Normally identity politics critiques of the media would focus their firepower on "white male" broadcasters such as Paul Henry or Mike Hosking, who are seen as rightwing or conservative. Select 100 images or less to download. “Can I say two things?” she says, not waiting for an answer. Interesting you think Country Road is hipster, I would have described it as Australian Conservative. Most of these Labour/Greens politicians are good advertisements for term limits. Identity politics is likely to continue to become more and more central to New Zealand politics and debate.

Its one thing to point to papers its another if the paper means the inverse of what you maintain. Of course, identity politics is increasingly being utilised by the right as well as the left. It is ironic someone calling himself Adam Smith thinks I should define Neolib. Such identity politics arguments are increasingly important in New Zealand politics and debate and, unsurprisingly, they always create a storm of debate. Interview With Guyon Espiner of TV New Zealand. She’s never lifted a haybale, worked in retail, been a professional, done anything other then wank (figuratively speaking) political theory inside the labour party un-reality bubble – it’s a shame because I agree she probably is a nice person and is intelligent. Oh God (covers eyes while laughing). Ardern is not stupid, but like her mentor Clark, has never had a real job, working alongside the ‘working class’ she professes to support. One of the hosts, Guyon Espiner, 47, is a white man who had “very, very limited” knowledge of Maori people, language or culture until he married a Maori woman. I hate hipsters and hipster fashion. L-R: Duncan Garner, John Campbell, Rachel Smalley, Mike Hosking and Guyon Espiner. reading the third quoted paragraph its like something Brian Edwards wrote regarding Dear Leader, i.e drivel. I was one of those he interviewed for it: Presumably Ardern will do that, too, if she wants to go all the way to the top. You will find those views in both labour and national. Waitangi Day – I always like the bit where mud gets chucked in his face.

Clark staffers would be Leader, Deputy and Chief Whip! Guyon Espiner has done a profile on Jacinda Ardern for The Listener.

Hamneggs O’Connors daughter is not running for office.

Jesus Christ, I’m glad the majority of voters are normal people and not politics enthusiasts…. One wicked witch was one too many. Watch that space!

You Neolibs are not very good a picking word plays.

She was always pretty keen to appear at these occasions if she thought there was a buck in it. But because Smalley's message was targeted at one of the more progressive "white male" broadcasters, this produced something of a dilemma for many on the liberal left who might normally be receptive to a critique of male pakeha power. You are a disgusting human being Hamnida you won’t get any argument from me. Farrar says if Ardern doesn’t get pushed too far too fast, she could be deputy prime minister or even prime minister one day. It's important that women are fronting broadcast programmes, according to Deborah Russell who dismisses those who point to women being powerful behind the scenes of radio and television: "when you have white men as the front person for so many shows, it helps to create a mindset about who is worthy of presenting the news, who is entitled to comment on it, whose opinions matter, who are the serious people that we ought to listen to and trust" - see: A couple of points about Rachel Smalley and diversity in prime time news. The Saudi sheep scandal, Editorial: World-class Auckland: much at stake, Brian Rudman: NZ should take a leaf out of liberal cannabis law, 'Not pretty but definitely vibrant' – US Ambassador to NZ on election, Manurewa body found: Man arrested, charged with arson in relation to police investigation, Author's offensive moko kaue comments: The backlash, $6 million in assets seized, seven people arrested, Killed cyclist's family speak of 'huge loss', Exit polls show vote came down to pandemic versus economy, Local markets volatile as US election goes to the wire. Micky mouse ideals. I’m pretty sure he didn’t attend the last two combat deaths either, he just met with the families in private so the events were not politicized, but Shearer and all the rest of the labour fuck wits will tag along and encroach on the families grief, but they won’;t care, its a photo in the paper.

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