Hence, the Fubuki-class vessels were assigned names as they were launched. Use the guns!

With guns. DD games just are inherently inconsistent, because the class relies so much on your opponents being completely brain dead but with sixth sense you should be able to just survive and not pay repairs.

[3] The Fubuki class had performance that was a quantum leap over previous destroyer designs, so much so that they were designated Special Type destroyers (特型 Tokugata?).

I would just hunt other IJN DDs and maybe a USN DD if they're a lower tier than me.

[9] On 23 March, she escorted Admiral Ozawa's cover force for the "Operation D", the invasion of the Andaman Islands;[14] then she served patrol and escort duties out of Port Blair (Andaman Islands) during the Japanese raids into the Indian Ocean. Tunnel vision tends to occur much more often in the late game and there are usually less planes and DDs around to spoil your torp runs. Any IJN premium ships? Best one is smoke and stealth fire out of it, yes you want to do that even in a IJN DD. On 13–22 April she returned from Singapore via Camranh Bay to Kure Naval Arsenal, then docked for maintenance. Used to run her as a gunboat, can't do that now missing a turret and with the nerfed HE. Never submarines, they said. Keep in mind the Captain Skill Vigilance +20% detection almost every player use, iff you use the (for example fubuki) torps type93 mod 2 consider it have a standard detection of 1.7km (+ 20% vigilance) = Your torps will be detected at 2.04km so luck must be on your side that the torps will be effective. I don't make mad dashes to get early caps any more, and I'm totally at ease slinking away in the corner and get a loss instead of running headlong into enemy BBs, getting shot to pieces and still loosing. Sometimes its better to aim in the general direction of the enemy ships line of travel than at the indicator line. I love her. You won't be winning against an american or soviet DD in a straight gunfight, but you can mess them up pretty good if your aim holds and either ambushes or attacks on weakened ones are well possible - you might not have the RoF, but you can land a nasty alpha strike. [7] On 27 January, Fubuki and her convoy were attacked by the destroyers HMS Thanet and HMAS Vampire about 80 nautical miles (150 km; 92 mi) north of Singapore in the Battle off Endau, and her torpedoes are credited with helping sink Thanet. Drop your torps where you thinkt he ship will be going which often is very different.

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