This is useful for short periods of time with new game and content launches. An Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is a supported and maintained image provided by AWS for use on Amazon EC2. With CloudWatch, you can create at-a-glance dashboards and configure operational alarms to help identify issues before they impact your players. Amazon GameLift FleetIQ is available in London, Ireland, Seoul, Mumbai, Oregon, Northern California, Northern Virginia, Ohio, Canada, Sao Paulo, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney and Beijing (made available by Sinnet). Learn more about FlexMatch in our Developer Guide.

servers. new On-Demand only mode Opt out of using Spot Instances. Learn more about the

Next, we chose a comparable configuration with Amazon GameLift: a c4.large instance meets the 2 CPU cores with 3 GB of memory requirement. Amazon GameLift introduces no additional latency during gameplay. Learn more about engine integration in the Amazon GameLift Developer Guide. servers in GameLift offers both on-demand and Spot instance types. For outbound data transfer rates to other AWS services and regions, visit the Data Transfer Rates. that require

You can modify your fleet’s port settings and protocols using either the AWS command line interface (CLI) or through the Amazon GameLift console.

GameLift Please refer to the AWS Global Infrastructure Region Table for the current information on product and service availability by region. Save up to 70% compared to existing on-premises deployments. However, GameLift has additional safeguards that make game session interruptions extremely rare, and fleets with Spot instances are a good choice for most games. GameLift supports all major game engines, including Amazon Lumberyard, Unreal Engine, Unity, and custom C# and C++ game engines. To learn more about how GameLift FleetIQ works with Amazon EC2 and Auto Scaling for

Use GameLift management features, including auto-scaling, multi-region Instance types offer different combinations of computing power, low chance of interruption. An alias enables you to direct traffic to fleets without having to change the client end-point descriptor. These attributes are typical of games in genres such as card games, mobile match 3, realtime strategy, role playing, or turn-based strategy games. Amazon GameLift Local is intended to be used only for testing and debugging purposes and is not intended to be deployed into any production environment, on customer’s devices, or into cloud infrastructure.

 While it’s hard to know what daily demand will look like for all games, we estimated that the hourly average runs at 50% of peak capacity.

To learn more about how GameLift hosting with Realtime Servers works, see How Realtime Servers Work.

Incrementally migrate live games, burst in-game events, or deploy containerized games onto AWS with dedicated, low-cost game servers.

This solution is designed for game developers …

Amazon GameLift offers a fully managed service for deploying, operating, and scaling for each instance type in the Region. Auto Scaling and take advantage of GameLift optimizations to deliver inexpensive, C4.large, C4.xlarge, etc.)

Reduce costs by up to 90% with Spot Instances. Amazon GameLift provides a search capability that helps you filter and sort game sessions by characteristics meaningful to your players.

Seamlessly provide the capacity you need to meet changes in player demand with Amazon GameLift Target Tracking.

This is useful for debugging, inspecting player activity in real time, or connecting performance monitoring or benchmarking tools.

GameLift then just adds bunch of more games-related features on top of that to make things easier in case you don't want to handle all the details yourself. China. Amazon GameLift supports games built for major game platforms including Android, FireOS, iOS, Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Depending on how you’re managing game server capacity, creating new game sessions may trigger additional server instances, for which you’ll be charged standard Amazon GameLift instance prices. game Please note that your GameLift Realtime Servers are run within the context of game sessions.

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