You can use your fingers to create this if you don’t have looms at your disposal. Add googly eyes to this bracelet and give it life.

You can experiment and try different combinations of your own. Now from the first middle peg to the first peg on the left side, loop a band. Your inverted fishtail bracelet is ready. Try searching the aisle with other bracelet-making supplies, such as beads. Place one more band onto your fingers in a circular position only. How to make loom bands with your fingers: 10 tutorials.

With these handy little homemade bracelets called loom bands of course! Alternately, once you have loomed a section, you can join it to another chain. You can try and personalize it for your friends with the letter beads (adding monogram) making it stylish. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. This famous Minion bracelet is a cute idea for kids who love this cartoon character. Using latex free rubber bands and a little practice, you can create a decorative loom band in a fishtail pattern. Rainbow Loom Fishtail on Your Fingers: Easy way to do a fishtail bracelet anywhere. If your design is more complex, it is even more important that you plan out the specific color order. Article by Braxton and Associates, Inc. 1. There are many ways to make loom bands, including various designs/methods, and the requirements for each differ.

Take a rubber band and create an ‘8’with one loop in each of the two fingers. I LOVE RAINBOW LOOMS but i need a video of how to make a starburst bracelet with FINGERS ONLY because i dont have the original loom and its really confusing TY April 9, 2014 at 7:01 pm mayra says: this a great thing to do my sisters love making them. Now you need to add an extension to the band by adding new bands. Connect the two ends using the clip and it is ready to wear. Double Band Fishtail Bracelet Rainbow Loom.

You can make these things just with fingers but if you’d like some help, you can do it with hook tool readily available in a loom band kit. The owl charms look amazing in the bracelet. Turn around the loom in a way that the arrows are facing you. They can be bought at most craft stores. These gorgeous daisies will make a pretty bracelet for young girls. Loop bands for the right hand side row as well. Now, put the second band down to the bottom and then over your fingers so that it touches the third band as well.

Article by Sandra Despain. This pattern is identical to the fishtail pattern, they have just doubled it up. Now, chain these bands with the bracelet and attach a C or S – shaped clip to the last band on the loom and take the bracelet off the loom. Brittany demonstrates how to make a Swanson Christian Products "Loom Band" on your fingers.

", "I liked your steps because they were easy to read.". This triple fishtail braid design is great for boys who want to sport a funky look on their wrists. If they have bigger wrists, make the bracelet slightly longer than you would for yourself. If you are looking for a funky and chic rainbow bracelet for your friends, then try adding some charms or embellishments to decorate it further. Continue repeating the said step until you get the desired length of the inverted fishtail string. You can use your fingers, the tines of a fork, or a bracelet loom (also sold with loom kits) to link the bands into a chain. "I used to be able to make these, but over the years I forgot the process of making. An intricate pattern and a unique one too. Get crafty with this cute rainbow bracelet made with colorful rubber bands with the help of a C clip. These amazing handmade bracelets are cheap (doesn’t cost a dime), easy to make and make wonderful gifts to friends and family.

Then, twist it into a figure 8 and place 1 of the loops on your ring finger.

Though called “loom” bands but really made without one, they are unique gifts created by hand. This fishtail patterned loom band can work as a nice bracelet string on your wrist. If you are making a bracelet for yourself, consider measuring your wrist—and then the bracelet—to make sure that your new accessory will fit. These kits feature bands in a variety of colors. Hold the hook firmly in your hand with the loop around it and pull the entire Starburst bracelet off the looming board. Loom bracelets are colorful and easy to make. A hook, alongside a Loom Band kit, can help you make these much faster. Hook the last peg on the left side band on the middle last peg. Do the same process with the right hand side. Repeat this process by changing the diagonal direction at every step so that it looks like a zig – zag pattern on the looming board. For example, if you have chosen to use red, blue, and green bands, assign a number to each color: red (1), blue (2), green (3). How do you make your BFF feel special on their birthday?

Hold a string tight around your wrist (as tight as you want the bracelet to fit) and then measure the length of the string. It may take some trial and error before you get the length of your bracelet right. Now starting from this middle last peg, pull all the rubber bands in the middle pegs using a hook. A rainbow loom band looks like a pegboard with push – pin type pegs on which colorful rubber bands are looped and pulled using a crochet hook. A great design for young girls and boys. Using the hook, take the bottom most loop of the 1. Carefully remove the rubber bands from the looming board and stretch the rainbow loom bracelet and connect both ends to wear it. Instead of adding another loose or triple band when you reach the bottom peg, simply hook the original chain (where the S-clip or C-clip hangs) to the last peg. Place the rubber band from the 4.

Slide the open ends of the final Band through the C clip and viola, you are done.

% of people told us that this article helped them. First step is making the perimeter bands i.e. Add an extension if you'd like.

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