NEW BigFin Paddle and Eel Tail Weedless Swimbaits - Great for both salt water and fresh water! Be patient if the shopping cart updates are not all here yet they are in progress !! Great for Fluke, Striped Bass, Sea Bass and just about any Saltwater and Fresher gamefish. #gallery-4 .gallery-caption {

margin-top: 10px; 150mm Eels are fitted with 6/0 hooks and 30lb mono. border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; margin-left: 0; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; Sold 4 per package. This is the daddy of them all the artificial lure that has taken 5 British record fish, Cod, Pollock, Bass, Coalfish and now in February this year 2012 a 7lb 6oz Whiting fell to an orange Eddystone eel. $ 89.99. The rigging is far more durable than hand rigging, and the hooks are always in the right place. margin: auto; See just how realistic this eel is and it’s loaded with super sharp hooks to get you firmly attached to the fish you’re after. width: 25%; } Available in Fluorescent Orange, Chartreuse, Green, Blue, & Natural. Squid Jerk Baits are 9 in. These lures create a seductive profile that is irresistible to striped bass, bluefish, sea bass, redfish, snook, largemouth bass and many other predatory salt and fresh water fish. #gallery-1 .gallery-item {

The hooks are strong, black nickel, needle point. And the bait is molded onto the rig, rather than the rig being threaded into the bait. Minimum Qty.

text-align: center; These baits start straight and stay straight.

This lure has consistently taken all predatory game fish in both fresh and saltwater. margin: auto; I went to see the boys at Eddystone Eels today and have a chat with them about what is new for 2012 and had some hands on with the very latest Eddystone 2012 weighted eel and very impressive it is too. #gallery-2 .gallery-caption {

#gallery-3 img {

} #gallery-1 { View cart for details. These lead Parachute Jigs are hand-tied using top quality material only! #gallery-5 { 205mm Eels fitted with 6/0 hooks and 45lb mono. Discount Cost Per Critter; 2+ 10% off: $80.99: 3-4: 15% off: $76.49: 5-9: 20% off: The colours we currently stock are the two most popular and high catching designs, red and black being tops for Cod and Pollock and the blue white mackerel tops for Bass. Images Gallery: The images are taken from the video which will be on line soon. Because of its aerodynamic design, it's the master distance caster, and catches fish from pan-sized trout to bragging-size stripers - in fresh and salt water. Color Pictured: ShadowClick photo for larger view. The Whip-It Eel Lure can be used from a boat, kayak, or from shore. So a bassing trip I will tie up a range of eels usually with approx 2.5m traces that terminate in the double surgeons loop for easy and quick rigging. This is a fish oil scented bait. Product Description: The Eddystone Eastender Eels range, colours we stock are as shown the blue white and the read & black firetails.

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