Linktree. Senne trying to explain to Zoë the misunderstands that happened. wtFOCK English ASK CLIPS EPISODES FAQ. Nora Dari Yasmina 10 episodes. Tonton WTF0CK SKAM BELGIUM - S2 Episode 3 ENGLISH - Amaliah Ramadhani Risky di Dailymotion Amber is still not over with her crush on Senne, but Senne has set his sights on Zoë and is trying to set up a date with her.

Veja WTFOCK-S3E10 - Seriad0 no Dailymotion. SKAM Belgium - wtFOCK season 3 episode 9_ clip 5 ‘Moyo gives Robbe advice’ [ ENGLISH SUBTITLES ] 4; 3; 2; 1; Specials; All; Overview; Activity; Actors; 10 Episodes; All comments. Zoë wakes up in bed with Viktor, nude but she doesn't remember anything that happened and suspects she has been raped. wtFOCK Season 2 2019. wtFock Episode 9, Clip 2.

wtfockenglish. While Zoë trying to get to know Senne better, suddenly he gives her a cold shoulder because of a family member of Senne. Providing English subs to the Belgian/Flemish Skam. Femke Van Der Steen Jana Ackermans 10 episodes. 0 Comments; All lists. Season. Nathan Naenen Senne De Smet 10 episodes. After seeing the violent act that Senne had done Zoë begins to question her life principle and her feelings for Senne. She is completely obsessed with a bad guy, It is only complicated if you make it complicated. Zoë struggles to come to term with her insecurities and feelings for Senne. Sunday, October 25th, 10:27. ABOUT ... wtFock Episode 9, Clip 3. In the meantime, Zoë suspects something might be going with Robbe and one of the boys at school.

Episode 9, Clip 3. Zoë cannot escape the date with Senne, but tries to hide it from her friends. #wtfock #skam belgium #wtfock translated #wtfock english.

Follows the life of this season's main character, Zoë. 20 Lists; IMDB TMDB TVDB JustWatch Wikipedia; ... 10 episodes. Tuesday : 27N.

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