mytroy13 (1 review written), by Out of our family he is probably w/ me the most & I consider him my dog. I have had mine for 10 years now and I would not swap him for anything, but new puppies contest your patience! If you were looking for a clear, concise & correct review before purchasing a Doberman then this is the review you would want to read. At first I made her sleep downstairs but she cried so we let her sleep by our bed! by It's really just a matter of preference when deciding which to own. Amazing!

" Need a firm hand or will rule the show, need loads of exercise.

I've always been around Dobes, & like ShadowRat, currently own a 2 year old un-nuetered male. Have a question though the last couple of months he seems to have problems… When he's with us, he will not leave our sides. by They are extremely intelligent and demand alot of social play. During the first year of his life, he was treated at the dermatologist for mange - all from poor, poor breeding. Read Full Review, I writing this In memory of a Doberman that I grew up with. I have three Dobermans a male and two females. } They love nothing more than playing games with their owners and family. devil's claw is also supposed to be good for mobility. Pls contact if I can help. If other children chased after my boys our dog would get uneasy - perhaps because they felt their family member was in danger. MLeste (1 review written), My beautiful and regal Cezar died today of sudden heart failure. Considering he nearly died when he was 10 from a very serious nose infection where the specialist vet had to perform 4 life-saving operations including blood transfusions etc. I never left other children unsupervised around my dogs when my children were present. Read Full Review, Written on: 01/12/2008 They are very demanding and will whinge you to death if you ignore them or don't walk them often enough. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! But, like w/ no other breed I've been around, Dobes have a 6th sense & have the ability to tell when someone or something is fishy or just isn't right. They're savages. He was my best friend, and I never… She finally stopped chewing on me, but that took a little training. Our first dobie lived until 13. I have never owned a dog before so I lept right in at the deep end.

@media only screen and (max-width: 480px){ I can't think of any bad points because I believe they are the best breed of dog ever. text-align:center; } I pray no other family has to endure this tragedy. i cannot suffer anymore heartbreak as zak was my third dobermann. Docked & Cropped Doberman Puppies legally imported - with over 40 years experience of both breeding and importing Dobermans to call on, we have an unrivalled ability to supply you with the very best imported  puppies from top class breeders in Europe and UK bred puppies from European lines.

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