Actually cried in that drama. i love your acting really

I started watching Korean dramas May 2018 but to my surprise I began liking only one.."Roof Top Prince" & it's because of Han Ji Min's great acting w such a beautiful charming face. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; together <3 ^___^  :p Loved it! Just watch her acting in drama Padam Padam. I seriously love the drama Rooftop Prince!! I love her in One Spring Night and Familiar Wife and Ms. Baek. non sibi Nov 05 2010 3:10 pm I love it!!!

1556 – Battle at Panipat: Mogollegers beat hindu leader Hemu. Even the way you dazzle your listeners in Lee San is just great keep it up. I like your natural style and beauty, your involvement in social works. I wish all the best in your future TV serials or movies. Maria Silmaro Jun 17 2019 6:44 pm Mary Jan 11 2014 3:56 am how bout a project with Kwon Sang Woo....? "One Spring Night" has become one of my favorite K dramas. I always cheer u. I want you to know that dont too over acting some times. Rest assured that all the things you will do in the future will bring many benefits and happiness to others. Raa Dec 23 2009 1:16 am keep on moving forward. Frank May 29 2014 12:19 am

You are a good actress, you have a strong spirit and a kind heart. Cheers... Tyra Sep 14 2010 9:38 am And you looked quite beautiful.

Also you are beautiful and talented. @onebodhi...same her more in familiar wife. All have excellent acting skills, even the actor acted as Yong Tae Wu and Sena! I'm from Kenya. Suzie Jan 26 2020 10:04 am Excalibunny Oct 10 2014 9:43 am A sad love story surely will be an interesting genre suited for these two. HJM big fun Mar 31 2015 4:01 pm It’s easy to predict her income, but it’s much harder to know how much she has spent over the years. min-ji the best ^.^ I also fell in love with JHI ( I m a pharmacist and he made my working hours prettier) and since then I watched almost all their previous movies. She also starred in Resurrection with a breakthrough performance that earned her the KBS Best New Actress award. In your interviews, you are very grateful to your fans/followers that everything you do, say & act in the public & in the stories are all about making us happy.

Great acting :) enjoyed it -- with much laugher and tears :|. fighting!!! Anybody who hasn't watched a historical Korean Drama should watched "Yi San." What a great and wonderful work that all of you have done to let us know their needs - love. Suppa acting in rooftop prince and yi san.cheers!you look like one of my fav han hyo joo, martin sajah Jun 07 2014 4:42 am

SaZakI May 12 2013 8:01 am MsRai Aug 14 2014 4:27 pm Han Ji-min was born in 1980s. Love the way you act in yi san wish you didn't die. Please Ji-Min Unnie do the drama with Uhm Tae-woong. Ancelia Feb 18 2014 8:31 pm I've heard that people kept saying that you looked good with Park Yoochun. onebodhi Dec 11 2019 10:10 am I forgot to add that I was so touched by your acting performance most especially in "Yi San", Miss Han Ji Min!

Hope you you and Yoo Chun can act in another TV serial or movie together. I like HJM since i saw her in Yi San in 2009.

Han Ji-min zodiac sign is a Scorpio. If there is any information missing, we will be updating this page soon. I want her in a miniseries that revolves around teenage students and teachers' heroic deeds and sacrifices.

Birth Name: Han Ji-sung (한지성) English Name: Peter Han. Save me from the fan boys. They can be Korea's loveliest couple. Believe, like Yoo Chun has said, you have all the good traits and kind heart of Park Ha. She's a versatile actress and she's very pretty. The beuty is very difference than any other beauty woman Just finished watching rooftop prince. She's so cute and her face shows kindness.

The world’s population was 4,618,776,168 and there were an estimated 129,217,304 babies born throughout the world in 1982, Ronald Reagan (Republican) was the president of the United States, and the number one song on Billboard 100 was "Up Where We Belong" by Joe Cocker And Jennifer Warnes. Some people here are a bit disappointed of the latest portrayal of Han Ji Min. I am not a really fan of drama. romania :}}, akmm Jan 12 2010 3:34 am

Chitto Cancio Apr 26 2013 4:52 am It is a compliment to your acting skills. Garners all the feels. Han Ji-min’s height and weight. :-), Jana May 06 2014 9:37 am Education: The education details are not available at this time. I'm in love with her.. *O*, Nooraa Jan 09 2018 11:18 pm After Rooftop Prince, I have been watching all your past dramas. Ugh, just loved her in it all her work. that roof top prince .. Trew Mar 27 2015 3:33 pm her lovely and cute appearance is suite for every romantic and comedy drama like as yi san and rooftop prince. Celebrities are just ordinary people who does things because they choose to do it. Han Ji-min, best known for being a TV Actress, was born in South Korea on Friday, November 5, 1982. Dawn Obscurity Aug 20 2020 8:43 am PEACE TO YOU ALL! Hello Ji Min. You're good and gorgeous actress .keep it up .see you soon :-).

She’s the best actress<3. to me the most admirable character in Yi San. Hi. i really admire HAN JI-MIN so so so much ! Han Ji-min was born in the Year of the Dog. Brent Meadows Oct 06 2020 8:37 pm But the sad thing is, it means you may need to lessen your work because your husband-to-be & children-to be will be the center of your life. Fighting Miss Han Ji Min, love from California, USA. I can't wait to see her new drama. But they can also be overly sensitive, conservative, stubborn, emotional. I always love HJM and PYC is her perfect match. Thank you for your work and best wish of luck to you. - from philippines! i cant say any thing just i think you are best korean actress i love you and your roles in capital scandel and cain and abel wish you all the best, Faith Jun 26 2011 12:20 pm } [CDATA[ she is great always and i like every scene of her acting. "One spring night".

Your acting is keep growing. I normally do not watch Korean TV serial. Your performance in "rooftop prince" was superb, no wonder you won so many awards for that drama. sublime. (I really watch dramas with actors who have nice voices aside from their acting hehehehe), Blig Feb 16 2019 5:22 pm So very beautiful and a great actress. Well done Ji!

She's so stunningly beautiful !! onni = the best ^___-. You are worth it. so cute in BTS with him! However, by chance I watched the 1st episode of Rooftop Prince and I was hooked. I hope to see u in person even from a distance :). i really like your way of acting jin especialy in yi san. Hope to see more of her more in the screen. Thank you for entertaining me. Your name pronouce ( almost sound like in your language ) and write in Vietnamese  : XUÂN DUNG, I rate you ( Sung Song Yeon and Han Ji Min 4 and 2/3 STARS **** + 2/3 *, Abdul-Rahman Bayong Nov 16 2012 9:06 pm Han Ji-min was born on a Friday. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); I cant wait to see your next drama with hyun bin You had a great script but you really brought the story to life with your acting skill. I love you may God bless and guide you in all you do, hasti Jul 13 2011 3:43 am Catch her in 'Capital Scandal' as freedom fighter "Jo Ma-ja" and see why she is worth laying down your life for... ;). I don't want to point out something, but in the film industry there're so many factors that sometimes affect the result of an actress/ actors act in front of the camera. :-), GBI Aug 13 2012 11:18 pm The kind of woman who automatically has even the coarsest of men moving more delicately and speaking softer. and rooftop prince is the best korean novela ever !

one of the best korean drama ever! He stood strong and made her ex-boyfriend and his parents knows that she is the woman. Mbebzz Mar 23 2015 10:00 pm

Great movie. Net Worth: Online estimates of Han Ji-min’s net worth vary. Birthdate: November 5, 1982. nazzy Jun 24 2015 5:32 pm

By chance I watched the 1st episode of the Rooftop Prince and I got hooked to it and I even started to learn about Korean History and culture. Eonni come back to drama land soon please :). I like "Cain & Abel", "Hyde, Jekyll & Me", "Padam, Padam", "Familiar Wife", "Two Lights", "Radiant/The Light in Your Eyes," "Miss Baek", and now "One Spring Night." unarguably the prettiest Korean actress, Fantastic smile. I really wish you success because you deserve it. Han Ji-min: Top 10 Must-Know Facts About TV Actress.

I like her in strong female characters rather than weak ones. Mostly your acting is good at lee san.You are very talented of Sung Song Yeon. :)) I hope to get the chance to see them together in another movie. Unless if she's okay with a lesbian relationship... With me. keep fighting unnie<3, A younger sister who admired her older sister May 04 2019 7:54 am In addition she's close friend with song ji hyo onni, what a perfect friendship... Min Apr 09 2013 4:59 pm lol).

Like many who have said before me, you and Yoo Chun look good together. argh!

Han Ji-min father’s name is under review and mother unknown at this time. We will continue to update details on Han Ji-min’s family.

"Among all actress i have worked, Han Ji Min is the prettiest" said Hyun Bin and OMG i agree with him, she is a gorgerous. She reminds me a lot of Song Ji Hyo from RM. Jess Jun 22 2019 8:55 pm Katie Stuart Birthday, Real Name, Personal Life, Age, Weight, Height, Affairs, Bio & More, Julia Montes Birthday, Real Name, Personal Life, Age, Weight, Height, Affairs, Bio & More, Grace Park Birthday, Real Name, Personal Life, Age, Weight, Height, Affairs, Bio & More, Rosamund Pike Birthday, Real Name, Personal Life, Age, Weight, Height, Affairs, Bio & More, Kate Phillips Birthday, Real Name, Personal Life, Age, Weight, Height, Affairs, Bio & More, Ellen Geer Birthday, Real Name, Personal Life, Age, Weight, Height, Affairs, Bio & More, Grace Gummer Birthday, Real Name, Personal Life, Age, Weight, Height, Affairs, Bio & More, Ruth Chatterton Birthday, Real Name, Personal Life, Age, Weight, Height, Affairs, Bio & More, Cindy Ambuehl Birthday, Real Name, Personal Life, Age, Weight, Height, Affairs, Bio & More, Carly Pope Birthday, Real Name, Personal Life, Age, Weight, Height, Affairs, Bio & More, Alice Lowe Birthday, Real Name, Personal Life, Age, Weight, Height, Affairs, Bio & More, Nicole Pulliam Birthday, Real Name, Personal Life, Age, Weight, Height, Affairs, Bio & More, Lindsay Burdge Birthday, Real Name, Personal Life, Age, Weight, Height, Affairs, Bio & More, Sophie Oda Birthday, Real Name, Personal Life, Age, Weight, Height, Affairs, Bio & More, Judith Roberts (Actress) Birthday, Real Name, Personal Life, Age, Weight, Height, Affairs, Bio & More, Resurrection as Seo Eun-ha (TV Series 2005).

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