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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It is a history of the mining town and the racism of whites towards Mexicans. translated by Gordon began with great raw material: a gripping tale that sounds more like the plot of a TV mini-series than the subject of a university press book. ; |

This episode in Arizona history built upon the groundwork for the economic, political and racial views that founded the state, established it's elite classes, defined both the citizens and the non-citizens by color, religion and status, empowered women, particularly Anglo women, and drove the mining companies in the mountains in the Clifton-Morenci areas to achieve great wealth.

At the center is her examination of the social construction of race; you won—t find a more illuminating or nuanced discussion of the invention of whiteness than Gordon’s. ‧ Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. It wasn't good, and it would take far longer than I am willing to spend to try to explain it.

He was the only one of the family to survive what Francois Maurois, in his introduction, calls the "human holocaust" of the persecution of the Jews, which began with the restrictions, the singularization of the yellow star, the enclosure within the ghetto, and went on to the mass deportations to the ovens of Auschwitz and Buchenwald. I have some very conflicting views about this book.

Elie Wiesel A great book dealing with issues related to Catholicism and race, through the lens of the kidnapping by Anglo families of New York Irish-American orphans placed with Mexican families in Arizona. The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction.

This looks at a single event -- a group of Irish children stolen by white vigilantes from their brand new ethnically Mexican adoptive parents in Clifton and Morenci, Arizona -- in its context. Interesting subject but terribly written. September 2001; The American Journal of Legal History 106(2) DOI: 10.2307/2651678. The children were brought West by Catholic nuns on the little-known orphan trains that transported children of poor families across the country for adoption. I expected a story that was complex bu. Unfortunately, the writing is competent but dull, the story belabored to the point of exhaustion, and I couldn't blame the students for wearying of the book when I found it tedious myself. Ebook - 433 pages - … This was the book that probably drew the most criticism from the grad students in HST 301, given that Gordon offers some conjectures about the thoughts and feelings of some of her subjects, but it's not obvious that she really has the evidence to back that up.

Howard, he writes, “had always been one of the most critical gathering posts for black people.” He calls it The Mecca, and its faculty and his fellow students expanded his horizons, helping him to understand “that the black world was its own thing, more than a photo-negative of the people who believe they are white.” Coates refers repeatedly to whites’ insistence on their exclusive racial identity; he realizes now “that nothing so essentialist as race” divides people, but rather “the actual injury done by people intent on naming us, intent on believing that what they have named matters more than anything we could ever actually do.” After he married, the author’s world widened again in New York, and later in Paris, where he finally felt extricated from white America’s exploitative, consumerist dreams. of Wisconsin-Madison) has long been a student of working-class and poor women, with a special interest in motherhood (Pitied But Not Entitled, 1994, traces the history of single mothers and welfare). Her account of the trial and of the newspaper coverage of the event makes one disbelieve in law and in reporting. Ta-Nehisi Coates.

And this is where it belongs. The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction tells this disturbing and dramatic tale to illuminate the creation of racial boundaries along the Mexican border. You want details about two small early 1900s copper mining towns? Because of who recommended this book, I assumed, without reading anything about the book, that this was another of those books. This is a scholarly read - incredibly thoroughly researched and documented - and it does not ever attempt to read like anything else.

Did any of them grow up to be well-adjusted but non-discriminating adults, or did the example they were given as infants (and presumably through the rest of their lives in Arizona) warp their adult lives, too?

The Catholic families were Mexican, as was the majority of the population.

HISTORY Gordon (History/Univ.

What happened next is the subject of historian Linda Gordon’s compelling new book: For their act of Christian charity, the nuns were rewarded with near-lynching and public vilification of an intensity hard to fathom today. BIOGRAPHY & MEMOIR Ms. Gordon made it evident that the white, mostly-Protestant Americans were not without flaw. There are strains of religion in this book as well since the criteria for the sisters of the order were good catholic homes. It is not a practice that we in our modern age would be part of, and I see a lot of negatives.

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