Secondly, having an idea about what each card can do will also help you set up ways on how to deal with them effectively in a duel if ever you encounter them in the opponent’s deck. Related: Zenonzard Best Cards Tier List: The Best Legend Cards for Building Powerful Decks. You might have encountered opponents with cool-looking sleeves, that weren’t available in Arena Store. The codes are available all around the world including United States, Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Italy, France, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Kuwait, etc.. © var date = new Date(); document.write(date.getFullYear()); PTCGO Store. As hard as it is to believe, the strategies and decisions your AI buddy makes in each scenario can change as he reaches higher ranks. There is hardly anything that prevents you from engaging in ranked matches as you strive to reach the top of the ranks in the Zenon tournament.

You can basically try out different tactics in any battle you have already gone through to check if you can perform better in them. It can seem overwhelming at first but it is something you will have to do on your own sooner or later. As minions typically cannot attack the same turn they came into play, most minions of this nation have the charge ability and can deal damage the turn they enter the field. You can actually build each one although for starters, you will not easily acquire all the needed card components for any of these decks. The build difficulty as indicated by the deck’s star level should give you an idea how much time, resource, and luck may be involved in finally claiming the whole deck for yourself. Once you are able to access this feature, there will already be 7 pre-built decks. Zenonzard is a brand new virtual collectible card game much like Magic: the Gathering, Hearthstone, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Take note that play difficulty is either beginner, intermediate, or advanced level and with various strategic card combinations and overall deck theme, it is best to go for the beginner level until after you have a deeper understanding of more complex strategies. If you have played the game extensively enough and have uncovered some tips, tricks, or strategies we have not mentioned in the article, be sure to share them with us below in the comment area! You can also replay some of the previous matches you engaged in and even choose a different decision in any turn. 32 articles 66 files 462 edits -1 editor(s) We're a collaborative community website that anyone, including you, can build and expand. These cards typically have boosts that provide a wide variety of effects as well as other abilities that can complement any deck. To begin creating or editing a deck, tap on the “cards” icon at the bottom of the main screen and click on decks. You can typically only have up to 3 copies of each card you can use on a deck as well, but there are some minions that can be used as many times as you want. this deck is the one that gave me more confidence when I faced the other decks, both mask and not, because it is very fast in making the minions transform into the most powerful shapes (the mask types have a function that allows them to "transform" into minions of the same type. ZENONZARD hack allow you to choose one of sixteen unique ACI to aid you in your struggle against the Zenon. Well, for avid fans of any other CCG, it pays to get to the point in the game where you know everything about the card just by seeing its picture. If you have played Zenonzard for a bit and have enjoyed it enough to know that you will be playing it for a long time, then it will certainly help you in the long run to have a an idea about how each cards work. This enables summoning creatures that have high costs fast and can overpower the opposing minions. with unique elements and complex mechanics designed to be played and enjoyed by both CCG enthusiasts and strategy game-lovers out looking for a challenge. In truth, it is difficult to build a full deck without employing cards from this group. If you feel that going through all cards in one go is too troublesome, then at least read a few ones in-between matches. When you tap on eah pre-built top deck, you can see the components down to how many of each card Is needed. One powerful ability unique to this nation is the revenge skill that instantly destroys the enemy minion that engages your minion. For starters, you need to get to know each card, even if you choose to focus on one color at a time, so that you can sooner begin to build your very own original deck. These two categories of missions offer unique rewards, and some that are very challenging to obtain anywhere else in the game. Zenonzard Best Cards Tier List: The Best Legend Cards for Building Powerful Decks. Please let me know how to chose a good AI that helps in Battles to be my Buddy. On top of the regular ranked match, there is also a quest mode you should engage in. We provide instant 24/7 automatic e-mail delivery system therefore you can use code cards right away. I also tried the green mask deck and if you want I will post like this next time. If you can, be sure to allocate some time in your regular playing sessions to learn from past mistakes or improve on previously laid tactics in combat. Its popularity lead to the creation of an anime, manga, and physical CCG of the same name.

They’re all roughly equal. the first one with a cost of 2 is the basic one, it is the first one from which you start and it is important to make it do damage like all the mask minions (of all colors), the passive allows it to attack without being afraid of magic because when it is at rest it can't be targeted by spells. On top of each deck having different traits and unique compositions, you need to equip 2 different forces to support your deck’s strategy. Every match you engage in Zenonzard and practically every moment you spend learning more about cards and decks, basically earns you merits and knowledge that you can apply to succeeding ventures. On the home screen, be sure to click on the missions icon at the right side, symbolized by a check box. The latest Arena Starter Kit has two decks, and a code that’s redeemable twice. With the help of this guide you will be able to build some powerful decks and net more wins in Zenonzard! hi guys these days I started to try the decks of the new box (blue mask) and these are my PERSONAL considerations (this means that everyone can have different sensations from mine on these decks) but let's get to the point.

For the most part, you would want to jump right in on the action and engage in one match after another. Where to buy PTCGO Codes? Just go with the highest compatibility score, if you’re not just picking one that suits your fancy. In case you have not noticed, each color of cards in Zenonzard has unique traits that you should be aware of. With Pokemon TCGO codes you will be able to build up your decks and gaining a better chance at winning all your online battles. With Pokemon TCGO codes you will be able to build up your decks and gaining a better chance at winning all your online battles.

With the random element of securing additional cards, and the absence of additional costs creating extra decks, it would be best to try and build 1 deck for each color early on before focusing on which one you are most comfortable with to use more than the rest moving forward. You can start off by building one deck for each color with the help of your buddy AI and if you find the time, look into each one and edit it further to your liking. If you see a lot of exclamation marks on the card roster, then you still have a long way to go.

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