Almost all stamps with the error were destroyed; however it is widely considered that those one hundred items with the error managed to survive. The unique 15¢ Lincoln plate block of 8 was sold by Robert A Siegel in October, 2018. You’ve spent your time and money curating rare stamps worth a lot of money, and thieves know stamps have value. One sold for €1,314,500 ($1.5 million) at auction in 2008. 1847 5 Cent Benjamin Franklin Stamp, Source: Wikimedia Commons. When the first stamp was issued in 1840, few could have suspected that it would inspire a passion that would last for centuries. Then, lay stamps between two sheets of paper towels with a book or paperweight placed on top. One of the finest examples of Inverted Jenny stamp was sold for slightly more than $1,35 million at Robert A. Siegel auction that took place on May 31, 2016. In 1847, the Governor of the Mauritius Island, a British colony located in the Indian Ocean, ordered to issue the colony's first postal stamps. All Rights Reserved. Plane flying over Marseille. A 9-Kreuzer stamp has the face value of 9-Kreuzer and is colored pink, whilst the 6-Kreuzer stamps were green. The adoption of pre-paid postage in 1845 and the subsequent release of stamps as we know them today provided an easy way for Americans to send mail while being assured of its delivery. Negligence in merging the two processes led to the appearance of rare inverts. However, production of the stamps was soon discontinued.

He has a Master of Arts in experimental psychology from New York University, and a Master of Science in software development management from the University of Maryland. The One Dollar Small version was quickly canceled as the text was too small, and there are only 32 of these stamps known to exist. You can update your preferences, withdraw your consent at any time, and see a detailed description of the types of cookies we and our partners use in our Cookie Policy. An unused sample with an inverted center is currently valued at $275,000.

The 1897 Red Revenue One Dollar Small stamp is the rarest of the Qing-dynasty area Chinese stamps, which were the first stamps issued in China. Small pieces of faded paper commemorating historic faces and epic events that used to adorn crispy yellow envelopes received by our far ancestors are now worth a fortune. Named after its upside-down biplane printing error, the 1918 24-cent Inverted Jenny is one of the most famous stamps in all philately. In July 2013, one of these stamps sold for $889,765 at auction in Hong Kong. The Inverted Swan is the first example of a valuable invert error. Stamp collectors have found an online haven of issues, proofs, specimens, and more with Despite there being plenty of Penny Blacks for sale, an unused one can earn a lucky owner around €3,000, making it a very popular amongst collectors. US Naval Ship Cover USS Mount McKinley AGC-7 Cold War 12/25/1948 Christmas Santa, Hot Rods set of 2 First Day Covers with Color Cancels. Very few stamps were produced and production ended as soon as the shipment of British stamps arrived from England. So not every stamp that looks like a stamp that appears on this page can be that expensive. For over 180 years, we’ve been collecting stamps, and philatelists have put a high price on the rarest of the rare stamps, from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Have a collection of rare stamps you want to show off to our community? Starting with the earliest postage stamps printed in 1847, Franklin’s contributions to philately were recognized with his picture on postage stamps. The Post Office Mauritius is so prized among collectors that there have been pulp fiction novels, children’s books, and even a Broadway play written about it. Before its sale in 2014, the stamp belonged to John E. du Pont, the heir to the du Pont family fortune who murdered a man in 1997 on his Foxcatcher farm (Steve Carell plays du Point in the 2014 film, "Foxcatcher"). The sole remaining stamp has the initials “E.D.W”, having been initialed by a clerk named E.D.Wight. High-end shoe designer Stuart Weitzman, who tucked the $9.5 million stamp in his pocket after making the record-breaking sale. There are only two of these stamps known in existence, and one sold in 1998 for $935,000 at auction. Used properly, a mount can easily protect your rare stamps from air, dust, dirt, and moisture. Rare stamps are highly condition-sensitive and need to be properly handled and stored to protect their value.

Imagine how much that collection would be worth now! The exact price was not disclosed, but it was believed to be around £1.7 million (or roughly $2.6 million). Columbus and his crew reached the previously unknown land in 1492 and thus put America on the map for the entire Europe. This adds to the history and rarity of these stamps. Issued on 10 … Before then, it sold for $2.3 million in 1996, but little else is known about its true price now. Inverted Swan - €35,500The Inverted Swan is one of the most famous and unique stamps in the world, not because of its beauty, but rather because it was one of the first invert errors in the world. The Penny Black carries a picture of Queen Victoria II and does not show the country of origin, as is custom today. Hawaiian Missionaries - €39,000Despite the cheap blue paper that the Hawaiian Missionaries stamp was printed on, these are amongst the rarest and most valuable stamps of all time, now worth around €39,000. In June 2011, a Penny Black from the first registration sheets created in 1840 sold for $345,100 in Britain. The lowest denomination, the 1851 two cent version, is the most interesting of the set, with only about 16 copies known to exist today.

Since there were two colors on the Jenny stamp, each sheet of 100 stamps had to be put though the press twice.

But if the stamp has a B-grill mark — meaning the tiny dents point upward — the value multiplies by the hundreds of thousands. Stephen Lukas has been a professional technical writer since 1997. According to philatelic experts, less than 30 individual copies of Post Office Mauritius have survived until today. Christopher has forty-three years of professional experience. That would call attention," Weitzman told The Washington Post. Collectors generally prefer peelable stamp mounts. The block of six 15c Landing of Columbus stamps that was part of a famous William Gross collection was sold for $150,000 by Robert A Siegel in October, 2018. If not for that, the U.S. wouldn’t have existed at all. It is rumoured that two of these stamps were lost when a famous stamp collector was murdered in 1942. That’s why there is no universal rule as to the placement of the watermark on the item and each individual variation is eligible for sale. "I figured the best way was not to use an armored truck. In 1886 a young boy found a copy of a Treskilling Yellow in his grandparents attic, to this day it is the only known copy to exist. A rare, unused green and violet 24-cent stamp with an inverted depiction of the signing of the Declaration of Independence shocked auctioneer Philip Weiss when it sold for $1.2 million in 2008.

Today, only two mint samples and 100 used Benjamin Franklin stamps are believed to exist.

Once denominated in one cent, the design now costs $5,000 to $12,000 apiece, with a huge price of $120,000 offered for used first-day cover examples. However the Z-Grill method was impractical and was soon abandoned. This interesting item has a G grill common for the 1869 pictorial issue and is available with double or split grill.

The wealthy collectors who are fortunate enough to own these treasures seldom part with them. The only known example of Treskilling Yellow exists today.

However estimates range from $600,000 to $1.5 million depending upon the condition of the stamp. The stamp features a mass of Chinese people happily touting the "Little Red Book" and features propaganda slogans like "Long live the total victory of the Cultural Revolution without the bourgeoisie," and "All mountains and rivers across the country are a sea of red," according to the South China Morning Post. Like other stamps of the issue, the Declaration of Independence is printed in two colors, green and violet, and can be rightfully called a miniature masterpiece. However, the Red Mercury was short-lived and was soon replaced, which is why so few copies have survived and why they hold such a high value of €37,000. One of the best-known stamps in history as well as being one of the rarest stamps available, this issue saw an upside-down blue inking of the World War 1 era JN-4HM inverted on a single 100-stamp sheet of the print run inside its right-side-up red frame.

Incredibly popular nowadays, the 1869 pictorial series was ignored by the 19th century public and soon withdrawn from production.

Search by photo or text description. See more ideas about Rare stamps, Stamp collecting, Postage stamps. The Penny Black was the first adhesive stamp. Estimate $600 - 800. However, our main interest lies with the three cent B grill stamp in rose printing. Our experts have curated a list of the most expensive, Inverted Dendermonde may have been motivation for a murder in 1942, The Treskilling Yellow - Over €2.1 Million. The British Guiana 1 Cent Magenta, also referred to as the “Black on Magenta”, may very well be the world’s most valuable stamp. An unused example of the 30¢ Shield, Eagle and Flags with flags inverted from the 1869 pictorial series fetched a record price of $310,500 at Siegel auction that took place in April, 2016.

Inverted Jenny is one of the most famous error stamps. Rather crude looking designs were printed in one cent and four cent denominations. The famed Treskilling Yellow is a misprinted three-skillings Swedish stamp produced in 1855. The usual explanation for the occurrence of this mistake is that the printing plate was accidentally inverted, however, this theory cannot be correct because the stamp was produced in a single printing. Minnesota Theilman 1908 doane 2/3 1904-1996 PC. This kind of policy can provide protection beyond fair market value, allowing you to assemble a collection of the most wanted rare stamps in the event of a covered loss.

The stamp has been sold a few times and with each sale its value climbs. It was found by a schoolboy and philatelist named Georg Wilhelm Baeckman who rescued it from his grandmother's rubbish bin in 1885 and sold it onto a dealer for the lowly price of seven Kroner in 1886. Rather than a postage stamp, the Red Mercury was used for mailing newspapers. While pricier to get started, you would have a collection of specimens proven to stand the test of time.

One of the finest specimens of this impressive issue was sold for $900,000 by Robert A Siegel in October, 2008. Stamps have been among the most sought after collectibles since the introduction of the first one, close to mid-century 1800. Dubbed “the First American” for his extensive political campaign in support of colonial unity, Franklin played a key part in shaping the American mentality as the union of practical values and social tolerance.

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