Tanaka calls Ohgi Minami a "team full of punks", which Sugawara notes is quite ironic coming from, A minor example. He’d never really had any friends before, just the guys at Kitagawa Daiichi, and they weren’t friends even in the loosest sense of the word.

The trio arrive at the lab and question its founder, Kenji Mitsuura about what happened.

Ritsu told the others to go on without him. Chapter 365 is "Endings and Beginnings Part 2", referencing Chapter 1. Reigen uses this façade to help the Awakening subjects escape and attempt to convince the lackeys the error of their ways. He fell back into his bed, not noticing how the sheets were already covered in a cold sweat or how his hair was matted to the back of his neck. Maybe his mental processing bits weren’t working properly. During the rest of the night's events, all Ritsu did was make observations and take a kidney punch from Muraki. Mob contemplates what would happen if he ever decided to curse someone, and if anyone would stop him, but falls asleep as he thinks.

Takeda reads out the definition for the positions, and Kageyama tells Hinata that he is the ultimate decoy, hence the position he has been assigned to. Your coach told me he insisted something was wrong and refused to practice until they let him go looking for you. He couldn’t.

He hid his emotions to suppress his psychic abilities. Reigen tells Shigeo that he is sure that his parents and Ritsu are okay. He was lying in front of a large rock, as if hitting it had stopped the momentum of his tumble.

As per volleyball rules, the libero uniforms are purposely different from the other members, often by reversing the colours (for example Nishinoya's uniform is orange with black details, while the rest of Karasuno's uniforms are black with orange details). Emi gets an idea for a story by thinking about Mob, a middle school student with psychic powers. Reigen eventually arrives and is able to free the three young espers.

Kageyama stresses the importance of Hinata's position, and this, in turn, stresses Hinata out.

The words felt like stones in Kageyama’s stomach. Several college students hire Reigen and Mob to protect them from an evil spirit, while they take a "spirit photo" at a haunted area. He knew that no matter how much he poked fun at Kageyama, all of his compliments were genuine. Bokuto in particular greatly resembles the animal thanks to his spiky hairstyle. “I mean it, Kageyama. Interestingly enough, Ushijima is shown symbolically with an eagle instead. Unlike Mob, he finds it okay to use psychic violence against people when necessary. That wasn’t like him. “Not that I’m aware of,” he replied. Mob has a falling out with Reigen and they go their separate ways. i will post more one shots in the future! In his mind, Hinata pushed off from the ground and walked back up the hill, then picked up his bike and sped off to the school. “I’m sorry!” He squeaked. It's a stunningly effective demoralizer.

This is what motivates Saeko to gather her taiko team and act as Karasuno's cheer support at Nationals, so that the team doesn't have to deal with an overwhelming rival cheer squad again. “What are we going to do? Okay, I’ll ask,” Daichi pressed the phone to his chest and turned to Kageyama. The spike successfully hits Yamaguchi, who fails to receive it, giving Kageyama and Hinata’s team the point. Reigen explained these massages are only effective because of his spiritual powers. Hinata leaned forward a bit until their lips were just barely a centimeter apart before he whispered, “Pork buns.” He grinned widely as Kageyama pulled back and glared at him. “It’s not a joke! He carried you home and cleaned you up,” his mother explained.

Well, thank you,” he said quietly. He usually brushed them off with a one word reply or he just flat-out ignored them, but Hinata never stopped sending them. They found Shigeo, an esper who doesn't have a club or committee, and tried to recruit him. Shigeo clenches his teeth, and his bones start cracking with rage and psychic force, but Dimple says that he is certain that these bodies are dummies. The camera twice switches to the receiver's point of view when they're about to receive a nasty serve or spike. However, after that Emi tells him that she was impressed by his bravery.

“So Hinata is somewhere out there, up in the mountains, in the freezing cold, all alone and

He knew that if his mom found out, he’d have to stay home, and staying home meant missing practice. Kageyama checked his phone for the hundredth time, but there was still no response. Once he incapacitates Ishiguro, Reigen chastises the Scars for their delusions of grandeur, saying that even with psychic powers they are still human.

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