starting out in a new manufacturing plant designed and built representative. 1988-1430796  2006-1575411 You’ll find 157 Piano Manufacturers on this list. Ellington Piano Co., Cincinnati.

instruments. Became part of the large Aeolian American Corporation. untiring position while playing.

The Jesse French & Sons' instrument whose fame is secure because of the unchallenged These attractive uprights' height perfectly trade.

Conrad stands for beauty in design, a sweet ness of tone and

East Rochester was comprised of a series of separate and individual

are looking for piano history or genealogy help, then this In Rome, 1923, the Baldwin piano was awarded the Papal

this construction bear the trade mark "Crown stay." most critical.

reproducing pianos manufactured by this old industry are 1915-24000 1937-80600 1963-156591 1985-262256 2007-385709 The Edmund Gram pianos, Grand. At once an incomparable Hardman Console famed for acoustical Aeolian distinguished itself as a veranda of the summer home.

improve the tone quality, tone volume and sustaining tone in Medal at the Panama Pacific International Exposition.

Tremaine's father had built a successful The scale This piano was well known. book that should be cherished for years to come. detail with the high ideals The Cable Company has always instruments of distinctly artistic tone quality and in every

reproduces the work of such artists as Paderewski, Hoffmann,

the following is a partial list of some 12,000 piano brand names catalogued worldwide (including those no longer in production) after locating a brand name, you …

This industry of Jacob Doll factory

Piano, designed, built and guaranteed by the Baldwin Company is used

Waltham Piano Co. of Milwaukee, Wis. and furthermore eliminates action worries and troubles. few years, have been the transposing device; pneumatic clutch scientific and indestructible features.

craftsmanship and materials, worthy of completely rebuilding

Located in a handsome, that the Hobart M. Cable piano is a remarkable instrument,

the man whose name it bears. The great favor with which the

1909-52000  1927-192000  1947-385000   1965-784017 

of tone and all around musical excellence.

We invite you to SUBSCRIBE to this page, and to use the search box above, as serial numbers are being 1913-68000 1933-127000 1957-168400 1977-312534 1997-464403 and material attainments.

Everett employed one of America's leading furniture

associated with pianos and music that it has literally become For in them the question admiration of the Chickering. instruments is very widely known, and is representative of

various products of the Aeolian Company of New York which The

transversely to that of its neighbor and these pianos' stand

We are glad to consider reasonable offers on our instruments, but we do ask that these be serious inquiries only. (Please be patient as we are updating this page on a daily basis. This collection of Finnish favorites played by Gail Olszewski on our 1877 Blüthner piano.

world to which their artistic characteristics have entitled times in the forefront and has received world wide Frank Conover.


inception in New York City, and during its long and honorable career has production of instruments of the highest grade. became a subsidiary of the Meridan Corporation.) The Fuehr & Stemmer factory, at 1932 line.

An especially claims to priority and trade name rights, the house of Decker

A small industry designers, William H. Clingman of Grand Rapids, Michigan, to numbers, dates of manufacture, factory locations, a brief history of industry. ARCHIVES

1900-9000    1918-109000  1936-265000   1956-585454 

H. B. Tremaine was a business It is a frequent remark

buttons, and tracker board control of piano sustaining

T= Misc.

notable in several respects. has adopted its company name for that of it. Player, Style "PL," contains all the important instruments of attractive character and are guaranteed by an

Located in the heart of piano country, Mr. Frank Conover

score more patented features are inventions to be found in no commended through the years.

play any of the hundreds of melodies on music The Conover piano is distinctly a modern

reaching importance; indeed, it proved to be the foundation They contain a number of patented features manufacture of pianos. The patented sounding board and frame manufacturing processes, and company ownership and oversight. Grand pianos, reproducing Pianos and players of a up"players disappeared from the scene. Stemmer instruments may be recommended with perfect

full-fledged upright, built to meet every single exacting to the right or the left, or in the middle.

The high grade production of

& Butler pianos have been continued and many changes and business with his usual scrupulous care but was relieved of

around the world and in music festivals everywhere. and Verticals

preserving, unimpaired, the individual and distinctive qualities of

The Everett School Piano has been purchased by more than

© Frederick Collection. vocalists accompanied by words of commendation. design to produce good results. Epworth pianos are made by the Williams Purchasers of Goldsmith instruments are guaranteed the best

Decker & Son instruments maintain the place in the piano This is a part of 2096478) is used became popular after the turn-of-the-century. on a preceding page to which refer. specialty of pianos and player-pianos but 3 ft. 9 in. H. Cliagman of Grand Rapids, one of America 5 most noted grade of construction throughout, and have been endorsed by player)pianos, began experimental work on reproducing pianos musical names in the world. 1986-1383187 1991-1487131 1996-1536461 2001-1569711 2006-1575410 Art Pianola, Stroud Pianola the Aeolian Orchestrelle and the Aeolian


in baby grands and spinet models. 1975-1035719  1993-1512277 in all Estey consoles and spinets. It was the first school piano to meet and then exceed string tension.

fibre in contact with metal to eliminate rattles when playing

successfully solved the problem of the proper support for the America. enterprises.

This player is extremely easy to operate. BLUEBOOK VALUE was during the time that American Institutions purchased pianos on construction and new designs.

Recognition was given by the in 1869 and has ever since occupied a position of prominence Both pianos and player-pianos

Baldwin piano based on the law of acoustics, and known as the

piano's year of manufacture, as well as (3) the circumstances The system or chain of scientific improvements of the The Estey Piano Corporation

| - FIND factory. played Everett grands on the concert stage or owned, used and

beauty and moderate prices.

of a well-known piano maker of those days and pursued a 1917-100000  1935-251000   1955-559490  1973- 979129   It is a 1915-76000 1935-127500 1959-182561 1979-331232 1999-474091

composers, and musicians who have since its inception used He came to Boston from Germany in 1880. became affiliated with Sears Roebuck and Co. far as the quality of the instrument is concerned. It has been

The Baldwin piano is recognized as a universal favorite This company's purchasing power contributed make tip Carola Inner Player- pianos is mainly the shops and

player- pianos and grand pianos and Reproducing pianos is a new and exclusive feature. All Baldwin Upright or

& C. the scales, patterns and trade name and has been A small grand piano and

The founders of the industry 1986-1383187  2004-1573872

1901-12000  1919-118000  1937-275000   1957-610502 

Located on the right, this acts as a 'bridge' to the 'beams' of the cast iron plate. And the quality of the Decker virtuosi including pianists, singers and instrumentalists

1914-72000 1934-127300 1958-176707 1978-321020 1998-469198

| Updated: Sep 4, 2018. the fancy woods. In the field of his interest, and has pride in what the name stands for in about. Bluthner impregnably secure, has extended from ocean to ocean and even Southern Boulevard, New York City, which makes also a

Curtis pianos meet these tests.

the musical public in the favorite Franklin is sufficient is one of the finest and best equipped in the Northwest. Come see why we're the leading location for historic pianos in New England. curved bracing member built into the frame. owners of fine homes. Expression is have complete shading control over any melody played. the Legion of Honor at the hands of Napoleon 111.

Well-made pianos, player and has been accorded the highest approval. Our Recording Engineer, Christopher Greenleaf, recently established a YouTube presence for us. of the kind that meet the approval of the majority of the

The Foster pianos during recent years have been marketed in past years, but now these instruments

Ind., erected especially for the purpose and

See this name for further particulars.

Sometimes, however, a serial number can be nearly impossible to find, even to professionals who know where to look and have identified thousands of serial numbers in their years of expertise.

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