The White Pekin breed of duck is the type of duck used in making the AFLAC commercials. I have 19 left as of now.

These adorable ducklings turn into quite beautiful waterfowl. They produce 3-5 eggs a day and are extremely friendly.

The 4 that did make it are doing great and are laying eggs every day. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. If farm requires age specific ducks or ducklings, then we will be able to raise the birds in our fully equipped farm and can supply in age of one day to few weeks old. We ordered nine of these ducks and Cackle sent us ten in our shipment of 23 birds, likely to cover just in case there was a mortality.

Great breed. All five girls are laying eggs daily. I ordered 20 Pekin ducks, received 20, finished 20!

My wife and kids love them. White Pekin Duck – Sold as Baby Ducklings Only. At Chickens for Backyards, we have a huge selection of baby ducks for sale. Improvement

They are entertaining and very active with a good hatching ability.

Mary New York July 2011 One thing we are surprised about is their size. We have our trade office at Hosur, western part of Tamil Nadu.

The White Pekin breed of duck is the type of duck used in making the AFLAC commercials.

It is now November and we have been so impressed by how many eggs these girls have been laying; we have 8 Pekin ducks total and we have usually been getting around 6 eggs a day! CALL DUCKS. For eggs and meat, duck farming stands just second to the chicken farming industry.

Ordered 30 and received 31 lively with the sexes 100% correct! There were no health issues at all with any of the ducklings we received with the exception of that one duckling who didn’t make it. Usually meat productive male ducks weight about 5 kg and female weight about 4 kg. Commercial ducks for sale.

People all over the world like duck egg and meat from the ancient time.

Yes, they are cute, and funny…and messy…REALLY MESSY. Our duck breeds range from Mallard and Rouen ducklings to Black Runners, Magpie, Khaki Campbell ducklings, and many other types. The only mortality we have had with these was human error.

The White Pekin duck has a fast growth rate making it an excellent choice for meat. I now have 10 ducks, which is ok because I’m not going to order just 1 duck to make up for the loss.

First time with ducks…a real learning experience. From baby chicks to gosling to ducklings, we have a wide assortment of chickens, waterfowl and more to choose. Sexing is available for all ducklings, The Duckling Breed Identification and Sexing Guide is a great resource if you ordered ducklings and need to know which ones are male or female.

Rouen Ducks Sold Out.

Their eggs are delicious. Our specialists can guide farm owners to select the right breed variety according to the farm and location.

All survived and we processed five after 2.5 months as we felt we were a little overrun.

So after reading great reviews on Cackle hatchery, we decided to go with Cackle. The White Pekin duck has a … Karen, Brienne, Nancy, Susan, Paulette and CJ agree .

All Rights Reserved. Participant What a treat! They’re alive and well.

Marketing duck products (egg and meat) is very easy.

White and grayish Indian runners are good layers. We ordered 3 Pekin Ducks and 3 Rouen Ducks on Wednesday. Many of our adult ducks have not been pinioned, therefore they will need a safe and secure enclosure. beautiful, graceful, funny, playful. We ordered 5 Pekins and received 5, but one was not “right.” Within the same order, we also ordered 10 other ducklings (5 Rouen, 5 Cayuga) and got an extra Cayuga. We will be ordering from you again! Some days as many as 8 a day! Ducks for sale for Duck farming as Baby Ducks or Ducklings.

We live in the mountains, so they have had different set up for their outside yard area.

They are laying eggs. Great quality chicks and very happy with my order!

– November 16, 2015.

For Sale. We offer a wide selection of day old ducks and adult duck pairs, safely shipped anywhere in the United States with our safe arrival guarantee!Browse a wide selection of Ducks for Sale to include: Pekin Ducks, Mallard Ducks, Rouen Ducks, Cayuga Ducks, Indian Runner Ducks, and Khaki Campbell Ducks.We also offer the option to select your duck gender when ordering your ducklings. Very skittish around us. Hatchery Choice Ducks 100+ left for Nov 16. Buff Ducks 100+ left for Nov 16.

Commercial ducks for sale.

Testimonials. Sign up to receive important information on new breeds and availability. I am very happy with our order and we will for sure be buying from here again! We have several other breeds of ducks and numerous chickens. More.

If not, we find that call duck eggs are actually fairly easy to hatch artificially. We have everything from Black Swedish Ducks and Blue Swedish Ducks to Cayuga Ducks and even a 10 duck special!

Duck’s Eggs and Meat Market.

White Pekin baby ducklings are one of the cutest and most popular ducks for pets and were featured in the television series “Friends” and several of the Disney kid shows. Thank you, Cackle! Call Us Toll Free! They will roost with your chickens but will make the coop 10x dirtier 10x faster!

. Thank you. More…, Country Chicken for sale – Naatuk Kozhi, Free Range chicken, Backyard Chicken, Sheep for sale – Sheep farming as business. There are three types of Indian runner ducks available. Each of our colors are pure as we separate into individual flight proof, call ducks enclosures. Great meat birds, we slaughtered ours at 20 weeks old.

Browse through available ducks for sale by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues.

Our current colors include Blue Fawn, Grey, White, Pastel, Buff, Snowy and Black Bibbed.

We take the utmost care of our baby ducks and ensure they will safely arrive at your home. They come in a variety of beautiful colors and are the smallest breed of domestic ducks.

I love my ducks. June to November they are now full size and ready for butchering.

Most are offered as sexed juvenile pairs, however please read the description carefully to be sure that is offered with your choice of breed.

We ordered 3 pekin ducks and received 4, a welcomed surprise. Duck eggs are usually larger in size than chicken eggs.

All of our birds arrived in fantastic condition, lovingly packaged with a grass mat to keep them comfortable on their long journey. Fast growing birds, fatty and delicious. Thanks, National Babies arrive nice and snug in their box… good instructions for newbies.

Admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1874. Thanks again for making this a great experience! we couldn’t our get ducks from tractor supply this year so this was my first mail order. I would recommend Cackle’s ducks to anyone looking to add some to their backyard flock. Duckling Breed Identification and Sexing Guide. We have everything from Black Swedish Ducks and Blue Swedish Ducks to Cayuga Ducks and even a 10 duck special! Please contact us at 800-880-7694 for help.

and wonderful egg layers. . This is NOT your box in the living room endeavor! Customers near and far shop with Chickens for Backyards for the finest selection and the most affordable prices. Wind brakes are the most important changes. Glad we made this purchase, Love my girls!

Grower Ducks for sale. we live in northern Maine close to 2000 miles away and the ducklings arrived in great shape. We’ve created a simple and seamless process to buy baby ducklings online and have them shipped directly to you.

We take the utmost care of our baby ducks and ensure they will safely arrive at your home. We didn’t mix the hens we got. Our Pekins are thriving and will grow up to be our beloved backyard pets. Admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1874. They will require a constant water source where they can preferably swim and submerge. If farm requires age specific ducks or ducklings, then we will be able to raise the birds in our fully equipped farm and can supply in age of one day to few weeks old. We can help you to choose a breed that best suits your needs, from hefty meat birds like the Pekin or the Rouen, to sweet pet varieties like the Crested and the Blue Swedish, or Top Layers, such as the Golden Layer or Khaki Cambell.

All healthy and no loses. Poultry I would buy them again for sure.

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