It is not a "bribe" or a payment for an expected gift.

The priestess carefully pours some of the wine from her goblet into his, being careful that the baggie stays in place.

Ζεύς). ), Thæodosía - (theodosia; Gr.

June 2012

Everyone will return to the kitchen table where there will be a slow, sensual sharing of foods such as chocolate, walnuts, grapes, pomegranates, and goat cheese. Priest: Dionysus, we offer You our pleasure in this ritual along with our gifts and our chants. Many of these shapes are already available as cookie-cutters and others can be constructed oneself (see below for ideas on making your own cookie-cutters): Ækáti (Hekate): Dog, Weasel; Twin-Torches, Ærmís (Hermes): Cattle, Hawk, Sheep, Tortoise; Kirýkeion (Caduceus; Gr.

I, p. 328. Priest takes away each person’s blindfold to see the priestess holding a candle. For instance, an individual might pray, "If my leg is healed, I will sacrifice a lamb." Plural is agálmata; Gr. ), Agneftikós - (hagneutikos; Gr. Altar, Offerings, and Symbols. It must be understood that Gods have enormous understanding of human psychology and, frankly, are rather capable of predicting our actions before we even make them.

But when it comes down to the very foundations of it, it is always an act, an expression. July 2011 West: Water - powers of the West - we thank you. Magical Theory ( Log Out /  MOUNT:  Dionysus rides a chariot drawn by Griffiths. The priest and priestess walk around and blindfold everyone else.

PLANTS:  Grapevines, ivy, walnut trees, fig trees.

Each participant reads one of these invocations from their card in turn. And this sin, which is termed dishonesty, is an evil of the same kind as what is termed disease in living bodies or pestilence in years or seasons of the year, and in cities and governments has another name, which is injustice. Σεμέλη). As a worse case scenario, there are people who believe that you can do evil deeds and that by simply making offerings, we can appease the anger of the Gods.

In the modern Hellenic community, this idea is equated with the word kháris (charis, Gr.

If Christians and Jews do not make offerings to their God, why do we make offerings to Gods?

The sweetest, strongest wine is ever your drink; the mind’s release, the body’s loosening, your gift. The other items (the blindfolds and items for the senses portions of the ritual) are beside or under the altar, covered with another cloth. One person will cleanse the space with salt water before the ritual while the other participants stand silently outside of the ritual area. ), [1] ".... we hear of other human beings who did not even venture to taste the flesh of a cow and had no animal sacrifices, but only cakes and fruits dipped in honey, and similar pure offerings, but no flesh of animals; from these they abstained under the idea that they ought not to eat them, and might not stain the altars of the Gods with blood. Act., purificatory, τὸ ἁ. sin-offering. Your email address will not be published. the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, which in sacrifices were reserved to be eaten by the sacrificers at the beginning of their feast; also as used in divination. Panspærmía - (panspermia; Gr. Ἐγχειρίδιον Επικτήτου] Chapter XXXI: Piety, as translated by George Long in 1888.). Ἄρτεμις) bathing naked in the wood. II. (Plátohn [Plato; Gr.

March 2010, All Grape juice can be drunk instead of the wine. January 2012 A dedicatory or votive offering, called an anáthima (anathema; Gr. Alfar He is also able to heal this affliction too. Priestess: Oh bright and blessed Dionysus, You of many names and aspects, we thank You for entering our Circle. ( Log Out /  θησαυρός, ΘΗΣΑΥΡΟΣ) Thisavrós is an offertory-box. Dionysus is a God of indulgence, hedonism and ecstasy. East: Air - powers of the East - we welcome you. (L&S p. 1299, left column, the entry following πανόσμεος, edited for simplicity.). Before leaving, each person will take an invocation card. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

This gift is the fulfillment of a vow made to this God after a prayer-request has been answered.

legumes, beans). Dionysus was considered Apollo’s opposite representing hot ecstatic energy to Apollo’s cold rationalism.

Therefore, when we make offerings to Gods, the offering actually represents the Ǽrohs flowing back and forth between Gods and man.


By the elements, this food is blessed. Any act dedicated to the gods is a form of devotional art, thus the devotee giving an offering is an artist. 2. votive offering.

It is reciprocal because Ǽrohs flows freely back and forth from man to Gods to man to Gods, etc. South: Fire - powers of the South - we welcome you. πανσπερμία, ΠΑΝΣΠΕΡΜΙΑ) Panspærmía is a traditional offering of a gruel containing all kinds of seeds. That aside, the question is about specifics. Dionysus presided over rites performed in the forests called orgeias, from which the modern word orgy derives. (L&S p. 592, right column, within the entries beginning with ἐξευμενίζω, edited for simplicity. General Symbols: Thyrsus, leopard skin, revelry, madness, tragedy and comedy masks, flute;

Yes, Ællinismόs is a religion of reciprocity, but it is not that we are expecting gifts from the Gods. Agóhnæs (agones; Gr. The commercially available mixes are fine and you can decorate the offerings as you believe would please the God.

Come to our Circle, Dionysus Kissokomes, ivy-crowned one, and hear our chants. Nonetheless, there is plentiful evidence of historical personages who felt that they had aroused the anger of Gods for one reason or another, often for not having fulfilled a promise made in request for some favor. αγώνες) were conducted at all major shrines for deities. Your comment will be posted after it is approved. ), Splángkhnon - (splangchnon; Gr. August 2010

Focus on each sense in turn as an offering to your own body.

(L&S p. 801, left column, edited for simplicity. Ἀπόλλων) Games. σπλάγχνα (σπλάγχανα), inward parts, esp. πανοσπρία, ΠΑΝΟΣΠΡΙΑ) Panospría is (an offering of) all kinds of legumes. He has his dogs. The logo to the left is the principal symbol of this website. ἀφροδισιαστικός.

She then blesses the person to her left while lightly anointing their forehead with the wine. Say, “Dionysus, hear me.” Then mention any titles that are connected to this day.

3. οἱ παῖδες (children) σπλάγχνα λέγονται Artem.1.44. Everyone is asked to bring an offering for Dionysus (suggestions: honey, fruit, pine cones, stones). ), Thyílima - (thuelema; Gr. She mashes the grape between her fingers.

Διόνυσος) of Sæmǽli (Semele; Gr. Anáthima is the Greek word for a votive offering, a dedicatory gift set up, usually in a temple, in gratitude to a God. Πλάτων] Nómi [Laws; Gr.

The absence of an early Olympian Dionysus is today explained by patterns of social exclusion and the cult's marginality, rather than chronology. The song of the birds on the winds; you bless our senses.

This is explained in the mythology of the sacrifice of Zagréfs by the Titánǽs (Titans; Gr. She and the priest step into the ring of participants. December 2011

θυήλημα, ΘΥΗΛΗΜΑ) Lexicon entry: θῠήλημα, ατος, τό, sacrificial offering.

Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser. All callings are written on index cards. 12) End the ritual by saying, “Hestia, goddess of home and hearth, to you I offer last of all as a pious mortal should.

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