The convenience of being able to buy survival knives online makes it even easier to decide what blade is best suited to you and your requirements. Then in 1955 Marcel, the son of Maurice, invented the Virobloc system to improve the safety of the knife. 9-cm closed to own several knives from which to choose.

A larger version of the traditional Lamb Foot knife, heavier duty but still with style and grace. $109.95, Sold Out You will receive "customer centered" service, a solid guarantee, discount prices and prompt delivery. Their serrated edges make for perfect saws for gathering kindling or crafting makeshift shelters. Browse our range of Two Blade Knives, Castrator Knives, Pocket Knives, Lockback Knives,Skinning Knives and Knives … We appreciate your patience. We stock a large range of knives including pocket knives, tactical knives, hunting knives, fixed blade knives, fishing knives and folding knives. These combat tools are durable & tough. Notify me when this product is available: Sometimes known as a Skinner or Bunny Knife this Rodgers Pocket Knife features solid nickel silver bolsters, brass linings and brass rivets and is lovingly... Sold Out For The Alpine International Exhibition in 1911, Joseph expanded the range to include kitchen and garden knives. Knife collecting has gained popularity in recent years and, while there are several different types of knives, all of which have the potential to make excellent collectors items, it is pocket knives that have become the knife of choice for many collectors.

Before 1955 the pocket knife included 4 components: the blade, the handle, the shell ring and the rivet. When you want to buy survival knives online, Extac Australia is the place to go. What differentiates a survival knife from others are its added features.

Swiss Army Knives. In fact, we love pocketknives, they’re easily kept in your pocket, they’re readily available to you, but they’re also something to be appreciated. Made in Sheffield, Sold Out Rodgers Barlow Pocket Knife with general purpose Clip Point Blade in high carbon, stainless steel. Stock Knives and Pouches Greg Grant Saddlery has one of the largest On-line supplies of Knives and Knife Pouches for Stockmen, Jackaroos and the Man on the Land. Australia's best known pocketknife brand, synonymous with the settlement of our nation. The knife is finished in... Sold Out Satin finished stainless reverse-curve (pruner-style) blade on a rosewood scales, nickel-silver bolster, brass liners & pins. When you are looking to buy the right blade for you, Extac Australia has the largest range available. So much so it’s included in the “Phaidon Design Classics” which recognised the Opinel pocket knife as 1 of 999 most successful designs. In 1909 the Crowned Hand emblem was added to the blade. Cold Steel High Performance Knives are a trusted brand in all things swords and knives. Schrade Knives in Australia are a competitive leader in the industry. The shellfish and fish filleting knives and mushroom knife are welcomed additions to the forager’s basket or bag. Forge de Laguiole, Claude Dozorme, Chambriard, Laguiole en Aubrac brands famous throughout France. Compact and robust folding lock-back knife.

Welcome to Cutting Edge Knives & Outdoor Accessories. The Wright Spear & Pen is an English-made pocketknife with polished high-carbon steel blades, rosewood handle scales and nickel silver bolsters & pins. Many of our blades come with either plastic, nylon or leather sheaths, adding to their portability, safety and quality. The Opinel kitchen knife has a stainless steel blade riveted to a beechwood handle.

Extac Australia prides itself on being able to bring you the highest quality in survival, tactical and hunting blades.

Important notice - There have been some delays with Australia post due to COVID-19. Satin finished stainless reverse-curve (pruner-style) blade on a rosewood scales, nickel-silver bolster, brass liners & pins. Satin finished stainless hawkbill with 9cm blade, rosewood scales, nickel-silver bolster and brass liners & pins.

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We stock the full range of kitchen knives – chef, santoku, boning, filleting, carving (knife and fork), bread and carpaccio (for thin slices of ham, gravalax and so on). Phillip & Lea stocks one of the largest ranges of Opinel knives in Australia, including kitchen, pocket and outdoor knives and saws.

Large thick blades and a stocky tang gives you the greatest control over your tool. English-made pocketknives with polished high-carbon steel blades, stag handle scales and nickel silver bolsters & pins.

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