Select your vehicle Make, Year, and Model, and we'll show you products engineered for your vehicle. They provide trucks with much-needed leveling. If you are experiencing any of these issues or are generally concerned about the condition of your suspension but don't want to radically alter your vehicle's feel or look, a Firestone air spring kit is the solution. STAY UP TO DATE WITH DOBINSONS NEWS

The stability it gave was great off road, while driving with it was just as impressive as well begin able to adjust your pressure while on the move was simply brilliant! This will depend on the year and model of your vehicle. They’re one of our most trusted brands with a name that carries a legacy of quality craftsmanship. Action Cams. It is a nice option to have air at your fingertips and not have to worry about finding a gas station that has a working air compressor.

This is a very nice kit it was very easy to install and it works well I would highly recommend it. Firestone air bags can even supplement existing air bags for the perfect ride. In some instances, vehicle headlights end up pointing upwards as the suspension adjusts for the haul's extra weight. The upper u bolts will interfere with the leaf springs. I just wish to say your service is great and your gentleman (Ed) who  filled my order worked well into the evening (after normal dinner hour) and airbag arrived 2 or 3 days before I had expected it. All products are made to OE (original equipment) specification and have a limited lifetime warranty.

The kit allows the standard ride height to be retained when a reasonable to heavy load. Located in Saginaw, Michigan, and established in 1976, we've been selling online since 2001. Firestone provides a number of different air bag options. Categories. Well let me tell you they made such a difference in the ride I wish I had done them before, the... Easy to install and I am very satisfied with it. They also boost the vehicle's handling, significantly mitigating sagging and swaying to provide an an unparalleled ride quality. Introducing our all-new WirelessAIR second generation! Buying online from Michigan Trucksprings was quick and easy. Built on producing high quality, well designed products and has grown in popularity mainly by word of mouth from many satisfied customers. This load assist product gives leaf sprung vehicles an air adjustable rear suspension. Lifted truck? There are a few kits remaining that do require drilling. Awesome product , easy to fit and work perfectly ! Yes, and it is very common.

Buy Now. Thanks, I'm so happy that Australia has a true dealer who can help us Benz guys out of the over priced crap that is out there. 4WD World has over 40 years’ experience in the 4WD business and we will continue to honour product warranties and provide quality and accurate customer assistance. Thank you for the fantastic service and fast delivery of the Air Bags I ordered last week, four days delivery,great product,the lady who took my order was right up with product knowledge,very helpfull. You simply push the air line toward the body of the fitting, this will also force the small collar of the air fitting toward the fitting. Vehicle owners looking for a replacement of current airbags will find Firestone's replacements are more than suitable.

They will not increase your Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). All the kits come with 2 inflation valves, one for each air spring.

Feel free to order online to call us to speak with one of our suspension specialists at 1-800-358-4751. Firestone has some of the highest quality components on the market and they should last for years. phone calls to ensure they were the right ones for my truck. Fitted them last night and early this morning. Whether you own a truck or a heavy duty vehicle, you won't have a problem finding an appropriate Firestone air bag. These kits replace the vehicle’s coil springs providing height adjustment for load carrying, towing and additional clearance. Common locations are near the bottom of the rear bumper, next to the rear license plate, or behind the gas tank flap. Delivery to Australia was super quick and as an extra plus much cheaper than the ... Our Michigan Based Parts Experts Can Help.

Our quality products are well recognised in the aftermarket air springs/suspension parts industry. Thanks, I'm so happy that Australia has a true dealer who can help us Benz guys out of the over priced crap that is out there.

Ideally, they should be near similar lengths, but having one side longer than the other will not cause any problems. The response to my original request for pricing was handled efficiently and promptly.When I finally decided to purchase, my order was processed promptly and the items were delivered very quickly.I am very happy with the parts supplied and would recommend 4WD World to anyone considering purchasing 4WD products. The kit allows the standard ride height to be retained when carrying a reasonable to heavy load. With an internal bump stop to help absorb shock, even with zero air pressure, it provides a 3 stage ride comfort. The system worked a bloody treat, it would level it's self out while driving along, it was bloody great! We’ve been in the 4WD / motor accessory industry for 40 years and have the experience and knowledge to help our clients in every way possible with airbags and more.
Firestone air bags are the perfect replacement for those that have worn out. Vehicle owners are also encouraged to take a look at air compressors and components that facilitate maintenance as well as the the control of air levels.

Call 1-800-358-4751, open until 11pm EST.

SALES, LATEST NEWS & MORE. You can download the instructions for each kit on our website and see exactly what is required for the installation.

These kits are made with commercial grade materials and can level your truck up to 7,500 pounds. Fitted them last night and early this morning. We warehouse hundreds of part numbers, so your truck and trailer can get back on the road in no time. Thanks again mate! Air Bag Suspension Kits. ‘Thor Air Suspension’ makes the Australian Made Airbag Suspension Kits. SALES, LATEST NEWS & MORE. 230kg.The airbags were  set at about 30psi and the car rode really well all the way. I've shown it to so many people they would shake there heads in disbelief because of the size where it was fitted inside the 200 and no messy gauges and air lines from the back to the front just a great system.Thank you again for such a great unit it was placed in behind a panel space on the right hand side in the rear of the GXL 200.

Sparesbox is the largest online auto parts store in Australia. These Airbag Suspension Kits simply bolt on and when filled with air, raises the rear end (when under load) to make the vehicle level again. Firestone air bags are designed to prevent your truck from squatting when a heavy load is placed on your suspension. Delivery to Australia was super quick and as an extra plus much cheaper than the ... Read the … They are fully air adjustable to keep your vehicle riding level and comfortable whether loaded or towing. I’d like to say thanks for your all your help and the numerous Thank you for the fantastic service and fast delivery of the Air Bags I ordered last week, four days delivery,great product,the lady who took my order was right up with product knowledge,very helpfull. Polyair Bellow kits are our heaviest-rated kits for hauling or towing heavy loads. It gave extra ride height and driving with it with over 2500kg on the rear end sometimes you forgot it was even there. Firestone part 3025 is the fitting that will work with all their air springs kits.

Great product. Featured Product – Thor Airbag Suspension. This top of the range wireless compressor kit is a perfect accessory for any Polyair Airbag kit. I like being able to keep my truck level no matter what the load might be. Not sure which suspension air bag kit will work best for your specific vehicle? Over the past few years, Firestone has developed a lot of kits that mount on the axle to prevent them from interfering with your hitch. and are designed for many half ton pickups and vans. It was easy to install and I must say I amazed myself with it fitting perfectly.Thank you all again. Sometimes referred to as air bags or helper springs, these springs operate in combination with the current suspension system to boost capacity and stability. We have one of the largest inventories of air bags for commercial vehicles in the country. The Ultimate Series is an in-coil load assist Polyurethane Airbag System that provides superior load levelling capabilities…. As this was purchased for a Nissan Rouge it was a bit more finicky than normal.

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