found out that the costs had been raised, David accidentally gave Jack the idea to organize a strike. 439. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Jack: Race and I are gonna run around and introduce ourselves to every kid here and see who gets back to you first. Following Friends Follow Unfollow Chat . (Wikipedia), Age: Unsure. He, Boots, and Jack were also the group that went to Brooklyn to convince Spot Conlon to join the strike, though in the musical it was just Jack and David.

3166. In the stage musical, David is 17 and Les is 9. everyone trying to make this about jackcrutchie can choke get off my post. (Highlights of the 1991 Script). However, he does “know just about everything there is to know about printing”, implying that he has spent at least some time working in the printing rooms. As well as his older sister Sarah and his younger brother Les. Jack: *standing beside a door to scare Davey*. And a prayer becomes a vowAnd the strike starts right damn now! Why did Darcy learn how to print (specifically)? Real Name: (none) Jacobs. Les Jacobs Mush . He dresses formally, probably because Davey makes him. D&D Beyond You’re a child of the internet and you quote vines …. I would say Mush is between 15 and 18.

There may be other types of posts later on, but those are the ones I have planned for now.

Newsies Head Cannon . And! Sometimes I lay awake at night, thinking about how if Newsies (1992) had been a commercial success, Disneyland and World could’ve had Newsies-themed attractions and parades and possibly character meet-and-greets. Gender: Kid Blink is always played by a man. I’ve been in New York for a while, so I decided to sketch up some rude New York teens on the flight home. Video. Gender: Wiesel is always played by a man. The Strike Edit Race: NUMBERS THREE, SIXTEEN, AND EIGHTEEN GET UP HERE! Link. There in the 5th row stands Ben Fankhauser in his Davey costume. If so, why? but is it “once and for all” key change and the set moving forward giving me goosebumps and making me cry good?? He has a larger build than most of the other adults. Jack: I SAID ‘BITCH’ IN FRONT OF YOU THE OTHER DAY AND YOU DIDN’T NOTICE! ?¿, why shouldya spend yoUR WHOOLE LIFE LIVIN trapped where there ainno fuTah.

David and Les became newsies just a day before Joseph Pulitzer raised the newspaper's prices, and David drew attention to himself right away, complaining that he was given one paper less than what he paid for.

Why would Blink mock Crutchie for being disabled, if he’s also disabled? You’re both my favourites. ~ Mod Strings, Real Name: Henry (none) (although there was a real newsie named Henry Butler) (Newsies Production Handbook, page 17). There is so much of people touching Crutchies face and Crutchie hitting them because of it Ask. hello !!! However, in earlier drafts of the film script, his name was revealed to be Nigel. Sarah: Anyways, at this thespian workshop-. On a more sinister note, the nickname may have come about because kids who go to the refuge stay there forever, like flies caught in a spider web. In the Newsies novel, David is 15, Sarah is 16, and Les is 8.

you know what I mean?? *steals wall ad runs off. Davey Being Confused for 1 Minute Straight, Jack: once tried to start a communist revolution as a study on soviet russia, staged an entire protest with signs and chanting, Davey: made a practice test and sent it out to the class to study, the teacher found it and used it as the actual final, Race: “everyone dm the principal and tell him to post a picture of me on the school insta please i want to feel famous”, Spot: the one who SNAPPED on a substitute teacher that kept checking out female students, bitched the guy out in front of the whole class, wanted to fight him, Albert: “ok at this point it might be better if i just skip the final and take the L see you guys in detention”, Romeo: bought flowers and a cake for a teacher after being called out for skipping her class.

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