The right ear has the crease starting to fold on the back of the ear, cause the ear to "fly out" away from the head. Based off of that picture, I would pretty confidently say that's not a rott... Fair enough. Some breeds known for having pointy, erect ears, do not derive the appearance naturally. © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Lifestyle. I don’t believe you bring up anything scientific to say it is ok to do. This small, sturdy herding breed is described by the American Kennel Club as possessing ears that stand erect and are pointed at the tip. James' commitment and dedication has not changed one bit. She is exactly what we have been looking for. Thank you so very happy with our new addition to our family. Both the American Veterinary Association (AVMA) and the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association oppose surgical alterations that are not for the benefit of the dog and merely for cosmetic purposes. Again, I would say look at nature. There are those who insist that ear cropping is a part of the breed’s identity. Our first phone call was very eye opening for us as James took the time to educated us on the different health testing we should be looking for when buying a puppy. Peroxide may be substituted if preferred. Secondly, they state that when the ears are erect they’re able to locate the source of sound more accurately than a dog with a dropped ear. This place is top notch, clean, attentive and very knowledgeable which is very important when being how a puppy. I Personally took the before and after pictures. She is one of the sweetest, most gentle, and intelligent pup we have ever met and we love her dearly! Why put a dog through that. I got my puppy there is from this first litter and he has the biggest stud you ever see a hundred 35 lb and a beautiful dog. Their ears also help them to maintain balance. He goes out of his way to make us feel like we matter! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Rather, go after those who just think having an untrained pet is a ok. I agree. These dogs are truly incredible.Pictures are Yeager at 6 months and 8 weeks. Thank you both for such a wonderful addition to our family and for making our son's 10th birthday one to remember! I certainly hope this is not the case. This lead to us opening our home and our hearts to her. The surgery must be done by a veterinarian who is experienced in cropping Doberman’s ears. A Doberman Pinscher’s ears are not naturally pointed and erect, but rather wide and floppy. The dogs he breeds are all beautiful. Ear cropping surgery is done under anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes. All of email (238 to be exact) have all been answered by replying or a phone call. While we were unable to travel to personally pick out our puppy we must have called James 10 times and spend countless hours on the phone with him. home. James was super helpful he explained everything to us and helped us on everything we needed, he actually awesome with customer service. If any kind of rash, irritation, or discoloration occurs, remove the glue immediately and consult your veterinarian. I have to say she has suffered chronic ear problems pain and suffering constantly‍♀️ Now I’m wondering if I made the right decision? My beautiful forever friend was worth every dollar. I got my dog Yeager from the (born) March 2020 Y litter and he is 6 months old today. He checks in on our pup and provides support and recommendations! However, their ear shape makes Chihuahuas more at risk for attracting foreign bodies. My second was a rescue from the shelter and about 1.5 years old. Love our. This erect shape helps Chihuahuas get rid of excessive body heat and aids them in identifying predators. I have always had my Doberman’s ears cropped, and I am talking 2 that I have had. Boxers, Great Danes and Boston terriers are all breeds who regularly have their ears cropped by their owners. She was wonderful with children, too! This breed is not overly susceptible to ear infections or hearing loss. Amazing people, great dog breeders my wife and I got our baby from this kennel if u looking for a top quality rottweiler puppy this is the right kennel, I'll definitely will be back to purchase another puppy from them. Some people get the dogs cropped and or clipped when they are young so as the dog grows up the straight-up erect ears look natural even though they aren't. I believe cropping a dobermans ears is unnecessary and cruel. My Klevra! The Rottweiler puppy to the below was a actual dog I taped. Not very different with our pets it would seem.

So you may be surprised to learn that a Dobbie’s ears in their natural state are neither erect nor pointed. Chihuahuas generally don't develop severe ear infections thanks to the design of their ears. The ears of a dog are often described as a canine's greatest tool. Thanks to him we got our sweet baby. James loves his dogs, and it shows in how well-cared for they are. Some animal activists argue that the cropping a dog's ears is akin to animal cruelty, while other dog lovers say a cropped ear prevents certain canal infections. Nope I've never seen or heard of cropping Rottie ears before... Never seen it.

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