[20], The most usual setting for the story of Semele is the palace that occupied the acropolis of Thebes, called the Cadmeia. Zeus tried to reveal the smallest possible amount of his power to Semele, but even that was too much. According to some linguists the name "Semele" is Thraco-Phrygian,[4] derived from a PIE root meaning "earth".

According to their stories, Zeus had seduced Persephone in the form of a snake and she had given birth to a son. Dionysus was raised at first by Semele's sister and brother-in-law, Ino and Athamus, and then was later taken by Hermes to the nymphs of Nysa, the loveliest of earth's valleys that no man can find or has ever seen. Mortal Realm He also appears to think Semele is "unhinged" when she tells him she wants to burn her loom, but quickly notes that it is "hot.". Cadmus and Harmonia And that Evander was the king of the place. After a few months, Zeus opened his leg and gave birth to Dionysus.

In the Neoplatonic philosophy of Henry More (1614–1687), for instance, Semele was thought to embody "intellectual imagination", and was construed as the opposite of Arachne, "sense perception".[34]. https://greekmythology.wikia.org/wiki/Semele?oldid=72830. Dionysus was raised by his aunt and uncle (Semele’s sister and her husband) and later on by nymphs. 730 notes. Semele, also known as Thyone, was a Theban princess born to Cadmus and Harmonia.

Zeus, the king of Olympus, fell in love with Semele, a daughter of Harmonia. He agreed and even swore a sacred oath on the River Styx that he would do anything she asked of him. Augustine notes that the goddess is named after stimulae, "goads, whips," by means of which a person is driven to excessive actions. [9], In one version of the myth, Semele was a priestess of Zeus, and on one occasion was observed by Zeus as she slaughtered a bull at his altar and afterwards swam in the river Asopus to cleanse herself of the blood.

A princess of Thebes, Semele was the only mortal to ever become the mother of a god in Greek mythology. Semele was reborn as Thyone, the goddess of her son’s frenzied followers. THIS NYMPH IS PSYCHE??? W.H. Semele fulfilled this, specifying the request in an unidentified form, and Zeus swore by the River Styx that anything she asked of him he would do.

Unfollow. In some accounts, she’s described as being a priestess of Zeus. However, in some cases Semele remains as a shade in Hades' realm. Callimachus, Fragments, in the etymol. The Orphic cults believed that Dionysus was the reincarnation of a previous child of Zeus who had died as a result of Hera’s schemes.

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