Because, I’m still sensitive on your black skin that time. Did you know that you can help us produce ebooks by proof reading just one page a day.

And, knowing that today is Saturday, 7 January 2017, I have a special math surprise for you: ‘7117’=is the short spelling of today’s date. Bonjour Lewis Je voudrais simplement te dire que je t’admire beaucoup Je suis camerounais. I have made this page as I want to increase my collection of autographs cards, meet other fans who have been collecting the same stuff. It’s a damn weird sport you’re in. Win you must this year. Not only that, I’m also your craziest fan since I’ve witnessed your 50th ‘state’ win in the USA (since that USA have 50 states) on 24th October 2016, as I used to hate you in the past! Welldone great work ! people who dislike you. Autographs received from Lewis Hamilton. You drove a very disciplined race and this is what counts.

and dedicating the win for your Dad’s 50th was excellent choice of gift. This is how I felt today as a Brazilian F1 fan that had the pleasure to testmony his genious. The Ferrari addresses were moderately successful in the past. !

Hi lewis. Never give up and never give in. ! ! With Kind Regards Chris Hatfield, So Lewis – our daughter was at Cat’s at Cambridge – you always absent! However, please be assured that we are working as hard as we can within both the current restrictions and also ensuring the safety of staff and the general public alongside this and we will endeavour to process your order as quickly as possible. If you are interested in purchasing this kit, offers you a look at the face book page: air gadget (pilot flight equipment). I wish you all the luck for 2018 championship. Through my racing car years 1969- 1985 Taking on my own class Saloon racing. Lewis hamilton autograph request.

I have already sent it to Team LH at the address you gave above, so I hope he gets to read it.
New friend, Deac. In fact there’s unlying racism fact. 2 – Hamilton has raced for two teams in his career. Love always, Hilary. We all know that it took more than a champion performance from you to clinch that driver’s championship in 2008, especially after what happened towards the end of 2007 season.

TERMS & CONDITIONS I hope u win 6th place in the championship and i hope mclaren win 3rd place in the constructers championship!!!!!!!!! Sorry to say but that’s the hard reality. Em primeiro lugar quero te dar os parabens pelo brilhante campeonato, se este ano voce e o campeao foi por merecimento. I don’t hve the oppurtunity to see Senna, but i’m a big fan of he! We never lost hope. RETURNS & EXCHANGES Just focus on your team and do it for them and your DAD. I hope your preparations for this year’s season is going well ?

if i had this dream it will make me push my karting to the future plese reply i know you get thousands of emails but give me your phone number i promise i will not give it to anyone and wont be anoying you i will call you 1 each month if its to much i will do 1 each 3 months if i dont agree i wont be a good karter reply please im 11, hi lewis, i was wondering what you think of micheal schumacher making his come back.

We will chat again next time. He paid for my travel to Germany where I visited a clinic which helps people with disabilities. I hope this is a nice overview and that it helps you. 4.1 Each Winner shall win one (1) pair of Bose 700 Noise Cancelling Headphones (the “Prize”) and the Promoter shall procure that the manufacturer of the Prize shall send it directly to each Winner to the address provided to the Promoter by each Winner pursuant to clause 3.3. ’66’=that is the result, but it’s just a beginning. My partner and I are big fans of F1 and come to Silverstone every year to support you. !SOK SIKERT!!Puszi! Move on and be simple!

GO MCLAREN!! On or Anthony Snee face book, that’s for your time. Lewis Hamilton Autograph Request. Kau hanya yang terkini, terakhir dan selamanya! It’s been going on for years now and they’ve been doing it well.

Dear Lewis, I am one of your oldest (in both senses of the word!) You drive so fantasticly as he done. (“, By entering this Prize Draw in accordance with the terms of clause 2 below, you (“, ”) will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these terms and conditions (“.

They’ve even been teaching us about some of the history of racing in the Bahamas I was just wondering if you could help it a bit because they’ve been getting better, but they’ve been struggling slightly this year. Anyway I will be back at Silverstone in 2020 to watch you win again. They’ve been fantastic.”, “My commitment should never be questioned because I’m very committed to the sport and I’m very, very committed to my team,” the 24-year-old said. Iam a Brazilian guy,and here in my country exists lots of fanatic fans that knows that you will be the 2012 F1’s Champion. (& son Sandy). Getty images she knows the real lewis hamilton probably better than anyone else in formula one. You are my FAVOURITE PILOT AND BEST OF ALL CURRENTLY IN THE GRILL. Dear Lewis I’m Hayden Evans and Live in South Africa.

I want that you know that you have the FORCE, SPEED and the HEART.
I live in the Bahamas and I’ve been going to a place called educarting. well anyway thank you and hope so hear from you xxxx, lewis i m doing karting i live in portugal i realy wanted to be like you. (End of Song). In 1964 Our Bapa Malaysia PM took in the East Malaysian states Sabah n Sarawak. We nearly were crying after Sebatian Vettel overtook you and it looked like just losing again this year. The sight of his face on cards or on TV delights her and she likely remembers her youth, idolising him and his music. The more the other drivers complain, the more you know they resent you being better than them. Did this last week, and received cards from McLaren today. Happy birthday, Lewis Hamilton! To contact the owner of this fansite you can email however we are unable to pass your messages to the management of Lewis Hamilton or Lewis Hamilton… Yang dah lalu biar berlalu! GOD BLESS Francis Carvalho. Her condition has worsened and she forgets much of her day-to-day life. Dear Lewis, good as you and Jensen are, everyone needs a tweak to overcome the opposition if only for a race or two. It is the only thing which I really desire to have.

Look at the negative forces within this elite sport directed towards you buy some drivers. Send kisses for Nick and a lot of felicitys for you!!!!!!!! Thank you. 5.3 Nothing in these Prize Draw Terms and Conditions in any way limit the Promoter (or any other person or organisation’s) liability for (i) fraud, (ii) death or personal injury caused by negligence, or (iii) under any mandatory consumer protection law in the jurisdiction of the Entrant. Since I finished my course (2013) I have been on a quest to find meaning which lead me eventually to India where I met a group of monks who introduced me to a spiritual science based on Vedic scriptures. If possible I like you send me a t-shirt autographer for you! You are his hero and mine too xxx.

I just want to say how much of a big fan I am of you and you should not let the difficulties of this season weigh you down. You might just remember that last year,when you and I (white haired old lady) went up in the lift together I congratulated you on your day’s work and told you I had tried wtiring to your Dad (England address) for a signed photo and had no reply. Many more winning races Love from Mary Blenkinsopp. Keep well Smanga. Even old drivers and races like Michael Shoemaker,Artyon Senna, Nigel Mansel and Allan Prost. !Krisztina )) MERT MEGÉRDEMLED LEWIS!ÉN TUDOM!! However, i have request to make, my Name is Emmanuel Chinedu, i come from Nigeria West Africa, I have a talent in driving and i have a dream to become motor sports driver because i love motor sports and i have been watching you and motor sports since i was a kid, i have no one to help me to get more training and to put this my driving skill in good shape and to help me archive my dream, i come from Africa where Talents are not taking care of and no one cares to help talented youths and therefore talents becomes a waste in Africa.

Thank You Peter & Anisa Eaton. Please feel free to comment any other addresses and let me know with which addresses you were successful. The effect was substantial.

Still a brilliant driver! you’re LUCKY BOY with GREAT DESTINY, Hi Lewis, I did not even know where to start… you are one unique person! Hi Lewis, My 6 year old nephew is a huge fan of yours. Hamilton wore a gold helmet at the 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after sealing his fifth world title, toward which he made reference with five stars on either side of the design, and did so again at the 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, this time with six stars following his sixth World Championship title.

So, here are my first poem, about BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX (just written after that). First of all congratulations! However there is no guarantee what team will do against your car so please complete the season with them and leave Mercedes seek for other good team ( ferrari, redbud), As we all know you love your two bulldogs!, i wondered if you would take the time to have a look at our new website Barry’s bites, we are in the process of trying to send you some treats too, Hi lewis! ALL I NEED IS ONE CHANCE. You gave us all a scare and I have no nails left, but what a great drive!

So, this is all for now. She remembers the love she has for him, the love he has for her, and the love they have for her children, her grandchildren, and her great-grandchildren. Das umgekehrte Flächenprofil wäre für mich logisch, kann aber auch völliger Quatsch sein, was solls. God gave you this wonderful talent and family and made it possible being in the McLaren Mercedes team. Thx, Hello Mr Hamilton , im from Africa , Mozambique, I am a ten year old Zulu boy living and schooling in Johannesburg, South Africa. All of a sudden every team will get a mails asking driver cards now. I watched you burn the breaks out of a Mercedes with David Letterman, how sweet. Hi Lewis, first of all a massive well done on your 2019 season (Hungary was my favourite race, gaining on Max every lap until you took him right near the end – great strategy and great driving as always) I was very impressed with your interview on the Graham Norton show where you spoke about getting racing down to grass roots to make it available for everyone. Good luck in the other races to come. I never liked Vettle, but I must say, Vettle is of outstanding character, I have swayed towards him and moved away from you, as Vettle is truly a great champ and I hope he continues.

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