It’s this approach to politics that makes the chemistry of the show, and Ball’s unlikely friendship with her cohost, possible. But in analyzing the causes and consequences of a country “with a few prosperous super cities and a vast wasteland of hollowed out towns,” it is Ball who shines brightest. Enjeti is currently dating his girlfriend and possible future. Help Us Stick Around for Many More. He advocated “traditional” gender roles and was openly contemptuous of divorce.

Just think, in four short years the Left has managed to build an audience of millions reading magazines like this one, listening to podcasts like Chapo Trap House, and now watching morning talk shows like Rising. But only one of its authors has the solutions it will take to remake our unequal society. He previously served as White House correspondent for The Daily Caller, and reported from the Pentagon as foreign affairs correspondent. When it comes to his positive program, although somewhat vague, Enjeti is consistently in favor of Big Government intervention in economic affairs and reforms of the political system meant to benefit the worker — not the “citizen,” nor “the nation,” nor in the name or glory of God. Amid the House impeachment inquiry, when many in the Democratic tent lamented the lack of grassroots enthusiasm for the trial, Ball sums up the situation nicely: It’s not because voters are too dumb, or not paying attention, or too racist, or haven’t watched enough Rachael Maddow. Enejti was a talented student from a young age. It seems more likely that Saagar Enjeti is a conservative because he’s paid to be one on TV. 27: Jane Coaston, Covering the Right's Realignment, The Realignment Ep. AllSides gives a Center rating when a source does not predictably show perspectives favoring either end of the political spectrum — conservative or liberal. Truth is, I’m not sure what to make of Enjeti’s conservatism. Krystal and Saagar have clearly heeded the call. In fact, she would be the perfect spokesperson for today’s energetic democratic-socialist movement — dynamic, telegenic, and charismatic — yet she seems reluctant to embrace the label. Ball and Enjeti are united in their shared disdain for the professionals, managers, and the political leaders responsible for the “multi-decade long bipartisan failures, systemic breakdowns, and utter betrayal of the working class.” They slug away at McKinsey & Company’s Mayor Pete and even white-collar warrior Elizabeth Warren. Instead, he pleads with progressives to abandon their “woke identitarian” weakness which “spells electoral doom for any progressive candidate in the United States, especially in the swing states that were lost to Donald Trump.”. Saagar certainly takes some inspiration from the late historian (he has sometimes referred to our contemporary moment as one of “malaise” on the show), but interestingly, Enjeti almost never talks about the role of the family, nor does he seem to yearn for an idealized gendered division of labor.

A Democratic Party loyalist might cringe at some of her jabs: Why does she hate Pelosi so much? So far, so good. Conversely, the things making conservatism traditionalist are fundamentally anti-populist: bans on vices, state-sponsored religion, the preservation of elite hierarchies, and the reassertion of arcane customs.

Instead, the system is designed to incentivize promotion, coverage, and advancement of those that truly believe in policies that disproportionately benefit moneyed interests.” On identity politics, like Adolph Reed Jr: “Multinational corporations realized sometime in the mid-2010s that if they began to parrot and sponsor social justice seminars, that these critical race theorists would in turn not criticize them for shipping US jobs overseas and perpetuating the class divide within our society.”, Saagar does feel compelled to defend his political leanings against a skeptical viewership (“One of the funnier comments I get from people who watch Rising is, ‘are you actually conservative?’”).

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