"For those who really just want to run through 5 Adventures cheaply and quickly, enter 1-5 Normal, tap on map and teleport to the exit to complete the stage. Auto battle 5 quests from Side Event or Main Map. ReddIt. First pass at all of the labs will grant your initial team gear for the next month of game-play. Labyrinth: Look for little regions that stick out, go there for gold chests. Spin for Angelica, take whatever else. Ignore other advice about leaving when moral is low, just keep farming a map until you die to something, take the free respawn, and teleport to an exit that you've found. Spin for and stop at the first 5* hero you see. The goal is to get gold, exp, and catalysts for unit advancement. Look up guides on what to do (they're a novel of mechanics that someone else has covered better than me already). Discord, of course, is an excellent source for coupon codes. At 40% hp the boss starts to really pump out damage. Use extra energy fighting easy enemies, refresh list for free every chance you get. The eventual goal is to finish all 5 bosses of the raid in 3 runs. You can talk to your guild by using guild chat located in the top right, where chat channels are. The left boss, the minions heal the boss and the boss steals a turn at 50% hp. Material Required. Got junk 3* heroes? It might be useful later.

Oct 29. You can refresh if you want to, people math'ed it out to be comparable to just buying bookmarks, but instead of free penguins, you pay for bookmarks and have the chance of seeing good gear. The rest of the mechanics are about the same as normal. Stat Increase. But future runs are only Exp and human time efficient, they are terrible for Catalyst drops, gear, etc. Lorina is a good choice here.

I did not google hard enough when I first started apparently lol! The power level boost from having strong artifacts is great, but be reminded that transmit stones are quasi limited. Use your resources wisely! These are great, the power level of Aurius and Wonderous Potion Vial are through the roof great. Going after these (and 6*ing your key heroes) should be your top priority. Contents hide. Your core 4 will change a lot during initial progression. Prioritize +12, +15 on the top right side gear you have ASAP, it's a huge boost in power. If you're farming with the expectation that you'll get them, you are setting yourself up for failure. Stop after a few and try again later (spread out the "fun" of gambling, so that you're less tempted to gamble more). this is great...I do love Mercedes though but I swap her because I got Vildred already and pulled Cermia as a single target damage dealer. Thank you!

Goal is to find them and push towards exit asap.

Looking for the best characters to play on PvP or PvE? Your email address will not be published. You could just summon and sell everything. I did not know about the stam saving skipping 1-5. Your next best bet is Reddit or YouTube. Got a 4* off a few spins? Buy lief lab entry's aggressively, people say the 240 stamina is worth more than a lab entry, and eventually this is true, but you're paying to power level yourself by getting more runs of a time gated event which holds the best gear you'll get for the first month of play. "Easiest access is probably Lab 1-3 in the middle (enter, TP to the eastern gateway, go like 2 tiles right/up and you're there.)" If possible clear a map that contains both an epic drop chance and the catalysts you are looking for. 4* Black dogs and 4*Yellow Dogs eats other 4*Yellow and 4*White dogs. Collect dispatch rewards as well as queuing them back up again. 121 guaranteed pity summon! Here are the known coupon codes for Epic Seven, or E7: If you pre-registered and are waiting for your pre-registration codes, then email the customer support. Spin and stop at the first 5* hero with 4* anything. Also, content creators tend to give out promo codes, including via YouTube or Twitch. There is an argument that mid and high tier runes might not be optimal, but they are certainly easier for most players than Altar rank 10. I think this is a great game and I've been lurking and participating in the daily question thread for a bit. Epic Life Rune x6 Special Alarm Loop x15 Bonus. Kal'adra. Join any guild ASAP!

Just the last few ranks make a huge difference, most of the power is in the last ranks. 121 guaranteed pity summon! As opposed to non epics which have a chance to drop from the 5-11 other enemies on the map.). 121 guaranteed pity summon! Not necessarily true. Beating Hunt 11 on auto battle is currently the same as "beating the game.". Position. Just the last few ranks make a huge difference, most of the power is in the last ranks. Cookies help us deliver our Services. It can be safe to say that speed is the best stat for every unit.

Buy lesser Artifact and Greater Artifact charms for the first month or two. Thank you! If you can afford it, buy all charms and bookmarks without hesitation. Then you will be pumping out penguins again but this time to sell them all for money. Collect the 80 daily stamina from GM and burn through that too.

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