The Glass Staircase is out!

He further explores the area and hears a child crying for help.

relatively soon? Thank you! Wow, at this point he's gotta be kidding, that's not funny anymore... similar situation to stay out of the house :/, There are 2 types of games I usually do, longer and shorter. I intended the game to take a week to develop at most, but it took way longer. Is Nun Massacre control friendly? IT'S ALL CONNECTED, MAN feed me billy was fun, riverside was creepy and spiders, I didn't really enjoy as much as the others. You can take the clowns head on, or sneak past them conserving precious ammo. That patching system is what my limited internet desperately needed. You should try to make as little noise as possible.

Right now I'm working on Stay out of the House and Meat cleaver mutilator remaster. They’re on, they’ve made games like \Spek.Takl\ and Please follow, the shape on the ground, please, and a few others. As a $10 patron, will we get keys to stay out of the house? XD. Ehm, what do you have to do after you insert the disc? But retesting it tonight with that in mind, I could clearly see the problem, with stabs that should connect, totally missing. Claire's 8-year-old brother, Daniel, is missing. Hopefully out this weekend. Butcher can walk through that door that was barricaded with planks. My heart though... this game is too eery omg im getting the chills!!! is it a bug. I managed to fix it just by replacing them but it’s something you should definitely look into. Great this is going to be extremely stressful puppet combo + clown's is not going to end well for me, the new update is REALLY buggy as soon as i started the game 2 clowns came at me from the start while the dialogue was showing and then i saw 2 of the same clown (the fat one with a chainsaw) so its kinda unplayable for me, I see what you mean. I love your games so much, but I'm too much of a chicken to play them myself... so I'm here to support to watch other people play them. Sorry I missed this. Really fun and can't wait for the full version. I downloaded glass stairs and nun massacre just fine from the other website they are linked to. Expect it to be complete relatively soon. Thanks for reporting the gas leak <3. Pressing [ and ] on the main menu at the same time with bring up the cheat menu so you can continue where ever you want, Seriously the best Puppet Combo game so far, absolutely incredible. He usually places traps when he's suspicious that you're in the area. -idk if this is supposed to be a bug or just an unfinished feature, but when I equipped the gun, I couldn't use it. Hope you enjoy! I hope all is well with your kitty. Its funny you know I was talking to a friend of mine pitching to him an idea of creating a game surrounded around being a murderer and he was like who would play that game ? I've totally reworked the character controller so it feels a lot smoother to play. The atmosphere and everything was perfect, I only wish there would been a little bit more to it. night shift was probably the scariest on that list. It looks amazing, take as much time as you need to make another great game! BSBH? They should work on Windows 7 and up, so if worse comes to worse, you could always save them before you go to try on another computer in the future if possible. I'm curious to see what happens in part 3. Major behind the scenes code changes. I was able to climb on the buckets in the supply room and somehow got stuck and wasn't able to move (the ones near the locked red doors). This will be improved in the next update. It doesn't affect this particular game that much, but I still wanted to let you know. I know that Im annoying and obsessed with this game, but still, if you write me to stop, I will stop.

i know this isn't relevant to this game but what button do i click to keep heather's panic/adrenaline down in night ripper? :/ can anyone reccomend a solution please? It'll basically be like Granny where each time you get hit with the hammer, you start a new day in the game. remind's me feed me billy ending :O also a good mechanic for this type of game is the distractions like cans on the floor to alert others or you to throw to make search what is that noise they hearing ;) also in my first play through i found a glitch on outside level when i go in car with first person some times the fog grow bigger and you cant see anything it happen only 1 time for me :). Awesome. As far as the final version goes: long story short, I ran into a lot of problems with the pathfinding and unity navigation mesh. Alright, (I am using xp) I appreciate the speedy response. Didn't go fully around but I like this take. I'l thrilled to announce that Puppet Combo has reached the funding goal! SOOTH 0.7 probably will be happening and soon. I love the really uncomfortable nature of the whole thing, as well as the setting. Silhouette standing a bit after the road block scared the shit out of me. Itch Key:, Google Drive (coming soon):, DOWNLOAD:, Surprise game! I am experiencing a glitch when I go out to check where the smoke is coming from, when I do the screen just goes white for the remainder of the scene until he wakes up and ends the preview. In previous versions, you couldn't hit anything behind a dead spider. 0.5.2 is up now. I spent most of this week polishing, bug fixing and adding more content. New Spiders update (hope these aren't getting annoying). Night Shift has some bugs I'm working on and Stay out of the House is progressing. I loved it sm! Doesn't work on Mac :/ Edit: My mistake. pls watch. I never thought I'd see a Blue Cheer poster in a Puppet Combo game. Playing it on Linux via wine and dxvk everything is compatible with dxvk and wine stable. There were also a few enemies glitched into the walls in the corridors past where you get the grenade that can hit you, they killed me once or twice lol. It will be out tonight. Can you try it with the app? Thanks for your input. I died running up the stairs but didn’t see her, I think I fell? -It seemed like the Killer completely vanished after stalking around for a bit. I guess I'll start morphing it into a Larry the Butcher game (with a possible Valentine's day tie in? This be looking fire! Where is the promised SOTH full game release...?? Is he all alone? I will be combining all 3 parts into one game. For the patrons with the special thanks tier? But if you value the service we provide, and are able to, we—and our users—would be tremendously grateful if you considered making a donation. In the meantime, the older versions are posted in the downloads folder. It was actually something I downloaded from the Unity Asset store and threw in last minute. I think the 3 chances you get is fair enough ^^, Yoo I ran into another bug at the ending, idk if you want me to say it on here or not but it wont allow me to finish the game, The update is live! Ran into two issues. ", Is it just me or does anyone else think that cory is so scared of the noises that sound like the rnpg game noises because he used to play the rnpg games and got so scared? This version adds a lot. I guess it depends on whether I want a more realistic serial killer game, or a crazy grindhouse style extravaganza. He reaches the campsite but nobody is there. Thanks, the map bugged out and I can't close it after getting the call from the camper. How's development of Night Watch or SOOTH going? Take your time and finish the masterpiece, man! I’m about to launch a YouTube channel in a week or so and I want this to be the first game I play lol.

I'm pretty sure that it's not the game causing the problem. I just uploaded version 0.1.2, which works a lot better.

Much better looking video now lol. No there is no google drive link for this one. Check the download folder for Spiders 0.3.3. hey puppet combo any thought on making a nightripper 2? Thankfully, I think I've got it fixed. Thank you for your support! Maybe it's because I am not familiar with the control scheme of your prior games (I only became a Patron a few days ago) but I found it difficult to get out of the bathroom.

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