[120]:269, Even if Tom wasn't armed with a revolver, Virgil Earp testified Tom attempted to grab a rifle from the scabbard on the horse in front of him before he was killed. [135]:206, The town of Tombstone has capitalized on interest in the gunfight. Fayetteville man finds 4.49-carat diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park, Watch Live: Volunteers count absentee ballots in Pulaski County. Virgil and Wyatt thought Tom was armed. They were in town to sell a large number of beef stock, most of them owned by the McLaurys.

[3] Ike Clanton subsequently filed murder charges against the Earps and Holliday. He wouldn't tell who his confederates were until the posse lied and told him that Doc Holliday's girlfriend had been shot. Mexico’s native cowboys were called vaqueros, which comes from the Spanish word vaca (cow). Dr. George Goodfellow testified about Billy Clanton's wounds at the Spicer hearing.

The Mexican government assessed heavy export taxes on these items, and smugglers earned a handsome profit by stealing them in Mexico and selling them across the border.[6][7]. [77] Holliday was arrested and pleaded guilty to assault and battery.

Corral", a 43 by 60 inches (110 by 150 cm) oil painting regarded by some as the most accurate depiction of the gunfight for many years. These works include: David Williams and Paul McIlroy introduced a mathematical model for the O.K.

"[87], Jeff Morey, who served as the historical consultant on the film Tombstone, compared testimony by partisan and neutral witnesses and came to the conclusion that the Earps described the situation accurately. City Marshal Virgil Earp arrived a few minutes later and threatened to arrest both Holliday and Clanton if they did not stop arguing.

[82] Holliday followed him, exclaiming, "That son of a bitch has shot me and I am going to kill him." One rancher summed it up pretty well when he pointed out that an unarmed man would not be challenged to a gunfight.

[47], Wyatt testified he saw "Frank McLaury, Tom McLaury, and Billy Clanton standing in a row against the east side of the building on the opposite side of the vacant space west of Fly's photograph gallery. Angrily, Frank said he would not drink, and he and Billy left the saloon immediately to seek Tom. Will McLaury came to Tombstone after the gun fight and joined the prosecution team in an attempt to convict the Earps and Holliday for his brothers' murder. He testified that Tom's right-hand pants pocket was flat when he went in but protruded, as if it contained a pistol (so he thought), when he emerged. They confirmed that the front-to-back wrist wound suffered by Billy Clanton could only have occurred if his arm was raised in the manner of one holding a pistol, and that the black powder may have obscured the shooters' view of each other. Wyatt Earp and Cochise County sheriff Johnny Behan were interested in the same sheriff's position and also may have shared an interest in the same woman, Josephine Marcus, known as Sadie. I have a question – what happens if cowboys lose all cattle and if the cowboys get lost? Wyatt saw the shooting and pistol-whipped Brocius, knocking him unconscious, and arrested him. On March 18, 1882, a Cowboy fired from a dark alley through the glass door of Campbell & Hatch's saloon and billiard parlor, killing Morgan Earp. Paul finally became sheriff in April 1881, but it was too late to reappoint Wyatt Earp as deputy sheriff because on February 1, 1881, the eastern portion of Pima County containing Tombstone had been split off into the new Cochise County, which would need its own sheriff, based in the county's largest city, Tombstone. Corral gunfight, so the need for weapons outside of town was well established and accepted. He asked Doc Holliday to come back to Tombstone from a fiesta celebration in Tucson where Holliday had been gambling.

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