I’m really sorry I kept this from you.” Della said. “I’m so glad I’m your niece.” Lena said tearfully. In chapter fifty-three, a dynamic about Della and Gyro's relationship is revealed.

Storkules led Donald, Huey, and Louie towards the beach. He was so thoughtful and generous.” Elvira said. Suddenly, Huey returned, clutching the photo album. Della sighed, and wrapped her arms tightly around Webby.

“When I read this to Della, we would take turns doing the reading.” Scrooge said.

Scrooge moved forward, and settled down in an armchair. I will use my fortune for whatever I think is necessary.

Mama and I are so pleased to be moving here permanently.” Ludwig said.

“Yes, it will be. Why is Dewey so upset?” Scrooge asked. “I’m still not okay with this, Mom. I have a right to see my sons.” Gyro said. “Are you awake, lass? He stood up, and bent to lift Webby up. I’m spending time with my niece and nephew.” Scrooge said. “He’s really okay, isn’t he?” Della asked. “There’s so much Clan McDuck history.” Webby said.

“He literally slept in Mom’s room last night.” Louie said.

Della stood up, and grasped Fenton’s hand.

“I told you that Fenton was taken with you.” Quackfaster said.

He slid down from Scrooge’s lap, and moved to grasp Della’s hand. He lifted Webby up, and moved towards Della. Webby slid down from the sofa, and rushed towards Scrooge.

I’m glad you agreed to go out with me.” Fenton said. Dewey adjusted his grip on her hand.

I wanted it to pass it down to you and your brothers.” Della said.

Scrooge stood up, Dewey sliding from his lap, and began to lead the way to the parlor. “I’m going to miss you next week, Uncle Scrooge.” Dewey said. “I’ll send Launchpad to bring you home.” Scrooge said. Della Duck is the mother of Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck. Downy rubbed Dewey’s head affectionately.

You’re safe.” Webby said.

Scrooge glanced behind him at a portrait of Hortense, before turning to Della. “Mummy, Dad, and Matilda are the only ones staying here overnight, they’ll stay for at least two or three days.” Scrooge said. Della took Dewey’s hand, and followed after Louie. Dewey got up, and moved to climb up into Donald’s lap.

“Everyone always has to bring that up.” Scrooge muttered.

“Let’s watch some movies.” Webby suggested. Suddenly, Della, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Lena, and Webby entered the room. Meanwhile, Della and the boys had finished looking at the photo album.

Fergus, Downy, Matilda, Huey, Lena, Webby, and Louie followed. ", Authors note: Part 2 will be ultra soon!

“Merry Christmas, Uncle Scrooge.” Dewey said. She’ll be worried about you.” Della said. Huey, Lena, Dewey, and Violet following. Still carrying Dewey and Webby, Della followed Downy inside.

She moved forward, and climbed up onto the sofa, beside Della.

”Have you all had a good day?” Fergus asked.

Once everyone had buckled up, Scrooge started the car, and pulled out of the driveway. Launchpad led the way out the door, and they began to head towards the limousine. Launchpad would’ve crashed by now.” Scrooge said, as he got into the car. “Did everyone have a good day?” Scrooge asked. He moved toward the front door, Beakley, Lena, Webby, Duckworth, Launchpad, Huey, and Louie following.

Scrooge stood up, and gently shifted Webby over to Beakley.

Dewey reached towards Scrooge, and Scrooge held out his arms.

It was taken literally right before Gyro ran off.” Della said.

“What’s for breakfast, Mrs. B?” Della asked. Meanwhile, Huey and Louie had joined Elvira, Ludwig, and Donald in the sitting room. Della put an apron on, and helped Dewey tie the other one. We’re having baked chicken, mashed potatoes, apple cobbler, and plum pudding.” Beakley said. When they entered the kitchen, they saw Scrooge, Donald, Huey, Louie, Elvira, Ludwig, Beakley, Webby, and Lena seated at the table.

“Are you excited for Christmas, Quackfaster?” Dewey asked. “It’s the vultures, isn’t it?” Louie asked. Time to go home.” Scrooge said. “I’m so glad we’re at Castle McDuck.” Dewey said. I’m the richest duck in the world. Give my love to your boys and Webby.” Ludwig said.

Della, Webby, and Dewey followed after Donald. “I’m sure all the desserts will be wonderful.” Scrooge said warmly. Huey moved forward, and climbed onto the sofa, beside Della. When they arrived at the clubhouse, Huey opened the door, and got out of the car. “That’s great.

“Are there any baby pictures of Mom and Uncle Donald in here?” Dewey asked. A series of one-shots in which Louie is definitely, absolutely, positively not crushing on June and she's definitely not feeling the same way. I agreed, but kept an eye on their situation, in case they needed money anyway.” Scrooge said. Webby moved forward, and grasped Scrooge’s hand.

Dewey clung tightly to Scrooge.

It is so wonderful to hear your voice.

“Was I that excited about Junior Woodchuck activities?” Della asked.

“I know Dewey’s going to miss me, but he’ll be fine.” Scrooge said.

“I love this castle.” Della said quietly. “Have you heard from your granny, sweetheart?” Della asked.

Call me if anything happens.” Scrooge said.

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